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Found 295 results

  1. Genghis Khan

    Adding de facto partner to 457

    Hi everybody, Got my 457 visa granted a couple of weeks ago. Been living with my girlfriend here since July last year. She is an international student here, from Colombia. I want her to join me on my visa as a de facto partner. I didn't apply with her as de facto on my 457 application as I understand that you need to be living together for over a year and I applied in mid April. Can I add her now? What form do I need to get? What do I need to do next? We have evidence of living together, rent receipts, joint bank account, electricity bills, photos.
  2. The Scientist

    Residency 856 de facto removal

    cut a long story short, with my partner for over 3 years, came to oz in 2009 and we got residency in september of this year through my company. soon as we got it she left me. how do i go about removing her from the residency. basically she has admitted that she used me for the residency and moved out straight away. any advice would be good before i go down the legal route.
  3. Hi, I would like to sponsor my gf for de facto partner PR visa on shore. She has been in OZ on a student visa. I have a question how much would the visa application fee be? Here is a table: http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/990i/partner.htm and it says: If you currently hold a Transitional (temporary) visa and were granted this visa on the basis that you satisfied the requirements for the grant of an extended eligibility entry permit under the Migration Regulations 1989. $345 I don`t understand the `grant of an extended eligibility entry` part. Can she pay this fare as a student visa holder? There s a huge difference between 350 and 3000 AUD.
  4. Partner/ De Facto Visa - Please Help! Hi there. Great site and very interesting reading. If anyone can help us out I'd be mighty grateful! My Aussie boyfriend and myself (a Brit) have been together since Feb 2006. He came over here on a Working Holiday Visa in Feb 2007 and we've been living together since then which we can easily prove. We plan to go back to Australia together around November this year. Can anyone tell us if it would be better to get my medical and police checks done in the UK and lodge the partner visa application in person in London now OR for me to go back to Oz with him on a tourist visa and apply together in person by booking an interview at the Migration Office in Australia? (I've used up my Oz working holiday visa) I know that you can apply for a bridging visa if the process takes longer than 3 months but don't know if you can apply for a partner visa whilst on a tourist visa? All I can find out is that it costs $2060 to apply for the partner visa when in Australia. Then I guess you have to go through the same process in Australia. Does anyone know how much it costs for a medical and police check in OZ? Thanks in advance! Hannah and Jay
  5. Guest

    De Facto Marriage Visa

    My Partner and I are currently filling out all forms and information for the De Facto visa, We have been together 3 years and have all the relevant documentation to support this, I am the sponsor as I have permanent residency,we are both pretty young, me being just 23 and him 26, any information or advice on this visa please!? Thankyou!!
  6. Hi Although I've been reading the threads on this forum, this is my first post so I hope it comes up in the right place! I am pulling together all the information for my de facto visa but am concerned that we are struggling to prove that we lived together as my partner was already leasing a flat at the time he moved in with me and he was only able to exit the lease in March this year and so, until that time we don't have any bills in his name at our address. I own the flat so did not add him to the mortgage and as he was paying for his flat I continued to pay all the bills. We did share grocery shopping etc but do not know how we can prove this - I have transfers from his bank account into mine. We have evidence of flights that we booked together to various destinations from August 2010 and have declarations from friends and family. In addition, his UK working visa expired in May this year and although he stayed on a tourist visa until June, he had to move back to Australia at that point. I have been out to visit him and he is coming back here in September for two weeks but this means that we did not physically live together for a full twelve months. Has anyone been in a similar situation/got any advice? I am eligible for a skilled workers visa but we really don't want to be apart for the 18 months that would take to process. Ideally, although we intend to get married, we would like to be able to plan a wedding whilst living in the same country but, if this is the best option then we will do that. Many thanks in advance. Hoping someone has some good news! sarah
  7. Guest

    De facto visa query

    Hey everyone, just a quick question-I have done various searches on this and I still cant get an answer so if any one can shed some light on this i'd be very grateful!!! Me and my aussie bf are wanting to apply for a defacto visa, we were going to live here in the UK for 6 months before going back to Oz for good. But as you all know the job market here is awful and after a few months of searching he cant find a job and he has run out f money. So he has to head home. He's thinking for 6 months, save some money so we can afford to apply for the visa. But im concerned this 6 month apart will not look good to immigration and it'll cost us another 6 months on top. Were thinking of keeping al emails, texts etc as proof but also a joint bank account to show we are committed but realistically is it going to be any good? Any additional advice welcome. Thanks in advance
  8. Hey there,me again with another question! hopefully lodging our application for 457 visa. Myself and my fiancé have been together four years,live together and have joint bank accounts etc.. I was wondering how many and what type of supporting documents are best to upload with our application as proof of our relationship?we have lots of documents to prove our relationship but wondering what ones are best?
  9. Hey guys i was wondering if any body could give me some advise on writing the personal statemet for the de-facto visa i have seen the areas of which they would like you to cover, but i was wondering if there were any templates that any body knows of that my self and my partner could take a look at any help much appreciated Bec
  10. Hi everyone! Could some one please help me with this? I've been in Australia since 2002 and on a overseas student visa. I've met my partner, a 457 visa holder from UK (visa is valid for 4 years), one and half year ago and we've been living together for almost one year by now. As we both are quite serious with each other and are considering long-term commitment (leading to possible marriage), we would like to know after the 12month period for living together, what the process and steps to add me to the 457 visa as the de facto partner? Thanks in advance for any help!
  11. Hi everyone My boyfriend is Australian and we are currently in Australia and about to embark upon the adventure of applying for a de facto visa for me (British) Can anyone who has done the same tell me how long it took theirs to come through please? And roughly how long after application they were interviewed (if they were)? Thanks everyone!
  12. Guest

    Visa 176 - de facto

    Hi there, New to this. My partner is a carpenter and we are going to apply for SS in WA and 176 visa. Couple of questions: 1. Do I as second applicant need to do the IELTS test as well? 2. Is there anything I need to submit as 2nd applicant for the SS. Thanks and no doubt I'll be on asking so many questions over coming weeks/months. Thanks in advance :laugh:
  13. The posts on here have been really informative but I would like some advice regarding my personal situation if anyone can help? Immigration cannot be specific and I am having trouble getting hold of my local migration agent plus it seems to be rather expensive! I really just want to know if it is worth submitting an application at all as obviously it is a lot of money to waste if I don't stand a good chance of getting approved. So, my story is... I met my partner in December 2010 while I was on a 2nd working holiday visa and was living with him from January 2011, though I have no real proof of this as it is his dad's flat, so would only have statutory declarations plus board was still being taken from my wages for food. My visa ran out on 4 March so I returned to my parents' house in England. I have got lots of proof of phone calls and emails for the 3 months that I was away. During this period I was applying for university, internships etc. in Australia so that I could come back and my partner and I booked a trip to see eachother in June in Vietnam. After we spent 3.5 weeks in Vietnam together I came back to Australia for a 6 week internship in Wadeye, again we stayed in regular contact. We then spent 2 weeks in Darwin together before flying to Nhulunbuy, which is where I have been since August living with him. He is financially supporting me as I was on a tourist visa and then a bridging visa A, and he did write a statement to this effect for me to send to the Student Loans Company in the UK. I have been offered sponsorship off the back of my internship and so will have to return to Wadeye this month when my 457 visa gets granted. So basically we lived together for 2 months at the beginning of the year (but no real evidence), then have lived together for 3-4 months more recently. I have no real hope of moving back to where my boyfriend is unless we can get a de facto visa but then I am not sure if we can get a de facto visa if we are living apart. I was not going to apply until January but I'm just trying to get my head around all of the paperwork and requirements now. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Hi everyone!!! This is my first ever time on a forum so you will have to bear with me!! And I promise to repay the favour and help anyone out with anything whatsoever in future regarding partner visas as it is just so stressful. Can anyone shed any light/offer any advice at all on my situation? My Boyfriend (Aussie) and I got together 3.5 years ago in London. At the time he decided to make the move back, we had not lived together to fulfill the 12 month requirement, and seeing as I had had a working holiday visa in 2006 (but never actually worked in the end grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) my only option was to come over on a tourist visa. So I was issued a 12 month tourist visa, unfortunately with a 'no further stay' condition. Seeing as I made a trip out of the country last year, this is now due to expire on 14th November 2011. We have lived together now for the past 22 months...but now I just don't know what to do......I can try and get an ETA in NZ and come back on that, or lodge my partner visa in the UK (everything is ready to go except meds). I saw a lawyer today as I'm just going so crazy about it and he said that unless I wait at least 6 weeks, my ETA will be refused due to the time I've recently spent here. He also said that globally the processing time is 12 months, and that applies in the UK, and if I go home and lodge it there I cannnot get any visa to come back and be with my partner in Oz???!! Is this all true?! I just can't face a prospective year apart with just trips over from my boyfriend...although have spoken to immigration and they said that the processing time in UK is 5-6 months and I can get a visa to be with my partner if I lodge there?! Talk about contradictory!!????? I know you must all be stressed and muddle headed too...but if anyone can offer any advice whatsoever, I would be so grateful. Thanks so much xxxxx
  15. Hi everyone, We are currently awaiting my oh's new employer being approved as a sponsor which is very exciting! Anyway we aren't married so I know we have to prove our De facto relationship and Iour friends and family are keen to write statements for us....but have all come back to me asking what type of thing they should write..... Is there a set format? And what type of things should they include? Any help would be great. Thank you! :biggrin:
  16. Hi There, Currently my girlfriend and I are both on my 457 visa. My girlfriend's employer is now going to sponsor her for her own 457. I'm currently the higher earner between us so it makes sense for me to remain on my 457 for LAFHA until I decide to leave my job. My question is, how easy is it for me to transfer onto her visa as her de facto partner when I decide to switch employers (assuming the new employer doesn't sponsor me straight off the bat)? What is the process? Thanks and regards Rob
  17. Hi everyone, I came to Australia on a WHV and my application for de facto visa with my Australian partner has just gone in, can I still claim any tax back on my earnings on my WHV? How would I go about doing this? Any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks, Helen
  18. Guest

    Partner De facto Visa Granted!!

    Applied for my Partner Visa on the 9th of September, and was granted on the 20th. Thankyou to everyone for all your help xxx:biggrin:
  19. Hi,i m in bit problem,I already apply for de facto visa with my partner ,we have been living together almost 3 years,i m on student visa,but i didn't we go to uni at all,now my uni has report me to immigration ,I got email it say you got 28 days to reply back to immigration,But i didnt got anything from immigration :confused yet, but my student visa will expired on 5th October,when i apply for de facto visa ,i got email from immigration you on bridging visa A ,My girlfriend is also on student visa,I really dont understand what i should do ,i applied my de facto visa on 5th of august,what will happened to his application,and my visa will expired after 15 days,if my visa will expired before 28 days,How they can canceled my visa ?will it effect to my de facto visa application ?after 15 days i will on Bridging visa A? i really don't understand that what will happened after 15 days and still now i have not got anything from immigration about my report when my uni did?i m on section 20 as say on letter,but i checked my visa status online it is still in effect i was just wondering,what will happened if they canceled my student ,but i m on bridging visa A,i applied my visa a month ago,i already submitted all paper to immigration ,will it effect my current application,please let me if anyone know about that,i m really worried ,Please let me soon Thanks Rick
  20. Guest

    De facto relationship

    Hi I am not sure if this has been covered or not I had a scoot around so here goes: I will hopefully be applying for a 457 sponsored visa and I have my Russian fiance who I wish to have with me and her son. Problem? we have lived together in Russia for about 18 months initilly in her apt, I was registered there with the govt and after 6 months we shared another apt provided by my employer all bills paid etc. I have no shared utility bills etc as it is not done quite like that in Russia. I can provide a statement on company letterhead from my CEO that we lived at the last address for 6 months. We lots of photos together some with dates on, and dozens of emails from when I was out of the country. We opened up her a debit card in my bank 3 weeks ago and there will be at some point statements from that card. I wanted to include her on my visa application does anyone have an opinion as to the best way here or as an application as my spouse. Any comments or help welcomed p.s I am a Uk citizen and we had thought to get married in Cyprus.
  21. xenos1987

    De Facto Partner Visa

    Hi everyone, Just a quick question please. When providing supporting documentation (e.g. joint bills, bank statements, birthday cards, correspondence from third parties to joint residential address) for the partner visa did anyone provide the original copy? I have read the Partner Migration booklet and it says certified copies. However, I have a lot of paperwork and don't necessarily want to have to certify each and every one of them. Any help will be greatly appreciated :biggrin:
  22. Guest

    de facto visa - help needed

    im currently filling in our defacto visa, ive been asked to provide a letter from my employer to prove ive been working for the past two years. The trouble is ive been earning cash for two years, just enough to get me by really. Im a young lad and my outgoings are next to nothing. Im not really sure how to persue this, can anybody give any ideas ? thanks harvey
  23. Hi All, I know that two years from when you initially lodge your de facto application (for me this was off shore, in the UK in April of this year) but does anyone have an experience of how they view your time apart during that two years. I am hoping to hear about my visa by the end of this month...fingers crossed for good news as I might be jumping the gun! I returned here to apply as I had thought it was quicker and I could earn whilst we waited (my last 4 months in Australia I could only volunteer, as I had a tourist visa after my WHV to make up 12 months at the same residential address). I have been lucky enough to find work at home and it will even aid me in what I want to do in Australia, as it is a more responsible role within the trials field I was working in before. Given the experience my job is giving me (I am worried in returning to Oz on a temporary partner visa it will make it hard for me to find work) and the money I am currently able to put aside after spending my savings in Oz (I have moved back in with my parents seeing as we hope it is temporary), as well as the commitment I have to certain trials, I wouldn't go back as soon as the visa is granted. May next year (when a project closes) would actually be an ideal time to leave. Would this 13 months at different residential addresses be frowned upon when they come to review us in April 2013? He has had long service leave, so has been able to be here for 2.5 months, I am going to visit him for 2 weeks in November and then he has another 2 weeks here in February next year. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thank you :wubclub:
  24. Hi all, We're just finishing up our de facto subclass 820 visa application to submit in two weeks. Quick question - I'm pushed for time and have read quite a few people on here haven't submitted form 80 and haven't been asked for one before visa grant. I'm from the UK which Australia seems to deem a low risk country and will be including references from my work in the visa to cite I am of a decent character. Is form 80 necessary? Many thanks, Leah:confused:
  25. Hi Everyone It's been fantastic finding this site, so much useful advice and hearing other stories is great. I thought it was just me finding it complicated and stressful!! So I'm having issues on where to apply for the epic De factor Partner visa. I realise that it it was offshore (london) then it would be subclass 309 and onshore the 820. I need to return to the UK for approx 3 months so was thinking I should just apply offshore (despite being apart from my partner which I am not looking forward to) as I will be out of Aus for some time anyway and the processing time is a lot shorter offshore (6 months vs 12 months with an onshore application). But an agent told me that it's much better to apply onshore as the 820 subclass visa is a much 'better' visa to have than the 309. And I would be better off having the subsequent 801 (residence) permanent visa and not the 100 (migrant). I dont know what the difference is? Does anyone know? Why is one subclass 'better' than another? The Dept website says you get the same rights and benefits (work, travel, medicare) so I dont know why there would be different subclasses? I wouldnt want to risk not getting a decent job or medical insurance rights etc because I'm on the 'wrong' or a 'worse' visa and would be a migrant rather than a resident. While I was on a WHV I had already found it impossible to get a decent job or joint medical insurance etc with my partner because I wasn't a permanent resident. Agents and immigration have told me completely different things and it's getting very confusing!?! Can anyone help??? :arghh: