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Found 50 results

  1. Hi I hope someone can help me out there?? I have been through a seemless process up till now, apps lodged online( 175 skilled) 9/12/09, meds requested end Jan 2010, meds completed 12/3/10 and all received and finalised 29/3/10!! No word on the visa yet but says referred for one of my children!! Does anyone have any experience of a visa being refused/ delayed etc due to a childs delay with speech? Starting to panic now! would be great to hear from anyone with info on this? THx
  2. Guest

    I want to go home :.-(

    My partner and I arrived in Perth on Monday (or Tuesday, lost track). It's now Friday, and I want to go home - *now*!!! Our dogs get out of quarantine on the 18th and we have nowhere to stay. At the moment we're in a flat loaned to us until the 18th by a colleague of my partner (he's on holiday), but this place is a dump. I know that sounds ungrateful but it smells so bad. Here's where we are with our house hunting: So, House #1: Taken House #2: too expensive Preferred areas (Mundaring or Freo): zero houses for rent (apart from the uninhabitable hovel in mount Helena) New atm card won't work so can't get to my meagre funds that are left Dogs come out of quarantine a week on Tuesday and we have no where to stay Current flat is smelly - and I mean *smelly* I feel itchy I've got a throat infection, temperature, raging headache and my nose isn't working Partner Cat won't drive here and I'm stressed beyond belief. *Hate* driving here Went to bed at 8:30 last night which I haven't done since I was, eh, 8 TV is crap Internet is slow New laptop keeps crashing Can't send emails from my pop accounts (need to use hotmail) The main highway is like 30 meters from our window in Como Cat starts her new job on Monday so I'll be left to look for an impossible rental - apparently dogs are seen as something akin to vermin and even if we do somehow find a place, what then? No job, no bed, no furniture, no TV, no transport once the rental car goes back so I'm stuck in a bare, and probably smelly, dump, on some soulless housing estate. This isn't the Melbourne I fell in love with. I've spent most of this week holding back tears and panicking inwardly. I want to go home *now* :,-( , I want to go home. All I've done since we arrived is hold back tears. I want to be back in our beautiful wee house. So, even if we do somehow manage to find a place, it'll be smelly, run down, in a soulless housing estate with no furniture, no bed, no TV. I'll have no job and no transport. This can't be happening. Such a failure. Me. And this. :-'(
  3. Guest


    Can anyone advise on the Validating visa ? We are all due to go in January but just trying to work out best options (other words panic) We have a 176 visa is it possible for me to go and work ect then wife and kids follow before validation date, can i get Tax file number ect or does visa need validating 1st :wacko: our origonal plan is to all go to stay but we are worried incase we can't find work and run out of money :arghh::arghh::arghh: stressed.com
  4. kellyjamie

    Anxiety and near panic attack

    Morning all, thought i would post this see if anyone is feeling like this or felt like this. We only have 13 weeks till we leave and im pretty sure my "incident" last night is down to stress? Ever since my son went to live at his dads i have began suffereing from anxiety. Its horrific, i thought i had begun to get a grip of it. When it initially started my GP was fantastic she immediately knew what it was and was really great, she did however give me tablets and im not a medication type person, i believe in sorting my own mental health as i am generally very strong mentally, or i thought i was. Anxiety is awful you take the smallest issue or worry and turn into something massive, i find myself excessively worried if someone is late, sometimes i get so worked up about the smallest problem i can feel myself kind of shake like the start of a panic attack and i have to just slap myself, this honestly all satrted with the problems with my son. Anyhow ive never had a panic attack but last night jamie was working till 4am and i hate that, im a scaredy cat and dont like going to bed on my own knowing hes not here but im usually ok with it, anyhows goes to bed and uneasily falls asleep, wakes up an hour later at ten to midnight and checked my phone, i had no reply from jamie to a text i had sent b4 i went to sleep, so i ridiculously started to worry so i gave him a quick ring but no answer, not unusual as he usually calls back but he didnt, over the next 30 min i called him 6 times and no reply so there it started the panic set in, i very quickly found myself thinking the worst what if hed been in a crash, or someone attacked him ( a taxi driver was beaten horrifically 2 weeks ago) i started to feel very sick, light headed and a feeling of not being myself like i was removed?? my breathing started to excelerate but i knew i was being ridiculous but it was also getting harder so i called his office and asked her to radio him to call him, and 2 min later he called, all fine, unable to understand why i was acting in that manner. After the reassuring call he was ok, i calmed down but it turned into crying, i got up washed my face took a couple of paracetemol and went to bed. My mum suffered form panic attacks for about 5-6 years in her late 30s and i read this morning they think they can be hereditary?? Does anyone know much about these and how i can deal wit this as if that was the start of a panic attack i would seriously not want to experience a full on one. I need to find a way if dealing with this anxiety, i just keep telling myself it will be better once we move and i can relax a little? I didnt want Jamie to accept the job in Esperance but the idea of a year or so in a small place with beautiful beaches away from it all is becoming very appealing:unsure:
  5. Hi guys i really need your help and advice here - i am currently on a 457 business visa with my company the project im working on has came to an end making my last day of employment the 29th July then after that its 28 days and im outta here. I am trying to secure a new sponsor whicj is proving difficult as it is the end of the finacial year. Im really gutted as i was a few weeks away from lodging my ENS which my employer has now pulled out of. Going home is not an option and i dont have a great deal of cash, plus my girlfriend has just moved over to live with me on 417 visa from the Uk and she now has a really good job. i have the usual finacial commitments like a car,phone and I have just signed up to a 1 year lease on a new place. I have listed below a few credentials that may help you advise me. Im, 30 years old, Scottish, been in Melbourne 2 years working as an Urban and Reginal Planning Consultant and have 6 years exeperience in the property and development industry. im in great health, have no convctions and no dependants. I was thinking about lodging a general skilled migration app while im here but im not sure thats even an option as the bridging visa period may be to long and im not prepared to go dwon the road of visa runs to extend my stay as i want to do the right thing and be very honest with immigration. Can someone please offer me some advice or help as im tearing my hair out and having some very sleepness night. cheers Nick
  6. :wideeyed:Erm guys i need help ....Hubby uploaded his Cv and the last couple days he has had 4 offers of work and early this morn we also had a phone call from a company in oz ! ! woohoo you say eh :swoon:erm nope lol ...he was only testing the water to see if anyone would take notice of his CV .He thought he wouldn't hear anything back for a while !. We can't get to the country till March due to him being in the RN .They are already kicking and screaming about the date he asked to leave by !. Now he is at actions stations for a little while on his ship , so i cant get in touch with him to ask him what to do lol :embarrassed:should i put a letter together explaining the situation to these companies that he can not contact them due to being on a ship at sea ?... :notworthy:thanks P.s to the person who did his CV big cake coming your way when we get to OZ missy :hug:
  7. Guest

    ielts panic

    :eek: I am starting to panic about doing the ielts exam, any advice?:arghh:
  8. HI everyone, we have booked a short term rental in Secret Harbour for 3 weeks from 1st July. I am surrounded by boxes and furniture to be dismantled for packing and somehow it doesn't seem real (as if something's gonna stop us going. Is this normal? ). I think I'm panicking because hubby hasn't got a job organised to go to (he's an industrial electrician) and I'm a primary teacher (not wanting to get full time work until we're settled). We have a son (24) who's already there working on a mine (he's the on that talked us into going!) a 19 year old daughter (who has now got a boyfriend and although sad to leave him is excited about going) and an 11 year old daughter (extremely shy and worried about starting a new school etc). We have organised a place at Assumption Catholic Primary for my daughter but we're keepingan open mind as we haven't even seen the school yet. Does anyone know anything about the school. If she goes to the school we will be looking to rent long term around the Mandurah area. We also have two wee dogs, so that will make it harder to find a decent rental! Yikes, so much to think about and do! It would be great to hear from anyone in the same boat that is going to perth around the same time.
  9. Guest

    Starting to panic

    We have just accepted an offer on our house :biggrin: and the panic has really kicked in! Got so much to do , never thought we would ever get to this stage, hoping to be in Perth by early/mid May all going well. Already dreading the goodbyes:sad:. Anybody else heading to Perth in May?
  10. HELP we need accommodation Travelling to Adelaide on the 29 of march and finding it difficult to secure accommodation 2 adult 3 children non smoking no pets References Trustworthy Help me before i go nuts HAvee the movers coming next week and getting a little stressed
  11. Guest

    Working Holiday to 457 panic

    Hi all Just after a bit of advice, my 417 working holiday expires at the end of January (I'm currently in Melbourne & would like to stay). Luckily I found an employer who was willing to sponsor me & we submitted the application (paper form) a couple of months ago now, when I had been working for them for 5 months. My employer has been dealing with immigration directly & before Xmas they requested further info regarding pay, which was provided. So now we are just waiting. My concern is that I have now been employed for 6 months & 2 weeks with the same employer & aware that this breaches my working holiday conditions. However, it did state on the 457 paperwork that the application acts as bridging visa application also. So technically, am I in breach? Should I not be working at this present time whilst the visa is processed? I am panicking as I do not want to jeapordise my visa in any way, I love it here in Melbourne. My employer is contacting immigration today to request an update, but I would appreciate it if anyone can offer any insight or reassurance into my current situation. Many thanks Catherine
  12. Guest

    Panic buying....shame on you

    First off food wise we're ok, more thought will be give in food preperation but as for the idiots i've encountered these past few days........Shame on you The woolies supermarket near us is chaotic, people are panic buying anything and everything. There was one woman with 8 bottles of 2 litre sized milk and about 6 loaves amongst the rest of her stuff, madness..........Woolies should restrict to one per trolly. I can't believe people think they will starve ? it's Australia not Pakistan ! ! ! ! do they really think that mass buying of potato wedges and cream cakes is sensible ? and thats what they are buying, absolutely anything foodish...........i bet the supermarkets are loving it and bringing all the old stock out what was removed from the shelves because the best before date was out and flogging it on, no ones checking the best before date ! So if your'e one of those people here in Oz who has helped to empty the supermarket shelves and will probably not eat all of it because you then find your freezer is too full, and have gone into panic mode............ SHAME ON YOU There are people with no homes so no options to store food, they will have to live day by day and if there is nothing left for them to buy except bags of icing sugar and cd's because you have been greedy and not give any thought to people who are worse off. :frown:
  13. Guest

    Panic ..?!

    Hi, I was looking at the medical requirements and it says that all dependant children regardless if they live with you or not will need to have a medical.... arghhhhh my husband has 3 children from a previous rlationship whom sadly we dont see due to his ex but now i am worried as there is no way ever she will allow them to have a medical for our benefit ... is that going to cause an issue???? i also have a 17 year old daughter who sadly will not be comming with us will she have to go through this as well? thanks in advance for your help? Karen:arghh:
  14. twinsmom65

    Starting to Panic abit !

    Well as some of you know, my OH has become unemployed. He finished work last week, and we have about 10 weeks of his vaction pay to live on. I am working, however, my income just about covers the rent, and car payment and will leave us about $65.00 a week for food, fuel and everything else, when OH's money runs out. He has had 2 interviews for a job in Adelaide, however, it is now the waiting game... as they have to present it to head office to seek approval for the position. He also has applied for 2 other jobs one in Melbourne and one in Townsville, so far nothing, not even an interview. He is going to be picking up The West today and on Saturday, as these are the best days to look for jobs in the paper. He was supposed to get some work as a brickies labourer, however, this has not panned out. I am not pinning my hopes on the jobs through recruitment agencies, possibly because I have never had any luck with them. Has anyone ever gotten a job through a recuritment agency that has posted on Seek, if so would love to hear from you. Worse case scenerio for us is that OH can't find employment, and in 10 weeks time we will have to make a decision to head back to Canada. I know that for a family of 4 we won't be able to survive on $65 a week, and at least if we land back in Canada we will have family and friends who would be willing to put us up. So watch this space, hopefully I will be posting that OH found employment and that we can continue our lives here in Australia, or else I will be posting that we will be heading back to Canada. Just getting a bit worried.. hell I was less worried when we arrived 2 years ago, and had no jobs to come to and didn't know anyone. Cheers Karen
  15. :cry:It's 29 days until we fly out and we had the first of our "leaving do's" last night at a friends. This morning (slightly fuzzy headed) I feel like i'm going into complete panic mode! Everything finally seems to be coming together but I have this nervous feeling (it's not a dodgy tummy from last night either!) I know were doing the right thing but my head is absolutly swimming with what if's Has anyone else experienced this? I've got waaaaayyyy too much to be doing to be panicking now- any suggestions to get over this?
  16. I have just received this email from my migration agent. I am a twenty-nine year old Electrician and have just lodged my 176 with Victoria, all excited and then received this email. HELP: I am writing to you to advise you that the Minister for Immigration has announced that from 23 September 2009, visa applications under the GSM Program will be processed in the following order: Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS and RSMS); State/Territory sponsored with an occupation on the CSL; Family Sponsored with an occupation on the CSL; CSL occupations (not sponsored); State/Territory sponsored –occupation not on the CSL; Occupations on the MODL and family sponsored applications with an occupation NOT on the CSL; and finally All other applications will be processed in the order in which they are received by Immigration The Immigration Department have further advised that, these changes will affect all applications lodged from23 September 2009 AND all applications currently in progress at Immigration (not yet finalised). What this means for you As your nominated occupation is not on the CSL - it means that once your visa application is lodged with the Department of Immigration it will be in a queue waiting further processing. Processing times They further advised the following in relation to processing times: If your nominated occupation is NOT on the CSL and you have lodged or intend to lodge your visa application, it is unlikely that your visa will be finalised before the end of 2012 So what are your options? To have your application processed, you can consider the ENS/RSMS option by finding a sponsoring employer, or If the CSL changes and your occupation is included, then your application may proceed, or If the Immigration Department processes all CSL applications and proceed with those remaining in the processing queue (not likely in the near future) You can withdraw your visa application however no refund of the visa application fee is payable by the Immigration Department - not an option I would recommend as your application is in the queue and we never know when changes will occur that may work in your favor.
  17. tearose

    Panic Attacks

    :sad:I have just started having panic attacks a few weeks ago, had two really bad ones on Saturday, and still dont feel right after those two. Anyone been in a similar situation ? What did you do ? Thanks
  18. Hi everyone, First-time poster, so please be gentle! I'm in a huge panic and desperately need some advice from people in the know. Without wanting to bore you all with the long story, here's the short one: My working holiday visa runs out on the 9th September, and basically the only option I have to remain in Australia is to obtain a student visa (I know marriage is an option, but not for me (at the moment)). My so-called migration lawyer has been a waste of space, giving me prices for Australian students as opposed to international ones. Obviously the prices are a lot more expensive for overseas students, which is now causing me to panic somewhat. Can anyone tell me what the cheapest CRICOS-approved courses are, and where they're held? In my desperation I'm even willing to erol on an English language course, but will I even be allowed onto one of those? A swift response would be most helpful guys, thanks very much.
  19. Guest

    Starting to panic!!!!

    Wonder if anyone can give me some advice. I have job offer as nurse, been given start date at beginning of September. I will be going out on 457 visa. Got registration with NBV on 5th June. But agency is being really slow issuing my TRN so haven't actually applied for my part of the visa yet - everything is sitting ready to upload as soon as I get my TRN. However, after reading some posts, now starting to worry because of the changes regarding IELTS for nurses from 1st July. Do I need to do this on a 457 visa? I know that I will need to sit it, and be assessed by ANMC if I decide to apply later for PR. But for a 457 visa? Hope someone can advice, thanks Sylvia
  20. I wonder if anyone can help / has been in this situation. I am 3 days away from moving out of my house in the first step on our trip out to Oz. My temp spouse visa was granted in March and everything is sorted. The container goes on Wednesday, the car goes on 17th July while we're on holiday in Egypt and the Cats go on the same day as us in August. But. I had a smear test done a couple of months back and a letter popped through my door yesterday telling me it was abnormal. I apparently have "mild diskaryosis" which apparently is not a problem in and of itself and many many people have "it"... all that has to happen is that I have to go back for another test in November. 1) I'm now scared sh*tless. I know nothing about these things. 2) Do I have to tell DIAC? 3) How the f*ck can they just send me a letter about something like this?? 4) My visa?!? 5) Did I mention I'm scared sh*tless??
  21. Guest

    medicals panic

    Hi I found this site after applying online for a 175 visa am a little worried as it seems most people wait to be asked by a case officer for the medicals. When I applied online it immediatly said: "Health requirements outstanding" You and/or your dependant(s) are required to undergo a medical and/or X-Ray. Further information about what is required, for each applicant included in this application, is displayed on the Application Status Page. So I went and got my meds done. Should I have ignored that and waited for a case officer? Also is does anyone know if you have to have a minimum amount of savings? I have no dependants and migrating alone thanks Matt
  22. Dear all, been a while since i have been on site we arent heading over till august so have been trying not to think about it all too much as it starts to drive you nuts! Have found some really useful links re; removals and just read one about house sitting has anyone done that with a family and how did it work? we are starting to stress as the big plan to save before we get there has hit a huge hurdle as my hubby(architect) is down to 3 days a week! So keeping costs down is even more important. sorry am rambling a bit here. My main panic is for my 2 boys aged 7 and 8 settling in have read good things about willetton area for schools anyone got any info on this area and schools there? also my 8 year old is keen rugby player any info re clubs be great. Finally hubby stressing re architect jobs any advice? right think have crammed maximum questions in cheers in advance tq:wacko:
  23. Australian demographer Peter McDonald has warned Prime Minister Kevin Rudd that succumbing to pressure to reduce the levels of immigration would counteract his measures to boost the economy in the long-term. According to The Australian, the Professor claims knee-jerk reactions to the rising unemployment levels would not benefit the economy in the long-term, as it would eventually come to rely upon younger skilled workers emigrating to Australia to support an ageing population. Rudd warned to resist pressure to cut back Australian migration
  24. Guest

    OMG - Vetassess panic attack

    We finalized and (I thought) posted off the paper application yesterday. Tonight I've found a mistake on the online application. On one course the dates don't tally up and I can't change it online! My husband finally confessed that the post offices were closed yesterday and he's not posted it - so he changed the dates on the printed copy and signed next to it Do you think this will be ok? Are Vetasses absolutely neurotic or is it just me:rolleyes: Also now that everything is open tomorrow - any ideas on the best way to get this paperwork to Oz ................fast!
  25. Hi all, We have been asked to go for our meds by our case officer. But i am now in a bit of a panic! any advice would be great.... here's the issue. I have a slight weakness in one of my hands and arms ( you can't tell from looking at me), from birth. It has never affected me and i live a normal life, with partner and baby and have a good job. I am in good health and hardly ever need the doctor, I never need the doctor about my arm/hand. When i filled out the visa application i got advice from three family doctors on whether i should put anything down, they said no as it's not serious and doesn't affect me and i won't be a drain on the oz resources. However, i have been reading all your posts about the meds, and am a little worried about the reflex and limb exam, could you tell me extactly what the limb exam involves? Do you think i should declare it on the health form and get my doc to write a letter? Please help as i am getting very stressed, :unsure: Could anyone tell me about the Nottingham docs, if they have been? Thanks, Jen xxaq