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    Hi, I'm a member of the ACCA and am looking to get my skills assessed. Been to the NIA website and it says that if you are a member of ACCA (or a few other professional bodies) you don't have to provide any syllabus details and to contact them for further advice. I contact them every week for the past 3 weeks and still waiting reply (I guess they are very busy). I wanted to know if anyone else with same qualification would know what to do?

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      • By Raz434
        Hi all,
        looking for any advise / knowledge around this. Continuously paying different amounts of money to different people and hearing differing opinions, its all rather confusing. 
        I have an honors degree (4 years) graduated 2013. Psychology.
        have worked in the field in my field 2.8 years.
        on a 457 visa, have a sponsor to do 186 but have not been with them 2 years.
        my degree is deemed not relevant to my occupation. Residential Care Officer. 
        Positive skill assessment thus came out as 0.8
        The assessment is used to help points based visa. Is 186 a points based visa? Does my degree need to be 'relevant' for my sponsored job? 
      • By Teapot2991
        I am currently in the process of organising my skills assessment with VETASSESS (the assessing body for hairdressing here in Oz)... I have a Cert III in Hairdressing (Oz qualification) now.
        Was wondering if anyone has done a skills assessment recently?? I'm unsure what documents I need, do I need to supply ALL of my payslips or just an example from employers to prove full time employment??
        Any help would be so much appreciated! Very stressful!!
      • By Martin Moving to OZ
        Hello to the beautiful people of pomsinoz.
        I have a question that has been confusing me.
        The Question is:
        Once you get a positive assessment by TRA. How much time do we have to apply for the EOI (Expression of Interest)? Since I need to do IELTS during this time too.
      • By vrob3l
        I have two questions regarding skills.
        1) Is education (time spent on university) considered as experience for skill assessment (maybe partially)? To be specific my assessing authority is Engineers Australia.
        2) To get additional points for my partner's skills, her skills must be assessed as well. What happenes if she has only Master's degree and no post-graduate experience, is she still eligible and will I get points? (VETASSES)
        Thanks in advance for help!