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Melbourne to Brisbane - anyone made the move?

Guest Kerry 24

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Guest Kerry 24

Hi there

Just as an intro...


Have been living in Melbourne for 2.5 years in a suburb north east - Eltham. It is gorgeous - great rented house and a nice town. Very rural with lots of walking/cycling tracks and wildlife in abundance and of course beautiful Yarra Valley 25 mins away. We both commute to Melbourne - nice, cheap and easy which takes us 1 hour door to door.


One and only complaint is the climate!! No I don't think it is anywhere near as bad as England but it still does get cold in the winters and we are not keen......


We are just about to become permanent residents so we can truly settle down, buy a house etc and have freedom - at last - to go where we please.


Have never been to Brissie but have heard great things, we are planning a trip next year. The main pull is the climate. We are hot weather fans and will certainly NOT miss the cold or enjoy rugging up!!


Having decided we love Aus and are here to stay we are thinking we should make the move even more to suit 'exactly' what we want - and that is more sunshine and warmer temps.


We came to Melbourne because of work visa's and we do absolutely love Melbourne and wish we could move it 2 hours north. So please don't just attack Melbourne as that is not what I am asking. we have made some friends here so leaving will be hard. Staying in Melbourne would not be so bad - just a little cold at times.:laugh:


I am asking whether anyone has moved from Melbourne to Brissie and what their take is? What is diffirent/bettter/worse etc? What are the 'burbs' like?


Really interested in any views on the subject..



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