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de facto interview in Sydney

Guest littlemiss

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Guest littlemiss



Me and my australian partner are submitting our de facto application in person at the Sydney Immigration Office. I just wondered if anyone had any experience of this...?

What sort of questions do they ask etc?


Also, how long did it take for the visa to be granted after the interview? I'm worried they may send us away and be waiting around for months afterwards...We used an immigration agent so we're happy that we have as much evidence as possible- hopefully this will be enough...


Any help much appreciated!



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Hi Little miss


I done this lodged my application at Sydney & had an interview with a migration officer the same day, please dont worry, its not & mr & mrs contest, like what colour toothbrush does he have etc. Its just questions like

Have you a joint account here in oz

have you brought a car

have you a rental & joint tennants

etc etc (thats what we had) questions about our daily life here in oz.


If you are lucky they could grant your temp visa that same day,

I had to get extra paperwork from my ex re one of my daughters so it took me an extra 15 days to be granted

Good luck & let us know how you go

stuju :-)

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