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Having Panic Attack

The Stewarts

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Need someone to tell me everything will be fine and will all fall into place ON TIME.


Been accepted for uni in Melbourne so have applied for student visa online, not a problem with the application in general, been told what to do via email ie what documents we need to get certified, again not a problem, going to solicitors on Tuesday and will them email to them, but the medicals and x-rays will be a problem/holdup. Hubby cant get home until 10th Dec (work commitments in Angola) so have had to reschedule our meds & x-rays for 12th Dec, which are being done in Aberdeen so they will be couriered as they dont do online in Aberdeen and what with Christmas hols etc I am really starting to panic as I have booked the flights for me and the kids for the 12th Jan, hubby will following on about 4 weeks later (again work commitments). Has anyone else on a student visa had a tight time line to fill???? Oh by the way when I booked the flights the other week there were no problems as far as hubbys work goes, the other thing is they are non refundable so stand to loose £2800 if cant get visa back in time.


Sorry just needed to tell someone and maybe find someone in the same situ and then I would feel better!!!!!! NOT:embarrassed:

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It's no no wonder you are feeling stressed moving is bad enough but when your doing it to the other side of the world- that's stressfull.

Things will fall into place, just try not to get too caught up in it all- deep breathes!!


We are going on student visa to Perth but can't do anything until we sell this blasted house!


Good Luck




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sorry cant help with the timelines for you but as far as the tickets go they may not be refundable but i bet you can change the date for a small fee

hope this helps


Cheers for that, heads in such a muddle, I never thought of that, will be calling travel agent first thing Monday to check that if I need to change the dates its possible.



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