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Found 27 results

  1. Hi I've have been thinking about requalifying as a solicitor in Australia in the future and was wondering if anyone on here could give some advice. Currently I am doing my traineeship in the UK to qualify as a Scottish solicitor which will be completed in 2023. I then plan to work for a few years to gain PQE maybe 2-4 years as I understand that this can help you find a job in Aus and can also help to reduce the number of courses etc you need to complete for a positive skills assessment. I was wondering what the best way is to complete the study requirements for the skills assessment. Is it best to move to Aus and complete the study say over the course of a year then apply for jobs when you are out there or is it easy enough to find work before being admitted in Aus then complete the studies whilst working. If you did choose to complete the study in Aus what is the best visa to do this? Also has anyone completed the studies from the UK before moving over? Would it be worth it getting a skills assessment after 2 years PQE in the UK then completing the studies before moving over to find a job. Also what specific documents can you submit to help reduce the number of courses you need to take for the skills assessment. It might be good to start gathering as much as I can at the moment and build on it before submitting anything. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I have completed my Juris Doctor in Australia, and will be admitted in July to supreme of NSW. my question is whether I will need to obtain my practicing certificate first and then lodge my EOI or admitting to supreme court will suffice? would appreciate if anyone could help, as I haven’t been to able to find this information elsewhere .
  3. Hi I'm resident in Australia and in the process of selling my UK house - I need to get some ID documents certified for use in the UK. If I get documents certified by a Justice of the Peace (JP) here in Australia, will these certified copies be considered valid in the UK (Wales), or I do need to use a solicitor? I would like to use a JP rather than a solicitor as the JP is free. Thanks very much.
  4. Hi all I couldn't see any general discussing on here in respect of migration to Australia as a solicitor. My position is as follows: I was called to the bar in 2008. I lived in Melbourne (working as a paralegal on a working holiday visa) from April 2009 - March 2010. I then cross qualified and have been admitted as a solicitor after 2 years with my current firm London (City firm - property litigation). I have always intended to return to Australia (probably Sydney). Before my current NQ position was confirmed I was applying for jobs in London and Australia and definitely had interest from Australian recruiters (although hadn't heard anything back from firms). I had intended to apply for an Independent Skilled Migrant visa if I was in this position, on the basis that I would want to return within the next couple of years anyway and the rules will change on 1 July (scary stuff). I'm now concerned that getting admitted in NSW (a criteria of that visa), while living and working in London, will prove too administratively difficult and also that I don't have time to do this and submit my visa application before 1 July. Also, it would obviously be far more straightforward to obtain sponsorship (to be employed as an Overseas Lawyer), then cross qualify with the support of a firm further down the line if necessary. Does anyone have similar concerns/issues? Is anyone else looking to migrate as a lawyer, or has anyone managed to do so? What is you experience of the job market for foreign qualified lawyers in Australia? Feel free to discuss this and anything else! Tips and advice appreciate, but also questions - I guess the idea of this site is can all help each other and - if nothing else - provide moral support! Thanks. Shelly
  5. Hi all, This is my first post even though I have been a long time reader of the forum. Next week I am due to return to Melbourne from England with my Aussie fiancée and it seems I have run into a bit of a hurdle which is causing me some grief. I am struggling to find some answers so thought I would turn to this forum for help. Last September I began a GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) from the College of Law with every intention of returning to Melbourne with my OH. I spoke both verbally and through email with The Legal Board of Examiners in Melbourne in regards to the proceedings once I graduated from my course. Through reading the uniform principle guidelines and through speaking with two people at the board, they assured me that after graduating I could send in my application for skills assessment where they said they would prescribe me around 6 subjects (from the list of about 11 I think) and then I could go on to do my practical legal training in Melbourne. So on this information our flights are booked and we are set to fly back to Melbourne next week. However on Thursday I sent the Legal Board of Examiners an email just asking a simple question and letting them know I was sending in my application for a skills assessment. To my surprise the email I received back caused immediate stress for my fiancée and I, the email stated that I was in fact not even eligible to to apply for a skills assessment as I had not completed a 3 year LLB in the UK or an LPC on top of the GDL, the email was sent by the very lady who told me only months earlier that all I needed to apply was a GDL. I would be so grateful if people would share their similar experiences or if they have been in the same boat. I do now know through further investigation that a GDL doesn't quite equate to an Aussie LLB but I find it hard to believe that my GDL [comprising of Tort, Contract, Equity & Trusts, Crime and Land (plus Public and EU law)] could possibly be completely worthless and make me ineligible for a mere assessment. It seems to me that if it doesn't quite equate shouldn't I just be prescribed the full list of 11/12 subjects? Because from what she has said it seems as though I am not even eligible to do that. I am MORE than happy to pay for and do all of those subjects instead of completing a worthless and expensive UK LPC on top of what I have already done I'm at a loss as to what to do now as the woman at the board has given me two contradictory pieces of information and as it is the weekend I won't get a reply until next week, and when you potentially have boxes to ship and possible flights to delay it is oh so stressful. If anybody has any experience of suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Also does anybody know how the Legal Board of Examiners vary from state to state? Am willing to do whatever it takes. Many thanks in advance for your help xx
  6. Problem ! Has anyone cross qualified as a solicitor in Oz from the UK? I am a solicitor based in the UK and intend to relocate to Australia permanently within the next 12 months. I have submitted an application to The Legal Admission Board, which has been approved, subject to first completing 6 further areas of study, such as Australian Constitutional Law. The difficulty I have is trying to work out how I can complete these studies from the UK before getting to Oz. I have heard that some Oz universities offer distance learning courses, but can find nothing. Any constructive ideas would be gratefully received. Kind regards
  7. Hi there, I only moved to Oz last week and so I am totally new to this forum! I am an English qualified Solicitor (3PQE - civil litigation and conveyancing) and was wondering if anyone else is in the process of trying to cross qualifying and has any advice regarding the process and/or has any advice re the job market in Sydney and whether it is preferable to get a job in the first instance as a paralegal or an English qualified solicitor. Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks Sarah
  8. Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place.. but it is a bit of a dilemma.. Hopefully someone on here can point us in the right direction. we came out here in 2008 and settled in Yanchep, About 1hr north of Perth. When we came over we were unable to sell the house as the market in the UK had crashed. We had to rent it out and hope that things improved. 5 years later and our neighbour in the UK wants to buy it and knock through! Cool. So we got a buyer.. now for the problem. My father is wiling to do all the leg work with regards the selling of the house as we are doing it privately. However we need to grant him power of attorney. Can we do this from over here? And if so, how? I've looked online and cant seem to find much out. Any guidance on this would be muchly appreciated.
  9. I am UK qualified solicitor hoping to move to the Northern Territory with my husband. We are applying for state sponsorship (my husband's profession is on the critical skills list). Has anyone moved to NT and re-qualified to practice there? If so, I am interested in hearing about your experiences. I am currently trying to work out what I will need to do to be admitted to the NT Law society. Any info/guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  10. Hi Guys I am a 40 yr old Solicitor - looking for a slight change in stress levels or at least better weather to cope with it in - bit afraid to say this but even I find some of these requirements difficult to understand! My wife was an NVQ Level 3 Management in Hairdressing and is now almost 2 years through her 3 year nurse training - she is currently being sponsored by the NHS Trust to do this. My wife would love to become a midwife in AUS. We have only thought about this as an option over the last few weeks but need a new challenge as a family. My plan (having spent some time looking at this albeit not as much as most of you) - is this - if I apply now (with ILETS Superior English) I would score 60/65 points. I was looking at a 189? skilled independent visa for me initially (hope this is the correct choice - no job lined up as yet but could look at this before we leave maybe?) - hopefully if this took up to 12/18 months to resolve then my wife would have qualified as a nurse (albeit not done her 6 month perceptorship) So i was thinking of doing the ILETS now and when I "managed" to pass the Superior Level (hopefully) - sending my EOI - not sure what other documents I would need - i have the usual certificates as a Solicitor, but it seems I may need references from clients/accountants etc (is that correct), my wife has some as a Hairdresser and a Nurse - how long can it take for them to deal with the EOI? if successful (will we be with 60/65 points) - I presume i can then submit all the relevant documents and fee for assessment?? Or should I do the EOI first and will i have time to sort the ILETS out if i am invited to apply (i heard you only get 60 days to apply and what if i haven't got all the documents/ILETS together at this stage?)? I often work on the basis that if i have most of the requirements sorted beforehand then i am better prepared. (the Lawyer in me i guess!!!) What is skills select and how are you assessed? If i do not get an agent is it up to me to sort out or do we get guidance from a case worker and how long do we get to get this together? I note some of you discussing state sponsorship - if that something I should look into as a solicitor - if so how do i? should i approach an agency to help or wait until i see if i am lucky to get a visa then look for a job agency? My plan was that I might be able lucky enough to get the visa before my wife qualifies as a nurse, if not could we then look at applying or asking the NHS to sponsor her - we have some friends who seem to have been successful (under the old scheme) by getting an agency job in nursing before going etc. So many questions - i apologise - as i say this is something we have thought about but never looked into (until now!) Thanks for any advice C
  11. Hi guys I've sent off my AHPRA application for registration with all of my documents certified by a local solicitor here in Camberwell (London). I was under the impression that a solicitor was allowed to certify these documents. But I've recently seen, on another thread here, that some people have been asked to re submit some documents and get them certified by a notary public instead. Is this accurate? What are people's experiences? Are solicitors ok? Or should I commence panic Cheers
  12. My daughter wants to study Law and History at University and would like to become a family solicitor. Please could anyone give me any information on what her route would be after she finishes her degree (would that be a 3 or 4 year degree)? Also would she be best at Melbourne Uni for law and history or would there be another Uni any more suitable? Is food included in the price of Uni fees at Melbourne? What is the accommodation like at Melbourne Uni? Any information would be greatly received, thank you, Sarah.
  13. Hi PIO, My OH has to do a Statutory Declaration regarding his employment, but just checking if it needs to be witnessed by a solicitor or a notary? And what the difference is? (That seems like a reallly thick question, but we need to get it done by the right person) :laugh: Thanks! Cx
  14. Hi, I am thinking of emigrating to Oz and am looking for advice from any UK solicitors who have now been admitted in Australia. I have looked into it but would like advice on how difficult it is and how you went about getting admitted. I don't expect that i'll get sponsorship therefore it'll be a case of waiting until I'm more than 3 years qualified in the UK and then applying. I was wondering how hard the exams ar and whether i can study distance learning and then come over to sit the exams etc. Anyway, I'd be grateful for any advice or assistance, cheers Emma :wink:
  15. My wife and I are looking to get skills assessed for migration. It seems (relatively) easy for me, I'm and Engineer, but the trouble and strife seems to be having, well, trouble and strife - yet we need her skills assessed to gain 5 points for spouse matching skills. Emma is a solicitor and it seems that she can't pass skills assessment without being admitted onto the roll in Aus. And to do that she has to live there - we're in the UK making the application and do not plan to move out there for another 12 months. All seems a bit odd - has any one else ran into this issue, and if so, what's the answer? Thoughts and experiences appreciated. Cheers, Rob.
  16. Guest

    Help finding a solicitor

    Hi, I am just trawling the net trying to find some solicitors to contact re. getting a price for singing off our documents for the defacto. How did you all find yours – did you stick with immigration specialists, or just contact any local solicitors? Let me know. Thanks, D
  17. I need my forms certified, how do I even begin to find a cheap person to do it for us? And what is a reasonable rate anyway? I live in Manchester does anyone know a good place to go here? Cheers all. Sam.
  18. Just been to visit my friendly solicitor and notary who certifies my documents, to find out he's on holiday for a few weeks, and that he's the only notary in the area. Is is ok for the docs to be certified by a Solicitor or does it have to be a Notary? Anyone had them done by a solicitor and they be fine? If I wait for my solicitor to return from hols, I will miss the date when the fees go up:sad: Thanks Julie
  19. I have an LLB from an English Uni and I've just completed my LPC. I want to qualify and practice as a solicitor in NSW. After searching the web and reading the rules on Legal Profession Admission Board - Legal Profession Admission Bd : Lawlink NSW I understand that I would need to study the "Usual Subjects" to meet the academic requirements and 2 subjects for my PLT. However, reading the eligibility requirements, I might not be eligable for any exemptions on the PLT as I have not actually practiced. Can anybody advise? Am I right in thinking that there is no way that I will be able to emigrate without a full exemption from the PLT? Finally, is there any point in coming to Oz on a WTV, getting work with a Law firm as a paralegal and completing the study while I'm working? Sorry the question is so long.
  20. I’m currently living in the UK but I’m originally from the Czech rep. When I needed to make a couple of certified copies from Czech documents in my native country, I’ve visited a clerk in a town hall, he put a special sticker on the back side of the copy of an original document and a stamp and his signature. Exactly as I had expected. Now, I’ve just visited a guy here in England who is supposed to be entitled to make certified copies but he surprised me a lot. He said that here in the UK if an original document has a signature then a “plain” copy is regarded as being certified and no other procedure is necessary. Is it really true? And in regard to statutory declaration, I was told that he, as an owner of a medal for special services to Great Britain, can sign it instead of a solicitor. Is it true too?
  21. Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to this forum and I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right section so please bear with me. I'm originally from the UK, moved out here in 1997. Married an Aussie and had a gorgeous baby girl a year ago. Hubby and I sadly separated as he has issues that I will no longer tolerate. My issues are that I now feel completely ALONE. Hubby's parents (whom I once loved) are obviously taking his side, mutual friends no longer call or feel awkward in my company. I only have a couple of friends who I could trust. My heart is now starting to yearn for England and my hubby is making my life hell with daily harassment and psychological bullying. He has made it clear (via his solicitor) that he wants my daughters passport in trust with the solicitor and if I want to holiday in England I have to, a) give him 3 months notice, b) put $5000 in trust, c) allow him to have the same amount of holiday time with my daughter upon her return from England (I have issues with allowing him overnight visits as he is a heavy drinker). So, I guess my question is, has anybody been through anything similar. Were you able to relocate back to the UK with your children and what were the implications. Thank you for any help you may be able to provide. I'm sinking into a big, black hole here..............................................:wacko:
  22. hi everyone i am a new qualified solicitor trying to move this year. if anyone has any useful advice on the process i.e what i have to do in terms of applying for visa, extra exams, being able to practice law in Australia that would be great. I was hoping to move to either Sydney or Perth. Is it best to sort things out in UK first or would it be better to jump on a flight? thanks dan
  23. Hi There, I don't know if anyone can help me or not. I have been in Oz, (Pakenham, Vic) for nearly 6 months now and want to find a solicitor/Lawyer or whatever they are called here. I need to get advice on some issues which are related to an ex-partner who still lives in the uk and who is the father of my oldest child. We fought a lengthy court battle in the uk before bringing my son here and were advised to follow up and raise any further issues from Oz with an Oz solicitor rather than waste any more time in UK courts. We needed to get going to validate our visa, so took the advice and to be honest have buried our heads in the sand and ignored the issues until now. I really need to find a solicitor here who can help with family matters and also who deals with ones from the uk. I don't know anything about the legal system here or legal aid or even if we would qualify for legal aid. We do have permanent residency, so I assume we would get legal aid. I have tried to be brief in my description of our legal issues so hope this makes sense. If anyone has had any similar issues or could offer any advice on finding a solicitor who won't use all of our savings as they did in the uk, it would be gratefully received. Thank you.:smile:
  24. Hi A bit of a strange question we are after a UU ( unilateral undertaking) being drawn up by a solicitor regarding a planning application on our house in the uk, we are in Perth and finding it hard to communicate with the solicitors in UK time difference etc..... Just wondered if anyone in oz has used a solicitor here they can recommend. Thanking you in advance. Regards, Marina.
  25. Hi there, can anyone help with any of these queries? Does anyone know if a tenancy agreement has to be drawn up by, or involve a solicitor? Can I just do it myself, using a friend's agreement, which was drafted by a solicitor, and adapt it to suit? If we both sign it, is it legally binding, and if so, who, if anyone, would have to witness the signing? Trying to look after the pennies, you know??:mad: Thanks, Sheena