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Found 153 results

  1. Please can anyone help I don't know what to do. I just realized I might have made a silly mistake on our application for our 176. With all the talk of form 80 I wrongly assumed I had already filled it in as part of our application as I remembered filling in details of my OH siblings. It was only when I pulled out the form today to have a look I realized I may have totally misread a heading. It says NON MIGRATING DEPENDENTS OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS. I added all my OH'S family members ie: brothers sisters mum and dad only thing is none of them are dependent on us OMG I FEEL SOOOO STUPID How the hell did I miss the word DEPENDENT. I have sent them an e mail to explain dont know what else to do should I ring them later? Has anyone else had a smiler experience. Feeling a bit sick now.
  2. I am a single mom with a 7 year old daughter and I am trying to organise a secondment to Sydney for a couple of years. I'm worried about moving away from my support network as I will have to do the school run every day as well as work full time. Has anyone already been through this? How common are after school clubs and how easy is it to organise childcare? I really want to experience the Australian lifestyle but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by going it alone.:wacko:
  3. We are in the process of completing our offshore (UK) application for a 309/100 partner visa and have decided to get a couple of UK-based Australian friends to complete stat dec forms in order to support our application. My concern lies around getting these decs witnessed. According to the DIAC website the following applies when completed overseas: ******************************************************** A statutory declaration can be made overseas provided that it is witnessed by a person who falls within one of the categories in Schedule 2 to the Regulations. Example 1 A doctor who is registered to practise medicine in Australia may witness a Commonwealth statutory declaration when he or she is overseas. A doctor who is registered to practise medicine in a foreign country (and not in Australia) cannot witness a Commonwealth statutory declaration. Example 2 A member of a police force in Australia may witness a Commonwealth statutory declaration overseas. A police officer of a foreign police force cannot witness a Commonwealth statutory declaration. If you need to make a Commonwealth statutory declaration overseas, you should be able to contact a person listed under Schedule 2 as an authorised witness at the nearest Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate. ******************************************************** Does anyone have any tips on the easiest way to find a suitable witness over here? I don't know of any Aussies living over here in the professions listed so that's not going to be an easy option and I don't think a UK solicitor etc can do it. I haven't followed the above advice of contacting the embassy/consulate yet - I just wanted to check with a few people here before I did as I'm sure other people will have come across this problem before. Many thanks in advance!
  4. Hi Am looking for a bit of a favour...we are looking to be coming to Canberra this year and our 17 yr old daughter (18 in Nov) is really not wanting to come (atm). We can leave her here but was hoping she would come with us and find a better life. She had already planned to re-start her a-levels after completing her AS levels this year so would not be any worse off by starting college in Oz If anyone around this age that has already made the move would be prepared to maybe chat to her on here, fb or msn I would be grateful. She seems to have changed her mind a thousand times and maybe another perspective would help finally decide either way? She is saying that she never wanted to go and is currently saying a definite no, but has also said before that we are to make her go no matter what she says. We don't know if we should push her or not. If someone who had made the move could let her know if it was a good experience or not, what college life is like, uni stuff like that? Any help would be great Thanks Candice :biggrin:
  5. Hi there, my wife and I are in the middle of the trying to get a 176 visa to move to Brisbane with our two kids. I'm just waiting to hear from Qld whether they'll grant me State Sponsorship (applied July 7, 2009 and got asked for Proof of Funds last week so it feels like moving somewhere finally). My wife has been a State Registered Dietitian working in the NHS for the last 23 years and is about to start out the process of getting her qualifications recognised in Oz. We'd love to hear from any Dietitians who made the change from UK to Oz - just to find out about the process of becoming recognised in Oz, working there, what the market is like etc? Many many thanks Gerry:biggrin:
  6. BritChickx

    Decision Made

    Soo....since I've landed in Australia me and Paul, well mainly me, have been deciding whether to stay in Aus or go back to the UK. I have a place at Bournemouth uni for next september, but at the same time Paul can apply for citizenship next october. So we were in a bit of a pickle over that and I didn't know what to do either! But after talking about I think we've decided that the most sensible thing would be to go back to the UK, and Paul apply for a return resident visa before we leave so once I've graduated we can both move back to Australia and I'd be sorted for a decent job . It feels like a weights been lifted off me actually and now we can start planning what to do before we leave and once we arrive back in the UK. Actually quite excited about going back now :jiggy:and Paul is happy too, so happy days :cute:
  7. bensdad

    Made it to Perth

    After numerous years, heartache etc,etc today we arrived in Perth to a lovely sunny day, car hire man was there on time and we managed to navigate our way to our friends house in Beaconsfield, really looking forward to settling in and making this work for us, pick up the keys to our long term rental tomorrow as well. Cannot believe we have got here at last and the feeling is better than getting the visa itself.
  8. The Pom Queen

    Last Film that made you cry

    Chatting with Silk on another thread I wondered what was the last film that made you cry:cry::cry:
  9. Is there something wrong with Australian rice or Australian chicken? Tell me now before I cook it and then have to throw it away.
  10. Hi there every one, I have just moved to Melbourne from the UK, the move went fine; we are loving Melbourne and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of taking the plunge! But I have a feeling that I may have made a particularly daft assumption about LAFHA, please read on if you fancy a laf...ha! (can’t believe I just typed that) During my job interview I queried with my manager if I would receive LAFHA? They confirmed that I would, to the tune of $12k. When I received my contract LAFHA was not mentioned anywhere so I asked for it to be added. I was told that it was a standard contract and so it could not be added, instead my manager confirmed for me in email that I would receive LAFHA. So I jumped to the logical assumption that I would receive LAFHA on top of my base salary, yes I know I feel pretty thick now! On reading my first pay slip I was shocked to see that my base salary had been reduced by $12k per year and every month I received $1k tax free, nice but not quite as nice as I was expecting. I am now in the situation where by I am $12k worse off, and wondering what my options are? Do I have a case to request that my LAFHA be added on top of my base salary, or will they just turn around and say no as I have signed a contract not mentioning LAFHA? Or do I have a case to increasing my LAFHA amount? After doing some further reading it would appear that the LAFHA amount of $12k is quite small considering the food component on its own comes to nearly $12k, not including the housing component, should I try and argue that this be reassessed? What are my chances? Interestingly I am receiving less super in my payslip than is listed in my contract, I assume this is because super is calculated not including the LAFHA amount, could I use this to argue any of the above points? Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance Barry
  11. Hi there I wonder if there is any single travellers with the sponsored 176 ACT visa hoping to go to Canberra in the near future? It would be great to hear from you and see if you are having the same dilemmas as me as one minute I'm ready to book a flight and then the next I've changed my mind again and then I'm on the roundabout wondering what to do for the best. I Look forward to hearing from anybody in the same boat.
  12. With what seems the country spiraling out of control, (which it isn't really) and you are contemplating, in the process of migrating, have recent events (riots) confirmed your decision to emigrate. Migration is a very complex issue, many reasons and emotions are involved in the decision, but one that crops up now and again is 'A Better Life', I'm not quite sure what this means, but it means different things to different people I guess. So has the decision to emigrate been validated by these events or are you of the mindset now that this country well and truly needs help. I guess we can all in our own little way make a difference to what happens around us, and maybe that is a thought that has crossed your minds. I don't want this thread to be another on the reasons why these riots took place, but in your mind does the decision to emigrate seem ever more resolute, or do you feel a little like you are 'Jumping A Sinking Ship' Cheers Tony.:wink:
  13. :wink:Finally we got our 457 approval today morning. We had to wait 1.5 months to listen this golden words "Applicant Approved".. Wow!!!!! I am going crazy...want to scream with joy !!!:jiggy:Thanks to people in this forum ...:notworthy:
  14. There are all different kinds of Usernames on here & throughout t'internet . Some use their own name, others something more creative or meaningful. What made you choose your Username ?
  15. Dear All, i made two applications (885 and the state sponsored 886), now my 886 has been granted but my 885 also had a case officer, what can i do now? i've written to my 885 CO re that i was granted an 886 but no reply. i called immigration enquiries they told me it's too complicated they weren't able to answer, i also asked the officer when i went to put the label for my granted 886, he said he doesn't know. i started to panic now, i am worried if i break any law conditions which would affect my already granted 886:arghh: why there are still things to be worried after granting PR? could anyone give any suggestions? or any similar case? thanks so much!
  16. Nine in 10 expats think they made the right choice in moving from the UK, which may be in part because of the austerity measures - backed this week by the International Monetary Fund - which are causing financial pain to many in Britain. The mood around the world is mixed, and the perception of future economic growth varies dramatically. For example, expats in China, Australia and the UAE are very confident about their financial future, according to the NatWest International Personal Banking fourth annual Quality of Life Index, with 96 per cent of expats in China expecting strong economic growth. In contrast, those in European countries fear a much slower economic recovery. Europe is still subject to far greater economic concerns than countries elsewhere, with the bail-outs of Greece, Ireland and Portugal all combining to cause concern. Spain has not asked for help to shore up its economy, but there are still fears that this could happen. Dave Isley, head of NatWest International Personal Banking, said: “It is encouraging to see that expats express self-assurance about their ability to triumph over the recessionary pressures which are causing uncertainty and cutbacks in many multi-national businesses. There is a marked difference in optimism between those expats based in Europe and those based elsewhere. “However, it is encouraging to see that despite these variations, the majority of expats present a reasonably confident view of their situation and future prospects.” Related Articles British expats say quality of life higher than at home 21 Apr 2010 New Zealand is 'best destination for expats' 17 Jun 2009 Expats say Canada is best place to live 20 Apr 2011 Retired expats ‘happy with their life abroad’ 29 Aug 2010 Moving abroad can 'give you better perspective' 04 Aug 2010 Eight out of 10 expats happy with their move, says survey 20 Dec 2007
  17. Guest

    I made this

    Greetings one & All :wubclub: It was my day off today & I just finished this painting it's a surprise thank you gift for my boss who has given me the oppotunity to train as a Tattoo apprentice until I go to Australia where I hope to be able to find a studio that will take me on & allow me to continue my apprentiship. So for giving me this oppotunity I've painted him a picture, now I have no idea how he will react. So I'd appreciate a little feedback from you guys as you haven't seen my work before & I know many people are not interested in Art, but for me it's like getting a fresh perspective so I hope you dont mind being of assistance. I'm hoping he will like it & hang it on the studio wall which is rather bare. It's acrylic on canvas 24 inches x 30 inches..... She needs a name so appropriate suggestions welcome :laugh:
  18. the_whites

    ENS 121 Application Made

    Our application for an ENS 121 goes in by hand today to Melbourne Processing Centre, with UK Police checks but no Medicals. Our dilemma is: We have sold our house and about to put our stuff into storage. Do we wait for the decision on the ENS or do we head back to Australia on our current 457 visas which are valid until March 12. Primary holder of the 457 is me, whilst the primary applicant of the ENS is hubby. As its an offshore visa, how do we go about knowing the decision and being able to be offshore at time of grant? All advice welcome
  19. We all often neglect ourselves sometimes in the general scheme or work and family, so what was the last thing you did for yourself that made you feel good?
  20. Guest

    Are exceptions made!

    :jiggy:Hi all Hope someone can help me with this. I am wondering if anyone knows if immigration make exceptions on work experience on a 457 visa. I have had 6weeks experience, however my sponsor is desperate for workers, the job is Nurses Assistant in an Aboriginal Nursing Home in a remote area of Regional Queensland. Please help any comments will be much appreciated.
  21. kaztin

    Decision made, such relief!

    I posted here in Oct 2010, confused as to whether to return to UK. Quick recap, me & hubby been here 5 yes, no kids, 3 dogs, good jobs, nice home and lifestyle and have citizenship. But so miss our families and friends and after much soul searching we have decided to begin planning our return. It has v little to do with Australia itself as it's a lovely place and has been v kind to us. But for us, as the years tick by, it's just not worth the isolation from everything we hold dear in England. I want to spend time with my Mum(88yrs old), and our treasured friends. For us the feelings have crept up over time but now we can't shake the feelings of just wanting to return. Slightly awkward situation fo us, hubby in army - stuck till Oct 2013! We may be able to negotiate Jan 2013, and I guess in the scheme of things it's ok to have this time to plan our return and continue to see as much of Aus as we can (already travelled every state except WA!) so I feel so relieved, cried a lot, feel so much more content and I don't think I realized how stressed I was! I'm going on hols 3 June to visit my family & friends in UK ( booked long before this decision) so I can bring our good news home! Anyone in the same dilemma as ours ( and there seem to be many) making the decision is the hardest step. I have found this forum generally v supportive and no doubt over the next 2 years will be asking your valuable advice. At this point I just wanted to share our news :biggrin: Cheers, Karen......very happy indeed!
  22. hi all got my ielts test tomorrow from 9 am and under pressure to score 8 across the board in the academic test!!!! received phonecall today from a potential agent who added to my stress the minor detail that although i am a nure with 3 years post grad experience i may not eligible under the july changes for points for my visa as i have a diploma not a degree!!! I was convinced that i my diploma will be seen as a comparison to that of australian standard as it was full time over 3 years!!!! LIKE I NEEDED THAT PIECE OF INFO TODAY LOL!!!!!!! Anyone in similar position?? I am married with 2 girls(10,13) and was really hoping for 176 as apposoed to employer sponsor!! collette :arghh:
  23. Guest

    We made the deadline!!!

    Woohoo we made the SA SS deadline- application shows full set of documents recieved!! I have to say a huge big thankyou to greo2908 on here, they are a lovely couple who offered to help us with our courier nightmare and really if they hadn't we wouldn't have made this deadline :hug::hug: Thanks to everyone else who has offered advice and heres hoping to be in Oz asap:biggrin:
  24. leethesparks

    What changes are being made in July??

    Hi guys I keep reading about the new point system that is taking place in July and am not sure where to get any info on this. Hopefully we will be able to lodge our 176 visa next week when our SS comes back so do i need to panic if our visa is not back by July? Am i stressing over nothing?? Any help would be great :biggrin:
  25. Hi everyone! Haven't yet decided whether to appoint a migration agent or not yet so wondered if anyone could help me if I decided to complete everything by myself. If I made a mistake, say only a minor error on the application for for my visa would that result in my fee being lost and having to start again or would it mean that I would delay things. Has anyone had experience of processing a 176 application by themselves? Thanks :jiggy: