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Found 20 results

  1. Just heard a 32 year old American man has been killed off Rottnest Island, my thought go out to his family and friends. It comes just 12 days after a man was killed swimming off Cottesloe beach in a suspected shark attack. My son is now saying when we get there, he wont swim in the sea, has anybody living there changed their bathing habit in light of this?
  2. kellyjamie

    Anxiety and near panic attack

    Morning all, thought i would post this see if anyone is feeling like this or felt like this. We only have 13 weeks till we leave and im pretty sure my "incident" last night is down to stress? Ever since my son went to live at his dads i have began suffereing from anxiety. Its horrific, i thought i had begun to get a grip of it. When it initially started my GP was fantastic she immediately knew what it was and was really great, she did however give me tablets and im not a medication type person, i believe in sorting my own mental health as i am generally very strong mentally, or i thought i was. Anxiety is awful you take the smallest issue or worry and turn into something massive, i find myself excessively worried if someone is late, sometimes i get so worked up about the smallest problem i can feel myself kind of shake like the start of a panic attack and i have to just slap myself, this honestly all satrted with the problems with my son. Anyhow ive never had a panic attack but last night jamie was working till 4am and i hate that, im a scaredy cat and dont like going to bed on my own knowing hes not here but im usually ok with it, anyhows goes to bed and uneasily falls asleep, wakes up an hour later at ten to midnight and checked my phone, i had no reply from jamie to a text i had sent b4 i went to sleep, so i ridiculously started to worry so i gave him a quick ring but no answer, not unusual as he usually calls back but he didnt, over the next 30 min i called him 6 times and no reply so there it started the panic set in, i very quickly found myself thinking the worst what if hed been in a crash, or someone attacked him ( a taxi driver was beaten horrifically 2 weeks ago) i started to feel very sick, light headed and a feeling of not being myself like i was removed?? my breathing started to excelerate but i knew i was being ridiculous but it was also getting harder so i called his office and asked her to radio him to call him, and 2 min later he called, all fine, unable to understand why i was acting in that manner. After the reassuring call he was ok, i calmed down but it turned into crying, i got up washed my face took a couple of paracetemol and went to bed. My mum suffered form panic attacks for about 5-6 years in her late 30s and i read this morning they think they can be hereditary?? Does anyone know much about these and how i can deal wit this as if that was the start of a panic attack i would seriously not want to experience a full on one. I need to find a way if dealing with this anxiety, i just keep telling myself it will be better once we move and i can relax a little? I didnt want Jamie to accept the job in Esperance but the idea of a year or so in a small place with beautiful beaches away from it all is becoming very appealing:unsure:
  3. The Pom Queen

    Shark Attacks

    A body border was bit in half on a Perth beach yesterday, although no one saw the shark the media are saying it was a Great White. RIP Kyle. What I don't understand is that people were back there in the sea today. I know the shark has probably moved on but even so:shocked:
  4. He lost an arm and suffered severe hip injuries whilst snorkelling on Tuesday in what was the second fatal shark attack in the same area this month. No sharks attacks since 1962 in this area The second this month :eek: A 36-year-old French tourist was killed by a shark off the same beach just over two weeks ago. why the hell did they not ban swimming till this rouge shark was caught? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14552788
  5. matjones

    Denial of Service Attack on DIAC

    There must be a lot of upset computer programmers out there :biggrin: Media Centre
  6. A MAN, 64, has been admitted to hospital suffering from multiple cuts after wrestling a kangaroo that attacked him from behind. Paramedics said the man passed a group of kangaroos while he was walking yesterday morning in Sunbury.
  7. Sky news has reported that the surfer that got attacked in Bondi was attacked by a Great White Shark. Scary stuff, apparently this is the first known attack in 80 years by the species in Sydney. Definately no diving any more here.
  8. Guest

    OMG - Vetassess panic attack

    We finalized and (I thought) posted off the paper application yesterday. Tonight I've found a mistake on the online application. On one course the dates don't tally up and I can't change it online! My husband finally confessed that the post offices were closed yesterday and he's not posted it - so he changed the dates on the printed copy and signed next to it Do you think this will be ok? Are Vetasses absolutely neurotic or is it just me:rolleyes: Also now that everything is open tomorrow - any ideas on the best way to get this paperwork to Oz ................fast!
  9. From http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/749869/navy-diver-critical-after-shark-attack A navy diver is undergoing emergency surgery after being attacked by a shark in Sydney Harbour. A NSW ambulance spokesman said the 31-year-old man was swimming at Woolloomooloo Bay when he was attacked just before 7am (AEDT) on Wednesday, suffering severe injuries to his right hand and thigh. The attack happened near Garden Island Naval Base, at Woolloomooloo Bay, in Sydney's inner east, a NSW Water police spokeswoman told AAP. The diver was rushed to nearby St Vincent's Hospital where a spokesman said the victim was undergoing surgery but he could not confirm his condition. "He's up in surgery at the moment," the spokesman told AAP. "The fact that he has been rushed into surgery indicates that it is quite serious." A defence department spokesman said it was not yet known whether the diver was taking part in the Kondari Trial, a test of new technologies to protect ports and ships from terrorist attack, which began on Monday
  11. Jo&Rich

    Possum attack!!

    Sitting in the living room last night when there was a loud bang; a possum launched itself at our screen door, and climbed up the security screen bars to the top, right in front of us! It looked at us, then thought better of it, climbed back down and ran off. We've heard them before in the night, running around on the roof etc, but this was 9.30pm, and all the lights were on, making it in full view. Scared the life out of me, but Richard just thought it was funny. Thought they were timid around people, but maybe not? Jo x
  12. Just wondered if theres anyone out there that has successfully emigrated following a heart attack? The reason i ask is that 3 yrs ago my hubby had, what the hopsital called a heart attack. He was only 32 at the time. There was no chest pain just rapid breathing and restlessness and he just went to A&E as it was a weekend. An angiogram said there were no issues, no hardening of ateries, no blockages, everything just fine. but the GP has kept up the meds just as a preventative measure. Ive sent off all the application docs tonight, next step being medicals. But i dont want any nasty suprises and spending money for no reason!!! Many thanks Kelly
  13. The Stewarts

    Having Panic Attack

    Need someone to tell me everything will be fine and will all fall into place ON TIME. Been accepted for uni in Melbourne so have applied for student visa online, not a problem with the application in general, been told what to do via email ie what documents we need to get certified, again not a problem, going to solicitors on Tuesday and will them email to them, but the medicals and x-rays will be a problem/holdup. Hubby cant get home until 10th Dec (work commitments in Angola) so have had to reschedule our meds & x-rays for 12th Dec, which are being done in Aberdeen so they will be couriered as they dont do online in Aberdeen and what with Christmas hols etc I am really starting to panic as I have booked the flights for me and the kids for the 12th Jan, hubby will following on about 4 weeks later (again work commitments). Has anyone else on a student visa had a tight time line to fill???? Oh by the way when I booked the flights the other week there were no problems as far as hubbys work goes, the other thing is they are non refundable so stand to loose £2800 if cant get visa back in time. Sorry just needed to tell someone and maybe find someone in the same situ and then I would feel better!!!!!! NOT:embarrassed:
  14. Guest

    Denial Of Service Attack

    Dear PomsInOz.com members, We have just experienced a Denial of Service attack on the forum - The hosts have confirmed this to be the case. It started just before 11am UK time, 6pm Western Australia time and continued for approximately 50 minutes. This would now appear to be a deliberate attack and attempt to sabotage this forum. It will be passed onto the police for further investigation. If you have any information or knowledge of where this has come from, I urge you to come forward in complete confidence and contact myself. Thank You Tim
  15. Hi guys, We are in a bit of a pickle, we desperatly want to live in Aus and have a few questions that we would like answered if possible. 1. Has anyone with a medical condition (heart attack) been granted residency. 2. Has anyone used ***************.com based in Egham Surrey U.K. The reason we are asking is i had a heart attack in 2005 (artery went into spasm long enough to cause an attack, no problems since touch wood lol i've even been signed off by the hospital, just taking the usual medication) Thanks Maggot1971
  16. Stuju

    Another Shark Attack in NSW

    Summary | AAP | ABC | Photos Tuesday April 8, 09:56 AM Surfer killed by shark off NSW coast A 16-year-old surfer has died after being attacked by a shark off the NSW north coast. The boy died at North Wall Beach at Ballina after suffering large bites to the leg and body, a Surf Life Saving NSW spokesman says. The attack took place around 8.30am (AEST) while the boy was bodyboarding with a friend. "Basically we know that shortly after eight o'clock this morning, two boys were surfing, or bodysurfing on bodyboards, adjacent to the North Wall at Ballina," Surf Life Saving spokesman Stephen Leahy told AAP. "Shortly after eight o'clock one of the boys indicated that he was in trouble to his mate, his mate went over to help and found that he had been attacked. "He brought him up on to the shore, but unfortunately the boy died due to his injuries." Mr Leahy said all beaches in Ballina had been closed as a precaution. Another Surf Life Saving NSW spokesman, Craig Roberts, said the boy suffered two large bites, one to the leg and one to the body. The shark had not been spotted since, and crews were out looking for it. "The patient came in with another gentleman and lifeguards attended the scene," Mr Roberts told ABC radio. "As you can imagine it was quite a distressful situation. "He was unconscious and the lifeguards and ambulance officers had some severe haemorrhage to deal with." Mr Roberts said lifeguards performed well in the traumatic situation. "Certainly it's one of those things that you're trained for but hopefully it never happens as well," he said. "The lifeguards did an excellent job and worked with the ambulance and the police service, but obviously it is a traumatic experience." The boy was surfing 50 metres out from shore at the time of the attack, he said. Reports that a second man was attacked but survived have not been confirmed. Mr Roberts said the beach was normally patrolled, but crews had not started patrolling for the day. Surfers' websites say North Wall beach, just north of the Richmond River estuary, is popular, but they warn of the danger from sharks. However Mr Roberts said it was not common for sharks to be present off North Wall beach at this time of year. "Earlier on in the year there was a very heightened risk in the Byron (Bay) area in which we put some additional measures with jet skis and helicopters in the area," he said. "But at this time of year it's generally not a high prone (high prone) season for the sharks." Lifesavers will get a full report on the incident at 9.30am (AEST). I know these attacks don't happen every day - but when they do its such a shame & such a waste of a life. I really feel for the family & friends of this young lad. Surfer killed by shark off NSW coast - Yahoo!7 News
  17. Guest

    Expats under attack

    On now ITV1 - is the government trying to keep us here or what? They are aware how many brits are jumping ship for better life!!! They should have moved to aus instead of spain i guess - my heart goes out to them though. Ellie :wubclub:
  18. I'm not a panic-er by nature but had horrible bolt upright in middle of night cold sweat that this is madness - moving our 3 kids from nice school/house/area/good jobs to the 'unknown'. Due to go in Jan wether house sold or not. This is my first negative thought. Is it just my unconcious mind dragging things up that I'm surpressing or I am jst a wuss?? PLEASE SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE.
  19. Guest

    Help each other, don't attack

    I think when you put forward a post you should always try and respect peoples different views, and realise many people on this forum have put all they have for many months into making the move to Australia, not only in terms of money, but in time and effort and endless stress. The post by Gags was I think very accurate on many points, and I agree with a lot of what he said. But I think a move down under should be looked at in general terms as opposed to personal terms. I have now made 2 visits down under, and before I joined Poms In Oz, I was certain I would make the move. My visit last year was as a tourist and it was brilliant, setting me on the road to contemplate migration Last year riding around in a coach party, seeing all the beautiful tourist attractions from Perth to Port Douglas, it had all the WOW factor. My recent visit was as a prospective resident, and the visit was totally different to that of a tourist. . This year, driving around yourself, just me and my misses speaking with locals, going into back suburbs, it was reality, and the difference was like Night and Day. Since joining this forum and reading so much I began to question some things. Remember the post by the lad who went there playing rugby and got his foot run over by an Australian with a grudge, that was disgusting. I do feel that there are people on the site who are maybe turning a blind eye to Australian life. Maybe some people have moved and just think, "We’ve made our bed we have to lie in it" because I imagine coming back to the U.K is quite a difficult prospect in terms of cost and employment etc., They defend the life they have chosen, sometimes blindly, and hey, that’s their choice to do so. Let’s assume we agree to call it a draw in terms of quality of life. Green pastures in the UK, well positioned geographically, plenty of entertainment of all kind, theme parks and so on and on. Life is what you make of it and everyone is different on this score. Let’s not knock our NHS or Education system, until we are 100% sure we know what we are talking about in terms of comparison to Australia. On these points, I don’t know enough. We were unfortunate enough recently to require hospital treatment when my wife suffered a miscarriage. It was a sad time, and I thought the treatment at our local hospital was poor, say 4 /10. Are there good regional hospitals in Australia who would have done better, I don’t know maybe, maybe not. Personally I doubt it. The reason their recruiting Nurses and Doctors is because presumably there aren’t enough there to deal with life as it is. Why else recruit more? Is a child better educated with better facilities in Australia, sorry can’t say. I used to think so, now I’m not sure and I don’t know enough to comment for sure. Australia matches the UK in terms of a different beauty, and it offers plenty for everyone in terms of quality of life. Not as well positioned geographically, but your close to all of South East Asia and India, if you want to see something different and visit those countries. . But there are 2 major points which are catching my attention and making me think hard. Here in the UK the situation with immigration is now frightening. It’s an embarrassment. The problem we face with migrants from the Eastern Europe states is becoming intolerable. To my knowledge there’s nothing we can do about it if we and they are in the E.U so how can it be stopped or get better. We live in a small town near Cardiff, last week we had a Pole knocking doors, with a card around his neck saying he didn’t speak English, was an art student and was trying to sell paintings. My mother 72 didn’t buy one but ended up giving him money. What about when a not so friendly Pole or whoever knocks the door? We have it easy here in Cardiff compared to other area’s in the UK., in Kent and the London suburbs, it must be heart breaking. Add to this the constant terrorist threat in major cities and all in all this country is being dragged under by outside forces. However I look at Australia and it’s free of most of those problems above. But I ask a question. How on earth have the government there virtually turned a blind eye to climate change.? What sort of government or leadership allows the Murray Darling basin to collapse like it has? What sort of government asks it’s citizens to take a 4 minute shower, imposes water restrictions on your home like gardens and car wash. How many sporting events did they cancel or change. For example have they cancelled any Horse Racing which seems to go on endlessly each day using a lot of natural resources. Why should people have to live without water in a "modern Westernised country" I hear you all scream DROUGHT you fool. Australia has been fighting drought for decades and done nothing about it. What has been the plan over the last 30 years or more to prevent this. It’s surrounded by water, desalinisation plants should be more evident. I was amazed to listen to the news there recently, Government ministers and officials, even the PM saying "it’s not as bad as the scare mongers are making out". Ridicule for the Al Gore movie "An Inconvenient Truth". It’s an arrogance and ignorance to match anything any of us have ever experienced in the UK. There are many who believe Climate change to be a problem on a level with aids back in the early 80’s. Imagine if people had treated that human disaster with undue respect.? Often on this forum I see Blair and Brown get a kicking. Well when you see what you have down under, like the Minister guy who said a leading Labour woman politician was not fit to govern because she had chosen to be Baron, I look amazed at the T.V and wonder what I’m hearing. Imagine that on BBC 1 evening news? What would you think seriously? What is running Australia? Yea we have serious society problems at home, no question about that. I hear you all say the UK’s no better. But 2 wrongs don't make a right. I thought people were migrating to get away from the ill’s of Britain, not to accept or live with a watered down level on the other side of the World. Don’t imagine either that crime and troubles are not there. It’s much like the UK, its simmering below the surface. I saw (on TV news) a war veteran beaten up and his medals stolen, a Mafia gang leader jailed for murders, kids killed from motor cycle racing, teenage binge drinking reports that they say is out of control. Armed robbery, stabbings, teenage hoodies, its all there, just brewing away. But remember its a country with roughly a third of the population and a landize 30 times greater than Britain. You do the maths, it’s always going to look and sound a lot worse here in Britain, and a lot less in Australia. Do any of you ask questions about Australia? Why are there so many "Men’s club’s" on the streets of cities, girls half clad handing leaflets out in the streets near these clubs, in broad daylight, not just at night? Pages of adverts by prostitutes in the local papers, condom shops, not really a good environment for inquisitive kid’s. Slot machines and Pokies everywhere you go, absolutely everywhere. Then there’s the AFL. The good old AFL. Are you telling me the violence in that is acceptable in today’s society? What sort of example are those guy’s setting to school kids. I played rugby for many years, I grew up on Rugby and Gaelic football in Ireland, but I have never seen pure thugery of that level like the AFL, where big men wait to hit an opponent when he’s not looking or jogging away. Migration is not about comparing everything to home, it’s not about having nothing to do. Life is what you make it, its up to you to make migration work. But I do think there are some aspects of life which should be looked at and these are important isues. So I think when we are looking at choices and opinions about Country pubs or the Outback, Sydney or London, Europe or Asia, the barbie or Sunday lunch, lets all agree it’s a personal choice, so call it an even draw. For me there are more important points to focus on both at home, Britain, (no longer Great) and Australia, which is not the paradise I thought it was, and that’s my fault for thinking it in the first place. I’m still in a confused state of mind about the whole matter. I have slaughtered the UK in recent years, and pushed Australia to the point of boring to my family to sleep, suddenly I have so much egg on my face I look like an omelette. I will probably still see our migration through, but I urge anyone thinking of making the move, research as much as possible, and I know it’s a cost, but if you can visit first for a few weeks at least, do so, it may be the best money you ever spend. :shocked:
  20. Guest

    Hack attack!

    We had a bits of a hack last night, however looks like everthing's back up and running.... Hopefully this'll be the first and last time...