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Medical tomorrow and Covid Myocarditis

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I have my medical for permanent residency tomorrow (I am onshore in Australia) and I have also just been discharged from a week in hospital! 

After a week it was confirmed that I am recovering from a bout of Myocarditis brought on by recent Covid. During the tests I underwent I had a loop recorder implanted under my skin to record my heart rate. 

Given the cardiologist is content this will clear up like a flu, and will not continue to be a chronic condition, will this have any bearing on how my medical will go? Otherwise I am fit and healthy. 

I don’t want them to get weirded out thinking I have a heart condition!

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I sucessfully represented a medical practitioner who had undergone a quadruple bypass, that he assured me would not show on an x-ray and who wanted to know whether he should declare it. After some negotiations it was decided that he would most likely lead a fairly normal life, or suddenly drop dead. In either case the likely cost to Australian would not be 'undue'. When specialist cardiologists (and other specialists) are expected to assume the role of forensic accountants, they somtimes need help. I have managed a number of cases in which a well-considered medical report that correctly addressed the schedule 4 criteria won the day, in cases that seemed hopeless at first sight. You hope that the treating specialist is not affliced by the 'God surgeon' complex and will accept professional advice about the legal requirements and format of a medical report for immigration purposes.

Westly Russell Registered Migration Agent 0316072 www.pinoyau.com

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By way of an update, I declared the Myocarditis and that I am in recovery and honestly answered all doctors questions. All other health checks were passed and the Department has accepted the health exams, provided the clearance with no further action required. 

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