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  1. Lazy Cow

    Questions re. Uk Pension Paid Into Aus Account

    Just to explain…I’m only just figuring out the ‘reaction emojis’ so if you’re wondering why I've selected mainly trophies, that’s why! I really appreciate the advice you’ve given me, thank you all 🥳
  2. Lazy Cow

    Questions re. Uk Pension Paid Into Aus Account

    Thank you very much @RandL It sounds like it would be perfect for my monthly / quarterly payment so I will investigate further (esp. the government guarantee, because I have no idea what that might be!) . Thanks again, LC
  3. Lazy Cow

    Questions re. Uk Pension Paid Into Aus Account

    Thank you so much @Marisawright Unfortunately, and long story short, my feral sibling led to the closure of my bank account (note to anyone, do not trust even those you love with your money ) so unless he can sort that out for me, I do not have a UK bank account. re. Super, I am still working so that sounds good, thank you Yeah, I’m not sure a tax accountant would do much more than laugh at my lump sum. As for the bank peep, I think she might’ve been thrown by my adding that it was money from a pension . Whatever, I was happy she’d been honest rather than giving me the answer I wanted to hear . Thanks again, LC
  4. Lazy Cow

    Questions re. Uk Pension Paid Into Aus Account

    Thank you so much @rammygirl your reply is so informative and has really given me something solid to work on. Thanks again, LC
  5. Lazy Cow

    Retirement Planning (UK Pensions/Transfer)

    I found deciding which company to contact a bit overwhelming. However, I eventually put on my big girl pants and contacted Vista Finance. When I told them how much I had in my pension, they recommended I did not use them, or anyone, as I stood to lose more than I would gain. I was bowled over - no hard sale, just honest advice. They didn’t even shut me up lol, but patiently answered my questions despite there being no gain to them whatsoever. So, if you’re nervous, like I was, but want friendly, knowledgeable, and honest advice from an established company; try Vista 🥳.
  6. Hi, It’s been a while - life, hey, but I hope you’re all well. Turns out I need to claim my UK pension from Royal Mail, and I don’t know what to do. The guys at Vista Finance were absolutely wonderful and told me that given how little is in the pension, i would lose more than I’d gain by formally transferring the pension. I’m a Aus citizen with a small lump sum in England and an annual pension of something like a couple of thousand £pa. If I give the pension people my Australian bank account details, will the bank automatically convert it and if so, will there be charges or just a slightly lower conversion rate? With the lump sum, I obviously want to lose as little as possible as there’s not much TO lose ! I know I will pay tax on the money, and whilst I think that’s fair, again, I’d like to pay as little as possible…would it help if I put the money in my Super? I’ve tried asking the bank but whilst the person in International was lovely, when I asked about charges, she told me she “didn’t think so” . We went to a financial advisor, (not Vista as it was a different issue) but they didn’t help at all. I’m hoping that someone on here has actual experience that can help guide me . TIA LC
  7. Lazy Cow

    What's kindest for my cat?

    We have two rescue cats. I love them, and I hate keeping them in even though 'in' actually includes the whole verandah which we (my oh really ?!) screened specially for them. Like Parley, I think it's cruel - particularly for my previously outside-cats. That said, recent research* reckons that pet cats are estimated to kill 61 million birds each year...and that doesn't take into account other wildlife such as possums, blue tongues etc. I know a fair few Australians who will run over a cat if given half a chance, as they see them all as feral, wildlife assassins ?. So for my cats' safety, and the safety of our beautiful wildlife, they will remain fluffy prisoners. To the OP, bring her - unless she's old, or your vet says otherwise, of course. Not only will she be with her family, but she might help you feel more settled in your new home. ?LC *http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-10-04/cats-killing-one-million-birds-in-australia-every-day-estimates/9013960
  8. Lazy Cow

    South Australia Digital Drivers License

    I did not know half of that! Thank you, @ Pom Queen!
  9. Lazy Cow

    Belair, Pasadena, Eden hills and Blackwood

    Belair, Eden Hills, Coromandel Valley, Blackwood, Hawthorndene, are all lovely and run on from one another. There are some fabulous primary schools there, and a very good high school (which is an IB school until Year 11/12) as well as The Australian School of Maths and Science (Year 10 ->). They are very leafy suburbs, and pretty close to the city, universities, and Flinders Medical Centre. Pasadena is just down the road from them, but imo, isn't anywhere near as nice. I'm not sure what's happening with their high school as there hasn't been the intake there used to be, so there have been plans to merge it with another school. Pasadena is just that bit closer to the city, has newly revamped shops, and is nice enough - but it's no Blackwood lol!
  10. Lazy Cow

    Cost for education and health?

    I haven't posted for...years lol...but I've just seen your question. I don't understand visas etc but I do live in SA, so I figured I'd reply. It's up to you whether you choose the public or private school system, but either way you will pay. Unless you're eligible for a school card - based on income and applied for specifically (the school will have the forms) - everyone pays something toward their child's education. It's been a fair few years since my kids were in primary school, but I think we paid around $250pa per child at a public school. High school is around $800pa per child for a public school, with some of the popular schools charging a few $100 more. The fee may also depend on what year your child is in, as Year 11/12 can be a tad more expensive. Healthcare can be expensive if you elect to go privately, but otherwise Medicare is ok. If you find a bulk billing doctor you will pay nothing for your visit, otherwise I believe it's around $15-20 ( but since we use a bulk billing doctor, that's an educated guess!). Should you need medication, scripts can be expensive, but manageable. Many people choose to have Extras Cover through a private medical insurance company, such as Bupa or Medibank. That will cover at least partway towards the additional cost of dental work, optical services, psychology, physiotherapy or whatever (you choose). Then there's hospital cover, the premiums can be quite high but has always meant you won't have to pay the medical levy-thing paid if you earn over a certain amount. Only you know your family's health and income ?. One thing you must, must buy is ambulance cover. It's not a huge expense, but is essential as calling an ambo can incur a bill of many $$$! It can be included in private medical cover although call-outs might be limited. I only answered because I didn't want you to think schooling was totes free, I hope I haven't managed to confuse you. As I said, I don't know whether your visa will mean you pay more for schooling etc, but I'm sure as you won't pay less ?. LC
  11. Thank you all so much :wubclub:.
  12. I SO miss the 'like' button :frown:! Thank you all so much. I really appreciate all the effort, and even if they don't take some of these up, I think we will :wubclub:. I reckon Northshorepom has written a full travel itinerary lol! Brilliant, thank you so so much. To my shame, I've just noticed the 'similar thread' thing at the bottom of the page, and oh my, there really was info already here. I'm such an Internet doofus. I'll go see if I can help someone else on PiO, but I doubt I can. Thanks again, LC
  13. Thank you so much! They won't be there long, and will be using public transport, Uber to get around. They want to see touristy things, but would be stoked to discover less known, hidden gems. I think they'll like the sound of the Spit to Manly walk, followed by a ferry ride. I had heard the ferry is a fun way to see Sydney. I don't know, we've only been for a couple of quick visits and I think we were just overwhelmed by it all! Thanks again, :wubclub: LC
  14. Hi there, I did try to search for this info, but (yes, I'm a sad sack :twitcy:!) didn't manage to find anything, so please be kind... Friends are going to spend some of their honeymoon in Sydney, this April and I was wondering whether anyone had any suggestions for things to do or see that might not be mooted in the usual tourist guides. And that's it really :smile: . Thank you, LC still in sunny Adelaide, still loving it, still hoping Australia Day will one day move from the 26th January :wubclub:.
  15. Hi all, it's been a few years since I was last on this site*, and it might seem a bit cheeky to come on now, but hey, I'm a mum lol! Anyway, my son has recently moved north-East of Melbourne, and I get the feeling he'd like to meet up with people around the same age as him - 20. He's into most things, and is a pretty 'normal' Australian male. He might hate the fact I'm doing this, but if no one replies, he never needs to find out does he :wink::ssign11:! Any suggestions gratefully received... I think! :wubclub: LC * in my defence, I do still post on PiA!