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Found 25 results

  1. JunaidTahir

    ACCA Member Internal Auditor

    Hi, I am new to this forum, I have tried searching for the required answer but I couldn't so I decided to create my account and post my question. I am turning 32 next month. Become ACCA member in March 2019 Got Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business in January 2014 Working As Internal Auditor since June 2015 in UAE, multiple organizations. Based on my education and experience, should I apply for Internal Auditor or Accountant (General)? From the posts of other member on this forum I came to know that I can get bachelors 15 points based on my ACCA membership. But can I claim all my experience years based on "Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business"? Appreciate if anyone can help.
  2. Hello I am planning to apply for Australian P.R. Been getting some mixed and confusing information on various things. I am ACCA Member and have cleared CFA Level 2 exam in 2017 attempt with almost 5 years of experience. My sibling is Aus Citizen. Following are my queries, Does 3 papers exemption due to CAT route to ACCA has any impact on ACCA qualification assessment? Will work experience count after ACCA Affiliate status or after ACCA Membership status? I have heard from someone that applying as Internal Auditor is preferred compared to general accountant. I have almost 3 years and 10 months mainframe internal audit experience, however, my current job is although audit based it is Titled as A.M Accounts and Finance. How can i claim internal audit experience for my current job, will writing my job details make my experience counts towards audit? i have also been working as Financial Controller for USA client. (20 hours per week). Can i use my Financial Controller role in Management Consultant category. If not, is there any way i can positively use it in application process? Been awarded Masters in Commerce (M.Com) - 16 years education equivalence by local degree awarding body at time of ACCA membership. Will this equivalence be of help in my application process. Temporarily resigned form my ACCA Membership from late 2019. However, it can be reinstated any time required. In process of application, do i need to reinstate my ACCA membership status? My sibling (blood relative) is Aus Citizen, how can it benefit me in application process? Regards
  3. ALIK

    Accountant - Plz Help

    Hello everyone, I need some help to understand am I eligible for the accountant category to claim points. Plz review my profile below: OBU (bachelors) Sep 2012 Started work Jan 2013 Masters (M&A and Private equity) Jun 2016 ACCA membership Jul 2018 Based on the above dates, from when will the authorities consider counting my experience. Appreciate support provided. Thanks
  4. Sujan


    Hi there, I have some questions regarding PR points for ACCA members. I completed my ACCA degree on Nepal and currently studying Masters of Commerce at Sydney University. Firstly, the question is do I get any points for PR on the basis of my ACCA membership? Secondly, is my previous experience during ACCA study i.e. internship valid for getting some points for PR? Next, Despite being a student of Business I am studying all accounting subjects in my university its accounting system and process, auditing, business law and others. Will I get some points for Masters of Commerce as well? I am 25 and scored 7 each band. Can you guys please help me to calculate my points? Thank you Regards
  5. I have come across this section in IMMIACCOUNT which is asking me to fill up my educational details: "Highest recognised qualification This is the highest recognised qualification that the applicant has undertaken and not the highest qualification relating to their nominated occupation. Example If the applicant has completed a Bachelor degree and a Masters degree, the applicant should select the Masters degree as the highest recognised qualification. If the applicant has nominated Accountant as their occupation and hold a Bachelor of Commerce, but have also completed a Doctor of Philosophy, the applicant should select the Doctor of Philosophy as their highest recognised qualification." I have completed a Bsc degree in applied accounting from Oxford Brookes University and received a positive assessment on it. However, I have also completed all the 14 papers of ACCA qualification and I am an affiliate. Therefore, should I mention "ACCA qualification" as my highest recognised qualification. Please note that I dont know if it falls under the "Recognised" category since i have received neither positive nor negative assessment on it. Moreover, I have not mentioned it in my EOI. So, am I going to confuse CO by mentioning it? Or should I avoid mentioning it altogether? Please help. Tau
  6. Hi all, I just got my IELTS results and preparing for the skills assessment to be sent out. Just wondering which occupation I should nominate. Is there any ACCA member who got positive assessment by nominating 'accountant' as occupation? I am an ACCA member and also has BSc degree from oxford brookes university. It requires 9 out of 12 core subjects to be covered including few compulsory subjects. In other words, do ACCA members manage to cover all the compulsory subjects and other required core subjects requirement for 'accountant' occupation? appreciate your expert advice Bridge
  7. Hi Is it true that you need to have a degree before you can get your skills assessed? I don't have a degree but I have passed all my ACCA exams, obtained my qualification and membership?? I've only just heard this and feel physically sick Can anyone please help me
  8. ​Hi I've just found out that I can't apply for my skilled migration visa due to the fact that my skills will not be assessed because I don't have a relevant finance degree, instead I completed my ACCA exams as a mature student. I'm in Brisbane on a tourist visa but really need to start working and my only option now is obtaining sponsorship Could someone please advise what is the best way to go about doing this? Also has anyone any experience in obtaining successful sponsorship in Finance? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. Hi All I'm just about to get my skills assessed with CPA and wondering someone please give me some guidance; 1. I'm not sure which ANZSEO Code to pick between General Accountant and Management Accountant - what do most people go for? I'm ACCA qualified and they say to pick whichever best describes your qualification but my qualification covers both 2. Is it true that you need to have a relevant degree in order to obtain the skills assessment and then later the visa? I didn't do a degree prior to my ACCA exams and started at the beginning of the ACCA instead of doing a degree and then gaining exemptions from the first few ACCA exams Is there any one who has been in the same situation that could let me know of their experience? 3. What is the difference between 189 and 190 visa? Is it just the state sponsorship? Can I select to get state sponsored on the 189 visa and if the option is there they grant it and if not, so be it? I'm so confused with all this and I can't afford to use an agent so I want to complete all myself Any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. bijit011

    visa 175 and ACCA qualification

    Hello everyone, I am an ACCA affiliate. Can any one tell me how much point I might get for my qualification in the new point system for visa subclass 175? The departement website gives the below info - Doctorate - 20 points Bachelors - 15 Other recognised by assessing authority - 10 I guess its going to be either 10 or 15. Please help. Bridge
  11. hi, i need some help regarding skills assessment for general accountants Assessing bodies have mentioned to provide a syllabus document for the concerned qualification.Did anyone esp those who got their skills assessed on the basis of ACCA qualification or Bsc hons in applied accounting from oxford brookes present syllabus ?? and whether ACCA or Oxford brookes was approached for syllabus outline. thanks
  12. Hi I'm just about ready to start my visa 189 application but have some questions that I hope someone could please give me some help with I haven't started my application as yet but I'm wondering has anyone started their application whilst in Australia rather than at home in UK/Ireland? are there any disadvantages as to doing this in Australia? I do not want to use an agent as I want to keep the costs as minimum as possible I'm an Accountant (ACCA) and need to get my skills assessed as well as complete the IELTS test but I'm confused on whether to complete all this before or after I submit an expression of interest? I think I need to complete first but is this all I need to do before the EOI, then is it just a waiting game until I get invited? How long does the process normally take? I really appreciate any help at all on any of the above
  13. Hi all So I heard from our agent last night our EOI had gone in...Hurrah...then an email this morning saying they've claimed the required 60 points but if we can prove hubby's ACCA 'educational procedure' then we can claim 5 more, sending me a PDF showing that ACCA is equivalent AQF Bachelors Degree?? They already have a full ACCA transcript, ACCA and FCCA membership certificates, positive skills assessment letter from CPA....IELTS certificates...what else is there?!! Now I'm not a migration agent but I'd already calculated our points at 65. It appears they've claimed only 60 points, as they've decided ACCA is only worth 10 points! I don't understand why - our skills assessment letter from CPA states in writing it is comparable to an Australian Bachelors Degree. Every ACCA I've ever found on these forums claimed 15 points with no issue. I don't want this to delay a visa invite...!! Aaaargh!! They said it's 'up to us' if we want to claim the extra 5 points but overclaiming points is never a good idea (DOH of course not). I appreciate their cautiousness if they're not sure as I know it's case officers who decide on points allocation but still....so frustrated! I'm sure ACCA is worth 15 points!!!
  14. carlybond

    ACCA skills assessment

    Hello, I am looking at getting a skills assessment done so I can submit my EOI. I have completed up to F9 of my ACCA so am now part qualified. Will this be seen as equivalent to a bachelors degree by ICAA or CPA or would I need to be fully qualified to pass the skills assessment? I also have 10 years accounting experience (but working in property managment), 3 years of which have been in AUstralia. Would this be of any help? Any advice gratefully received as I dont want to spend $330 on an ILETS test and $500 on a skills assessment to be told I dont have enough qualifications. Thanks for your help! ​Carly:biggrin:
  15. Hi All, I'm wondering which body to go with for submitting my skills assesment. I have a degree in Accounting & Finance and part qual ACCA and wondering which body will give me maximum chances of a positive assesment..... Which of them usually give a positive result? Ive read that they have differing criteria for assesment..... Whats your experience....:unsure:
  16. Hey all! Hope everyone's well! I'd like to know a couple of things about the work experience requirement for immigration application: 1. I attained my work experience during my studies. Is this acceptable for attaining the points for overseas work experience? Or is it a must that the work experience must be post-qualification? Please provide me with a link to this info if you can 2. Is it a must to submit payslips for the work? I don't have payslips for all 3 years of my work :err: Thanks all! Cheers!
  17. Guest

    CPA assessment of ACCA

    Hi I wonder if somebody could help me please! We are about to submit our skills assessment to CPA based on my husband's ACCA qualification. I have read that for a skilled employment assessment that my husband would need to submit references from his current employer. However, he is not ready to tell them yet and so wonder if this is absolutely necessary? Is it a case of not asking for the skilled employment assessment (but still being assessed on the qualification) and therefore not getting the points for this? Or if he submits a CV will this be sufficient? It's all very confusing so any help would be much appreciated!
  18. Hello there! I'm hoping someone here could offer me some advice on scoring points within the Aussie study requirement. Currently I have ACCA professional qualification and a BSc in applied accounting and I was hoping to study Masters in economics in Australia. Now what I'm wondering is whether Aus authorities would deem masters in economics a 'closely related subject' to the profession of Accountant (General)? Do you think I can claim points for the study requirement in this case? Thanks a lot Monami
  19. Dear all,My partner has 55 points and I'd like to try contribute additional 5 points using my qualifications to our EOI to qualify for the 190 visa. He has already completed skill assessments, IELTS, etc.I am an ACCA affiliate and I also obtained the Oxford Brookes University Degree which was offered by ACCA after completion of Part 2 of their exams. I worked with one of the big 4 accounting firms after I graduated for about 2.5 years as an associate consultant in the tax department (2005-2007). However, I became self-employed in an unrelated field after that. Does applying for skill assessment require work experience to be taken into account for partner points? Or will the qualification be sufficient? Do I apply for ICAA's combined assessment (skill and experience - $500) or do I apply for CPA's skill assessment - $475 without experience assessment? What are my chances (if I get through IELTS)? We have already spent considerable on agent fees and application fees beginning of this year which is why I'm hesitant and would rather apply for the assessment myself than pay the agent to. I'd appreciate if anyone can share their experience. Thanks Thanks
  20. Hi All, Myself & Hubbie as ACCA qualified (I am FCCA) and are going to apply for the 175 perm visa, however when I read through the details , it appears that we have to apply to CPA (not sure if the other 2 bodies accept ACCA) to access our qual's and see if they recognise our ACCA,degree etc and then when accessed we can then apply for the Visa. Has anyone gone down this road and will being ACCA qualified be enough to be able to get membership of CPA or do we have to do any further study/courses etc.. Hopefully it will just be a matter of filling in the online application form and sending copies of the qual's. Can you tell me how long it took for this to be sorted also? Thanks in advance :confused: AM
  21. Can anyone advise on the transition process required under the ACCA qualification or similar recognised qualifications into an Australian senior accountants role? In particular is it worth shipping over my accountancy related books? Also can anyone advise as to the level of retraining required? Many thanks, Lisa.
  22. Guest

    ACCA Accountant without degree

    Hi Fairly new here - have searched these forums/ the web and haven't been able to find an answer - so wondered if anyone here could help me? If this is answered in another thread - apologies for not spotting, I have looked. I am aiming to go for the 175 visa, with my skilled occupation being an Accountant (ASCO ref 2211-11). I am fully qualified (since 2001) and always been in relevant employment - so not worried about relevant work experience. However, I do not have a degree. I have really struggled to find out whether my qualification will be accepted by CPA/ICAA/NIA without a degree and thus whether I would be able to claim the 60 points for this occupation. Also with the skills list looking like it will change as of 1 July, I'm not sure if I can realistically lodge my application prior to that date, and if there are changes to the skills list, whether my application would thus be affected? Any help/pointers/ details of past experience would be greatly appreciated. Chuckster
  23. Hi I applied for a visa sub class 175 in Aug 09 as I passed the skills assessment for an accountant as I am ACCA qualified. I have recently looked on the critical skills list and at the bottom it lists accountant. The problem is that it says the following: Accountant (where the applicant has achieved a score of at least IELTS 7 in each of the four competencies, and/or has completed The Professional Year) What I want to know is whether being ACCA qualified means that I satisfy the criteria above ie completed the professional year or whether I need to sit an IELTS test to fall onto the CSL. I look forward to hearing from anyone who has any information that may help. Thanks xx
  24. hi my family and i will be movin to melbourn in june 08 don't know were!! but was wondering weather there are any metal polishing jobs and where, can anyone help!! my wifes a charterd accountant again can anyone help!! :twitcy:
  25. Hi, I'm a member of the ACCA and am looking to get my skills assessed. Been to the NIA website and it says that if you are a member of ACCA (or a few other professional bodies) you don't have to provide any syllabus details and to contact them for further advice. I contact them every week for the past 3 weeks and still waiting reply (I guess they are very busy). I wanted to know if anyone else with same qualification would know what to do?