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Found 31 results

  1. Guest

    difficult situation

    Hi all, I don't know how to move.. I applied for the 176 visa for WA on the 18th June 2011. Until now no response , no case officer... I found a company in Perth where the owner want to hire me. I had a couple of interviews on Skype and he told me.. you are exactly what I'm looking for.. etc etc.. He also told me that he want to help with my visa. I asked to my immi agent and he told me that the only way is start a new application for a sponsored visa :sad: Do you think is there any other way to speed up my application? If the owner of the company write a letter to the immi dept where he explain the situation, should be helpful? Anyone in the similar situation? it's really annoying.... Thanks
  2. Hi All We will hopefully be moving out at the end of the year. We are looking at house rental around Point Cook, Hoppers Crossing areas. We are ale to find constantly 300+ houses with our criteria, once we enter "pets" this dramatically reduces to less than 30. Is it really difficult to find properties that will accept pets?? We really would like some opinions as we will need to decide soon what to do with our dog. She is a terrier with a great personality, really don't want to leave her,but may have little choice. Look forward to hearing your opinions. Kev
  3. Guest

    How difficult is ILETS

    Hi All, Just a quick question for anyone who has taken the ILETS Test - How difficult is it??? My OH is British so automatically gets classed as competent (6.0), however, to get more points towards our visa application he could take the ILETS Test. The problem is my OH is not very good at English! I think he will be fine with speaking and probably listening but he finds reading difficult and isn't very good with spellings etc. He is always asking me how to spell words - which I think are pretty easy! He was always a 'poorly' child or (as he got older) decided he didn't like school and used to bunk off! I don't even think he got an English GCSE. HELP! Any advice would be appreciated. Sue
  4. Guest

    Making friend is difficult?

    I find making friends over here so hard. I moved here 5 years ago from England to Brisbane. I accept that things are completely different here to England some good some bad and I have always appreiciate different cultures/interest/religions etc etc But I've just found making friends so hard and awkward, I feel like it's a mission, there's no flow in any conversation, people don't understand my humor, and I think I've just had enough. And it gets me down so much because I love this country but I've never experienced feeling so isolated from a whole nationality of people. I know they'll be some aussies saying ''well if you don't like it bugger off' ''Well we'll just have to see what the aborigines have to say about that, ay! It's that exact arrogance I can't stand. Has anyone else had difficulties making friends? I live in Brisbane, and I feel like my mind wants to blow up sometimes, I don't get the people, their attitudes. Perhaps us 'pommies' are too soft, but I believe in self respect and giving it back, I find having both these traits make you come across as a weakling and it will only get you knocked down and walked over.I have gradually found myself loosing my sense in humor I once had and have now adopted this defensive attitude in preparation for cocky, smart uncalled for remarks. I apologize if this is just too personal and may offend australians, and I have met some really lovely people here, just not enough of them.
  5. Morning/Evening All. As we know the migration procedure (journey) is one of many ups and downs, ones we can negotiate fairly easily and some we find a lot more difficult. But in the grand scheme of things what for you personally was/is/might be the most difficult part. Is it the paperwork, the 'choices', saying goodbye to family, arriving, settling, 'fitting in' money concerns, homesickness, anything that you have or will experience, what has been the hardest part? On a very personal level I guess I am really lucky, having taken the 'dive' many moons ago the paperwork though difficult was relatively easy to overcome. My family were/are very supportive of me (in fact they often said, GO, :mad::wubclub:), and to a degree always managed to fine work no matter what it was. I guess the most difficult part for me is realising that each time I go back my parents are getting older and I worry about them constantly, no matter how supportive they maybe. But some how I get through this with their love and support, and hey, 24 hours and if needed I could be back here like a shot, no matter what was going on in Australia. I realise that to some this will be a fairly hypothetical question dependent on far into the migration process you are, but your concerns and worried are as valid at this point in time. So in the grand scheme of things what or will you find the most difficult thing to overcome when we decode to embark on the journey that is migration? Cheers Tony.:wink:
  6. I know noone can make this decision for me, it is a very personal choice but any wise words are gratefully accepted. Sorry if I go on here:biggrin: I am 31, hubby is 34, we have been married 10 years, we have 3 children, 2 boys aged 9 & 7 and a 5 year old daughter. We live in Chester, UK and for years have discussed a move to Perth, but never had the guts to actually do something about it. I have said to my husband if i could pick my mum up and take her with me I would, I would go, or if god forbid anything happened to her I would leave tomorrow as she is really my only tie. I have 2 sisters and a brother who I love dearly but they all have their own families now so we aren't as close but do see eachother at family get togethers, and maybe call in every other week, we all live local. I see my mum twice a week for a few hours when she comes to see the children and has tea. We are very close, but I don't rely on her for help or support with the children. To cut a long story short I had quite a tough childhood as my dad was an alcoholic, he used to abuse my mum, physically and verbally, I also used to get the same abuse from him being the eldest child. I stood up for my mum an awful lot. At the age of 20 I moved out when I met my husband to be. My mum then realised she had to divorce my dad as she had noone then to help her and it was the best thing she ever did. When I had my own children I started suffering terrible anxiety and panic attacks, I had counselling and it all came out I was suffering the affects of my childhood. Now 7 years later I am much stronger but if I am having a bad anxiety day, I tend to worry about my health with my anxiety, but nothing like i used to. I can always ring my mum or she comes to see me, so I have always had that support I guess, if needed. I am just scared that if i move and my anxiety got bad again and i was alone I would really regret it. It is nothing like it used to be and i am feeling well since getting over the trauma of my childhood through having counselling, but there is that niggle that if i am over the other side of the world I will feel so isolated and it may kick in again, but then again I am really fed up of living my life thinking i need to stay here near my family incase my anxiety rears it's ugly head again, because my mum is there for me (she understands as she suffered it after Dad left too)...I am nearly 32, have my own family and I want what is best for them. I can't live a life of worry and staying somewhere because of 'what ifs' surely I will cope whereever I am if I felt unwell or became a tad low. We all have bad times. My husband is a great support but he too worries I will regret leaving my mum. He isn't close to his mum, he rarely sees her, and his dad, well although they are close they only see eachother if we visit as his dad thinks he needs a passport to go out of his own town, lol! My husband is a Quantity Surveyor and he wants a fresh start, and he has always like Australia. I want to do this for all of us, I just worry how I would cope and it would be so hard to leave my mum as i have always been here for her if she needs me, through everything. I never really had a childhood though, I grew up too quickly, so i want better for my own children, and they all really want to go. Rant over, sorry, lol!!:wink:
  7. Hi Just wondering if anyone else in Brisbane has felt the same? I have applied for about 10 different jobs this week alone online and have had no reply's at all. Oh I lie, I had one who said they were assessing the applications and will be in touch in a couple of weeks if they want an interview. A COUPLE OF WEEKS!!!:wideeyed: I want a job now! Is this normal speed in Qld? An australian guy who lives here told me they are slower in Qld than in Sydney and Melbourne. Has anyone found this to be true? I'm really getting twitchy now, and worried. Any feedback at all would be great?
  8. Hi, I'm currently in Australia on a long stay Tourist Visa ( up to 12 months) from the UK. I have to leave by June this year. My partner is an Australian Citizen... now this is where it gets tricky! I'm two months pregnant( accident! ) ... we want to stay together in Australia, but my visa has a no further stay condition on it. I have contacted immigration who at first said there was nothing that could be done, then upon hearing my personal circumstances said I could apply for an extension of my visa on compassionate grounds, but was not guranateed to get it. We need to sort things out as soon as possible as I won't be allowed to fly in the latter months and the last think we want is for me to have the baby in the UK whilst he is stuck in Australia. Does anyone have any ideas? Name of a recommended immigration lawyer would be great... we are in Brisbane. We have not lived together for long enough to gain a de facto partnership Visa... most other visas take 5 months to sort out. Does anyone know if my partner has rights to have his child born in Australia? Immigration said the child has citizenship rights once it is born, but they didn't seem keen to elaborate. Help!!!!! Thanks , Tessie :wubclub:
  9. clickettuk

    OMG - Leaving Party - How Difficult

    OMG - Just finished our leaving party - lets just say it was emotional - also did our Civil Partnership the same day - we cried so much and we thought we were so strong - but at the same time it was a fantastic day - lots of friends and photos and memories. Michael and Mark. :biggrin::biggrin::wink::wink:
  10. Hi to all on PIO and Merry Christmas! Well here we go again! Not only do I now have a problem with 18 year old daughter, but also my 21 year old son!!! Both of them are saving so that when we do migrate, they will have saved enough money to sort out a place to rent, either with a friend or boyfriend or girlfriend etc etc.... BUT now my son is being really awkward and wants to buy a car on finance! We have calculated the payments and all his outgoings etc and we think he is making a big mistake. He has been down this road before because he didn't take our advice into account! He is now wanting to cancel his savings account (of which he will be charged) so that he has more money in his bank account. He has got himself in financial difficulty in the past and history is about to repat itself!! If he decides to go ahead with the car, he will not be able to save at all for Australia and so what do me and the o/h do? We want to migrate and are taking things steady, we can't just go and leave him or my daughter with no where to live when the time comes. They both know this is my dream and they are going to completely throw a spanner in the works. I am starting to think they are doing it deliberately. Are they being selfish or are we? I am at my wits end and are starting to think that we should just forget it as maybe we should be thinking about there needs for the future and not ours? They keep saying they will go when they are ready as they are Citizens by descent and there is no hurry. Me and the o/h don't want to wait indefinately because we don't know when my kids will be ready themselves. It's turning into a real nightmare. I can't tell my kids what to do but i like to advise them because i care about them. I've always put other people first and now it's my turn to do something for me, they are adults now so surely they cant rely on me forever?? Sorry for the rant but i desperately need some good, sound advice and just to hear other people's dilemas that are similar.:cry: Cheers and many thanks for any advice.
  11. Hi, I am thinking of emigrating to Oz and am looking for advice from any UK solicitors who have now been admitted in Australia. I have looked into it but would like advice on how difficult it is and how you went about getting admitted. I don't expect that i'll get sponsorship therefore it'll be a case of waiting until I'm more than 3 years qualified in the UK and then applying. I was wondering how hard the exams ar and whether i can study distance learning and then come over to sit the exams etc. Anyway, I'd be grateful for any advice or assistance, cheers Emma :wink:
  12. I think the worst thing about moving to a new country is leaving friends and family behind, so to ease the pain, new friends will be a welcome alternative. My wife and I are fairly social people, and from what we saw when in SA previously the people seemed very friendly. But how easy is it to make new mates in Adelaide. Any advise anyone? :hug:
  13. What are the chances to land a job if you are pregnant? Do we get paid maternity leave in Australia? My friend's company don't get any paid maternity. Is this a norm?
  14. Guest

    How difficult is DIY?

    you maybe no expert carlos but you seem a lot more clued up than me, i also think you are in a similar boat as me but your probably a little ahead, both carpenters and looking to do roofs, think you said before you didn't use an agent so have you found out any crack from here or other sites about how long we may be waiting. agents are a waste of time asking they will just fill you with the waffle you want to hear
  15. I am looking to move to melbourne next year (possibly March). I was wondering how difficult it is to get an IT job, I have about 8 years experience in PHP, MySQL development along with Linux and Apache. I would be willing to consider other locations like sydney or brisbane. Does anyone have any experience of looking for something similiar once the moved? Also what are the salaries like? Any info greatly appreciated.
  16. I now know sometimes why people want their parents to migrate with them..I sure wish my mum was here....I am 21 weeks pregnant and am having a normal pregnancy feeling fab so going for my 20 week scan last week I was all excited and not worried at all after having a normal 12 week scan....however, the scan has shown some problems. My lil bubby's brain is not quite as it should be, so after some stressful visits to a foetal medicine unit we have been told it is just going to be a waiting game to find out what happens next....specialist is really positive and confident that the problem will rectify itself in the next few weeks and we will have a perfectly normal outcome, but there are no guarantees and I am going out of my mind with worry. Baby had an MRI scan yesterday to check for other problems which i will get the results of on friday....the waiting is so hard. Best case scenario is a totally normal rest of preg with a perfectly healthy bub, worst case scenario, which I am trying not to think about is having to end the preg or risk having a severly handicapped bubby with a bad prognosis for the future. Life throws some horrible things at you, and I am dealing with it the best I can, its the waiting that is the worst. Wish I had family here, my OH and his mum are awesome but there is no-one quite like your own mum at a time like this!
  17. I'm new to this forum, so big 'hi' to everyone. Well, here's my situation. I'm a Pom, went and spent 8yrs in South Africa, moved to France in 2006 because my mum (who still lives in the UK) had a cancer scare and I'm an only child. Always dreamed of living in Oz and my time here in France hasn't been the happiest or easiest. I am off to Oz for 5 wks in Feb and have got an 'informal' interview in Sydney with a company that may sponsor me. Thing is, my Mum will be 75 next year and my Dad has long since passed away. I know I can't settle in France and the prospect of living the 'dream' is so exciting, but it's the age old story that everyone has experienced and that is the 'good bye' to Mum. She will never be able to visit me in Oz because she also has a heart condition and is unable to fly. Help !!!!:arghh:
  18. Hi everyone, I am new to this form and to chatrooms generally but i am really stuck on my 175 visa application and I was wondering whether the collective brainpower of the forum might have the answer! I am doing a 175 skilled independent app. online adding the main applicant is fine but its unclear how to add the secondary applicant (i.e the spouse de facto partner or, as in this case, a fianee) I am assuming 'other family member' as this seems the only place ('migrating dependent doesn't give you the option to add a spouse). If this is the case, and my fiancee is added as an other family member I can't get past the question where it asks me about countries of residence for the last 10 years. i have an option to add my fiancee but when i do I fill out the box of the last address and hit' ok' but the details aren't added. it doesn't work and it won't let me move on with the form as it says i must include everyone over 16 but it won't let me!! Its really frustrating and thats why i htink perhaps my fianee isn't an 'other family member' but where else on the form would I add him. If anyone can help me with this i would be eternally grateful and more than a little bit impressed as noone so far has had the first clue. I realise that this is quire a specific and detailed problem but I can't be othe only one who has come accross this using this online form. Hoping there is anyone who can help. Nerak
  19. Hi. We are moving to Perth early Jan 2010 and are lucky enough to be staying with friends for a couple of weeks. We hope to get a long term rental shortly after we arrive in Perth and I am looking for some help with the process. I have been told that it can be difficult to get somewhere if you dont have references from previous landlords but we have never rented so dont have references. Has anyone else experienced this. We want to be prepared before we get there so I would really appreciate any help from other people who have already rented in WA. Could you also let me know what paperwork was required. Thanks very much. Rhonda
  20. cliffs

    Difficult to believe

    Hi all Recently i received state sponsorship from WA, this was signed and returned to my agent who emailed it back to WA. My wife phoned to check he had received it postal strikes etc. during the conversation he with our agent he informed us that we should have our visas within 10 days, i find this difficult to believe. All our meds and police checks have been uploaded and finalised and he siad it was a straight forward case and would be pretty quick. He also informed me that as we are also applying for a 457 at the same time we have to be careful and may want to withdraw this, apparently if the 457 is granted after is overwrites the 176 can anybody shed any light on this martin
  21. I'm having another 'Pro Australia day'!!!..... I've been adamant I want to go home ever since I got here? there are so many good reasons I have for returning to the UK! Family/friends/seasons/culture/TV/lifestyle.....yes lifestyle!/security/belonging/schools/Tescos... and it's cheaper!!..... you name it!! so why oh why am I once again questioning my decision to return?? I am driving myself crazy.... I have a 15 year old son who's education Is first and foremost in my mind.... if I go it has got to be before September so he at least has a chance to catch up (education being slightly behind here!!) Hubby coming round to the idea... my twins okay about going back too!.... my eldest however!!!! Why did I ever go down this road??? yours desperate!! :arghh:
  22. Hi can anyone tell me that is it difficulty to get a job with visa 475 temporary working permit? TQ
  23. Hello everyone, I was granted a 496 visa (now superseded by the 475) a year ago and am currently in Australia. However I don't want to wait for 2 years to apply for a permanent visa 887. I'm now considering to re-apply for a 176 PR visa. Anyone experienced please tell me should I need to reapply for a complete application (i.e take the IELTS test again, resubmit all the certificates, documents required ...) or there is some concession for my new application? Thanks Peter
  24. Hi can any one tell me the rough cost of going to court to get permission to take my oldest son with us . My ex has not seen him in over six years, since he was five months old ,when i meet up with him and he wanted to play daddy he didnt even no how old he was, He agreed to sign stat dec but now has started putting all sorts of conditions on it. Im thinking rather than us having to dance to his tune, and agree to things i dont want or more important, is not good for my son,it would it be better to take it through the courts? He has no PR as we were never married and my son was born before 2003, It was his choice not to see him back then but now he is married he has come up with some distorted view about what happened and i dont want thing to get sticky. He has had no contact, paid nothing and i have always been contactable as i lived in the same house we lived in together for years and all of my family have not moved and have always lived in the same houses he new them to. PLEASE HELP!!
  25. Hello all, Im hopin that some of you can give us some advice on a 'hypothetical' situation!? The situation is this... I have a friend that is desperate to move to Oz with his wife to be and new born son. They qualify with flying colours to get the visa required to emigrate as he is an electrician and his fiance has a sister with two children and they are all Ozzy citizens. They have a property that after the credit crunch is worth 90 - 95k however the mortgage is 120k. They have 25k in the bank. After exhausting all angles of how to use the money to change their lives and emigrate they have hit a brick wall. They see the 25k they have saved as their 'new start' money for Oz. The only option they feel they are left with is to get the visa's in place, book the flights and head to Oz.....posting the keys to their property back to the mortgage company on the way to the airport!!! The questions they have are these.... - What are the consequences of doing this? - Would it effect their new life in Oz? - Can it be done? - Would it effect coming back into the country in the future? Obviously he realises that this isn the perfect scenario and he would jump at the chance to do the move more 'above board' so to speak so if any1 has any ideas they would be welcomed, but i do know that he has looked at every option he can think of! Any advice/help/contacts would be greatly appreciated as i know my friend is desperate to make the move! Many thanks