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At last - Our Meds Have Been Delivered to Sydney CBD!! Help Please!


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Meds for 457 Visa.


Horray!!!!! Our Medicals have finally been delivered to Sydney for processing. The long and short of it, our panel doctor had given me the wrong DHL tracking number TWICE!!! Gave me another number Friday late afternoon and after tracking DHL website it says DELIVERED!!!!


Hopefully our progress page will show received tomorrow.


Would be really really grateful if anyone could give me an idea on their personal timelines from meds being received in oz to visa granted!! Really hoping we get it before Xmas but dont no if im being realistic.


Thankies Peeps.



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Guest Gollywobbler



Great News! For the processing times, please see this thread on British Expats which Cheryl Bird (a Registered Migration Agent) has very kindly updated today:


Health Operations Centre -Update - Page 19 : British Expat Discussion Forum


RMAs receive an update on health processing times every couple of weeks and Cheryl has received an update today. I quote:


Below is the Health Operations Centre weekly update for the week beginning Monday 8th December 2008.


"We are currently processing medicals completed OFF-SHORE:


1. Urgent cases (457 visas) not requiring MOC's assessment received on 2nd December 2008.


2. Temporary cases not requiring MOC's assessment received on 2nd December 2008.


3. Permanent cases not requiring MOC's assessment received on 3rd December 2008.


4. Urgent cases (e-visas, adoptions, 457 visas) requiring assessment by a Medical Officer received on 5th December 2008.


5. Other cases requiring medical assessment by a Medical Officer received on 28th November 2008.


The case officer processing your visa application should be your first point of contact regarding any inquiry in relation to the application, including your health assessment results.


If directing an enquiry to HOC, please note that if you are not the authorised contact declared on the visa application forms, then the HOC cannot release any information to you.


For medicals referred by diplomatic bag, it should be anticipated that there is a 2 week delay before they are received for processing at the Health Operations Centre.


Medicals received by courier or through diplomatic bag are opened by a contracted service provider located in our Lee Street offices.


Generally, if documents are received in the morning they will be delivered to HOC that evening, if received in the evening they are delivered to HOC the next working day.


Kind regards




Cheryl Bird

Registered Migration Agent

MARN 0639132

Bird Australian Migration Agency



Best wishes



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Guest guest17301

Great news hun, you should get your visa before christmas. I would think once they are finalised ?next week? It's about 7-10 days after that..just keep emailing your c.o...worked for me! Xx

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Guest ReadyPenny

Hi Tinks


I have been following your trauma with the medicals and your patience has certainly been tried!! Ours arrived 24.11.08 and were finalised one week later and show "met" on our online status page. However, still no word on visa from CO, who said our file is not due to be reviewed again until mid December. All being well, when it is reviewed the visa will be granted. I think there is certainly a chance that you may get it this side of Christmas


Everything's crossed for you hun


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