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  1. Thanks everyone for your posts - I totally forgot to update the thread. We chose Willetton in the end. Well - to be fair - the house chose us. Once we viewed it we knew that was the one for us and it happened to be in Willetton. We move on Monday and can't wait! We've been living with friends and family for over 8 months now, we can't wait to have our own front door and be reunited with our stuff next week when our container is finally unloaded. Yey!!!
  2. Ammosaph


    Hi Everyone I've just been reading with interest all of your posts about Willetton. We move there on Monday and - whilst I'm excited about the move - I am starting to get a little nervous. We've been in WA since August and have been living with a friend in Clarkson so the mover NOR to SOR is a quite a big deal for us. We love the house we're renting and the area seems lovely (we've done various night/day/mid day/weekend/mid week drive bys - just to see if we see anything we don't like and nothing, it just seems like a really nice area. All the posts on this thread have just further reinforced my own thoughts and have helped to settle my nerves! Thanks also for all the tips for restaurants and takeaways - I'll be jotting those down and checking them out later. Thanks everyone, : )
  3. Thank you fifi and ali - I really appreciate the feedback. I got a really good vibe when I was there but just needed some other viewpoints. One thing I didn't spot when I was there was a local pub. Perhaps somewhere to go on a Sunday afternoon that's walking distance from home. Are there any? Or is it a case of hoping on a bus or a train and heading to the City or Freo? Thanks
  4. We had a similar experience - don't worry you're not alone. We put our house on last August (2012) - after 3 months of no viewings we ditched the agent and went with a new one. We finally got an offer in January (2013) and completed in April. We eventually got on that plane and landed here on 13 August (6 weeks ago). I don't envy you your current position. I remember it well, its not pleasant. Everything went on hold for us too - we literally lived week to week thinking (hoping) that we'd be moving soon and therefore couldn't/shouldn't book anything up or make any large purchases or long term commitments. As a result of that time Me and my OH now have a long running (friendly) argument about Micky Flanagan. The coversation went like this: July 12 (OH) - ooh look MF is playing in town in Jan (13), I like MF lets go! July 12 (Me) - no, we won't be here! The house will have sold and we'll be in Perth by Xmas! Jan 13 (OH) - oh, look MF is playing in town tonight, it would have been good to have seen him : ( Jan 13 (Me) - yes, it would : ( Now everytime MF is on the telly, my OH goes "Oh look, MF, I like MF, we could have gone and seen him but you said no. No you said, we won't be here. But we were and it was sold out. I bet MF won't tour WA. I'll never see MF now" etc etc. Broken record. Broken record. To save you from my fate my best advice to you now is to try to carry on as normal, remember to keep living your life and don't let the current "limbo" mean you miss out on stuff (or else, like me, you'll never hear the end of it!). Our delay came with some silver linings too though - it meant I got to meet my baby niece (born Jan 13) but also celebrate my brother's 40th birthday with him (July 13) - I'm so glad I did, I'd have missed both if we'd moved when we'd originally hoped to. Also, just to make you feel better, the weather here is pretty rough at the moment. Its really stormy (sever weather warnings on a daily basis) and its been recorded at Perth's wettest September in 40 years! Trust me - weather wise - you are better off where you are at the mo! Chin up - it will all come good for you in the end I'm sure. :biggrin:
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    Settlement survey

    We registered our State Sponsorship about 4 weeks ago (a couple of weeks after we arrived). They didn't mention the surveys so we asked about it. We were met with complete disinterest. I can't remember the words said but the gist of it was - we may or may not send you something, don't worry if we don't, you are here now so just get on with it.
  6. Hi Everyone Me and my OH moved over to WA from the South of England about 6 weeks ago. We initially thought we'd like to live near the sea but stumbled accross Bull Creek (and neighbouring Leeming) last weekend and, for the first time, I'm now considering settling a little in-land. Reason being it seemed so friendly and welcoming.... SOR is a better location for us for OH work and I'm ok provided I can get a train to CBD - which is only 15mins from Bull Creek which is fab. I also like that it is fairly close to Freo (c 20 mins in the car) and Coogee Beach isn't too far away, which I've heard lots of good things about. There seems to be a decent enough local shopping centre too. I'm 36, OH is 42, we have no kids but once we're settled would like to start a family. So, lets have it, please give me all your thoughts/opinions/views (be they positive or negative) about potentially settling in this area. I need as much intel as I can get! I look forward to hearing from you all.
  7. Ammosaph

    English Solicitor

    Hi Everyone Just to let you know I've now heard back from the Law Society and they've assessed that I need to study: Constitutional Law, Evidence, Civil Procedure, Trust & Office Accounting and Ethics and Professional Responsibility. Which I think are the 5 compulsory ones - regardless of years of practice and experience. So, whilst it was a mare to gather the information and complete the papers i'm through it and got a good result, so I'm pleased. We leave for Perth in about 2 weeks and I hope to start my studies soon after landing. I'll check back in in about 6 months to let you know how I'm getting on. Best of luck to everyone else who is going through this process. Ammosaph : )
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    English Solicitor

    Hi Everyone Its been a short while since I posted but have news! This week I (finally) finished my app for the WA Legal Practice Board (together with report about me from me, report about me from a colleague and a pack of certified qualification certificates and assorted stuff). I have just this minute emailed my form off and I'm sat here waiting for the post office to open before I send it on its journey to WA. Wish me luck!! I should hear back in about a month, I'll let you know how I got on. Ammosaph :biggrin:
  9. Ammosaph

    My packers are here...

    ... day 2 of the big pack. They have been brilliant. A really nice crew, very friendly and professional. Its all real now! Just notice to serve at work and then we're off :jiggy:
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    The 6 month countdown....

    Hello All I think its time to re-name my post as 6 months will have come and gone soon. So far the house has been on the market for 2 months and no viewings. We have binned off the original agent and signed up with a new one but we know that - even if we sell this year - it will be the new year before we are free from the house and can move. We were very down about it for a while but have had a good talking to ourselves and have made the following plans in order to turn our frowns upside down. Because our timeline hasn't worked out we will now be able to do the following things (in date order): 1. See the last Twilight film with my Mum (November) 2. Have one last Christmas with the family. 3. Spend NYE at Trafalgar Square (never done that before) 4. Meet my new (first) niece - she is due to arrive into the world in January! Had our original plan worked out we wouldn't have done any of the above, so I'm going to take it as a good thing. If I am here for another 3 to 6 months I'm going to wring as much fun out of those months as I can. That all said, I am still focussed on getting to my destination asap, so to focus my mind, I'm buying tickets to see Pink in Perth in June! Even if I step off the plane and go straight to the concert I am going to be there! Ammosaph
  11. Ammosaph

    English Solicitor

    Hi Where are you thinking of moving? I can help you with websites for WA but if you're not moving to Perth that won't help you much! In the case of Perth I've been told that the assessment is only valid for 12 months - meaning you have to start studying within that 12 month period for your extra qualifications or have to go through the assessment again.
  12. Ammosaph

    English Solicitor

    Thanks, I'm going to need it!
  13. Ammosaph

    English Solicitor

    I fear I may have to do the same, if you check my earlier post just now you'll see I've found the tricky part of the form! How many subjects did you have to sit and how long did it take you? I think I'll be lucky if I get away with even half of the 11 required subjects assessed as equivalent, I'm planning on studying part-time (evening classes if possible) so I'm guessing I'm looking at several years......
  14. Ammosaph

    English Solicitor

    Hi I've just found the scary part of the form, the part where I've got to set out "precisely" what I studied 14 years ago and justify that its equivalent to the 11 subjects they require me to have studied to an "equivalent" level. Yey! Step one, I have contacted my old college to ask if they've kept the course/subject outlines, I certainly haven't. I've got my certificates and my grade transcripts but have no idea what topics I studied when sitting criminal law (for example), especially as I haven't studied (or worked) in criminal law since the moment I stepped out of the exam room. Also, found out that subjects studied at LPC won't count. This isn't great for me as I did CPE not a law degree so half of my legal academic studies have been wiped out as not applicable. I'm getting the feeling that I might be studying for quite a while at this rate - oh well, no one ever said it was going to be easy!! I will let you know how I get on, Ammosaph : )
  15. Ammosaph

    English Solicitor

    Another big step forward. After having the form for about a year, yesterday I printed off the WA Law Soc admission assessment form - and read it! You can't rush these things. Now just need to fill it in - this may take me a while as I'd rather do anything else that this, especially as I need to update my CV, to be honest I'd rather clean the cooker! I'm a bit concerned though as (having now read it) it all seems a touch too straight forward. I just have to complete some standard boxes - name, address, qualificaitons, where I've worked and attach a CV. Either the WA process is more straight forward that other states or I'm missing something..... Also there's a suspicious question that I don't know whether its a good or a bad thing. Its - "do you have more than 7 years experience?" I do, I've got 10 (12 if you count my training contract). Does that mean I'll get an easy ride as they'll acknowledge that I've been doing this for a while so probably know what I'm doing or will they think I'm a fossil that needs to go back to school to learn what the new kids are learning...... I'll let you all know how I get on as/when I submit it. My own personal deadline is end of Sept to complete/submit so you may not hear from me for a short time.