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How long to attach documents for online 176 visa application

Guest HarryGeorge

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Guest HarryGeorge

Hi All,


I wondered if you can help. We have finally submitted the online 176 after getting the ACS approval and VIC sponsorship, and attached most of the various documents we have been asked for. But we've been caught out with the de facto relationship form and this is not ready yet. I read that you have 28 days to attach docs but have also read that you must include a minimum set (Schedule 1?) else the application gets thrown out. Does anyone know if I need to start worrying now (submitted three days ago) or whether there is plenty of time still. I also expect to hold off on the police checks and radiologist stuff until it is requested. Is this the right way to do it?


I'm also having second thoughts on the birth certificates. They were submitted as originals, which state 'certified copy' but have not been separately signed as certified by a solicitor. Is this anything to worry about?


I think the paranoia is setting in....


Any advice that can be provided would be much appreciated.


Many Thanks



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