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Moonlight Cinema?


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Ive just booked some 'gold grass' tickets to the moonlight cinema in Kings Park Perth. Ive never been to an open air or drive in movie before so Im a little excited.


I was wondering if anyone has been to one of these and can advise me as to what to expect? Do people take picnics, food or drinks?


Many thanks




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Oh they are so much fun...and I don't know why!


There are two sites we normally go to, but there are others around Adelaide, including the odd charity or free screening.


In our experience, you take or hire beanbags - though hiring is pretty expensive. You can also take those low beach back support-type chairs, rugs etc, although for obvious reasons you can't take 'normal' height chairs.


One of the places we go to offers wine, drinks, chips etc for purchase although you can take your own. Another only allows you to drink alcohol purchased from them. We take a big picnic, then bliss out under the stars! Last year it rained whilst we were watching The Simpson Movie, but we were forwarned so took a groundsheet and huddled under that. AND IT WAS STILL FUN!!!:wacko:


Whatever you do or don't take, don't forget to rug up! It can get very cold once the sun sets.:cool:


Have fun!


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