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How difficult is it to emigrate as a UK Solicitor?

Guest chrisemma2000

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Guest chrisemma2000


I am thinking of emigrating to Oz and am looking for advice from any UK solicitors who have now been admitted in Australia.


I have looked into it but would like advice on how difficult it is and how you went about getting admitted.


I don't expect that i'll get sponsorship therefore it'll be a case of waiting until I'm more than 3 years qualified in the UK and then applying. I was wondering how hard the exams ar and whether i can study distance learning and then come over to sit the exams etc.


Anyway, I'd be grateful for any advice or assistance,




Emma :wink:

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My wife has been looking into it as I have a job offer in Queensland. I think the admissions differ from state to state, but for Queensland it doesn't appear to be very easy.


My wife is 4 years qualified and she couldn't get any law firms or recruitment agents interested in her unless she had already retrained in Oz.


In Queensland you have to submit your qualifications for evaluation which costs $500 and takes about 4 to 6 wks. If you're successful, you then have to enrol on a 6 month 'academic' course at university, after which you have to either enrol on another 6 month 'practical' course or get sponsored by a law firm and complete 12 months under supervision before getting a practising certificate. I can't seem to get any information on how much the courses cost.


We have also been looking into whether she could do the course in the UK, but can't seem to get any info on that either.


Good luck anyway and let me know if you find anything else out.





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Guest holtyqc



I am in a similar position. I am 11 years admitted and looking in to emigrating. IF you do find any further information out, especially about completing the academic side in this country then I would be interested to know.


I will pass on any further details that I may find out.


Good luck!



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Guest Forester83

My partner has managed to secure 457 sponsorship with a large firm in Brisbane, and he only completed his training contract in the UK in September last year. He qualified as a corporate lawyer.


In November last year he came to Oz on a working holiday visa, and applied like crazy for temporary work and voluntary work, and he was offered sponsorship after carrying out 2 weeks work experience at the firm. He is being sponsored as a foreign qualified lawyer.


He has to complete 5 modules at a Queensland Uni, after having had his academics assessed. The firm have paid all fees and he is completing the modules via distance learning. He wil also have to complete another LPC before he can register as an Aussie lawyer, as the UK LPC is completely disregarded. However, if you have more than 10 years post-qualification experience then you don't need to complete it.


The way forward seemed to be putting himself out there, and working hard to impress during the temporary contracts/work expereince. His advice to people back home has been to not rely on applying for permanent positions and in asking for sponsorship upfront. Instead, he said it was the opportunity to show the firm how hard-working he is that secured him the job offer.


He was told by recruiters that there's no way he'd find a job, but he did. In September last year, he was completely shattered due to the financial situation back home and the state of affairs with his previous law firm, but he worked incredibly hard to secure a job over here, and I'm so proud of him.


If you need any more info let me know, and I'll ask him to log on and reply.


Good luck - it is possible !!!

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I've been trying to find this out for ages but keep going around in circles.


I've been told in the past that you don't necessarily need to retrain. You can continue to work in law but won't be "recognised" - your status would be akin to a paralegal in the UK. Naturally your pay would reflect this situation.


I've been in contact with Oz based recruitment consultants and I've received assurance that getting a job wouldn't be a problem (on the above basis).


I suppose step one is getting your foot in the door somewhere, then proving yourself then - if you want/need to - cracking on with whatever courses/modules you need to complete to be recognised.


As with the whole process of getting to Oz in the first place, its not going to be easy but hopefully will be worth it.

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Guest Frantastic

Hi Emma,


Which part of Australia are you hoping to move to? I am a newly qualified and have recently applied for admission in Victoria I'm just awaiting the outcome. My husband is being sponsored for the RSMS as a town planner and we are just waiting for the visa decision.


I decided to email a few firms directly with my CV and was lucky enough to be offered an opportunity as a junior solicitor. They are happy to wait until our visa has been processed too.


Basically for admission in Victoria I had to send a long affidavit of all courses/modules done at uni and on the LPC, work references and all transcripts and certificates. (This was quite time consuming) The Council for Legal Education then assess the application against "The Uniform Principles", this is a document stating how your qualifications and skills are equivelent to that of an australian practitioner. When I receive the outcome I will be advised if I need to undertake further modules. My prospective employers have been very accomodating and are happy to enrol me for any further study required.


Being from the UK there are a lot of exemptions you are able to claim e.g. property law. As stated in a post above each state is different but I found contacting the law society (equivelent) in Victoria a really good starting point.


Hope this helps





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