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175 or 176 visa???

anderson clan

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Hi folks,


OH and I are at the stage of lodging our visa as OH has passed vetassess as plumber in october. We are hoping to go to Victoria and would like to know if there is anyoneout there who has been sponsored by Vic state on a 176 visa? We have enough points to apply on a 175 but have been reading into sponsorship route also. What are the benefits of state sponsorship? Does it speed up the DIAC process or delay it?!


We are a bit confused over what to do - if there is any advice out there that may help our decision - we are v grateful.


Lorna, Colin and kids. :unsure:

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Guest Gollywobbler

Hello Lorna


What is your current points total, please?


If you already have 120 points or above there is no point in messing about obtaining State Sponsorship because the subclass 175 and the subclass 176 visas are both in Class VE. This means that the CO must consider your eligibility for both visas in any event. If you ahve 120 or more without the extra 10 points for State Sponsorship, your CO is supposed to grant a subclass 175 visa. It does not prevent you from moving to the State that nominated you, after all.


So if you already have enough points for a 175, why delay submitting the visa application for the sake of swotting up about life in Victoria in order to complete a State Sponsorship application?


Best wishes



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Hi thanks for ur valuable advice. We have worked out that we shd have 125 points not including the extra 10 for sponsorship.


Its just so confusing! We may well consider just applying for the 175 visa anyway as it seems like it would not make much of a difference to our application.


THANKS AGAIN, Lorna and Colin

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