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  1. Update: still waiting. All paperwork lodged and market testing occurred.
  2. Thanks Raul. I work for a very large multinational so I’m presuming that they may be accredited considering they sponsored and relocated me from overseas originally. I do know that they need to test the labour market for 28 days and also that my role is Sales and Marketing manager. Not sure what bearing that might have on timelines.
  3. Hi all, I recently received a promotion in work and as a result my title will be changing from an individual contributor to a manager. At the last minute I've been thrown a curveball by my employer stating that this must all change on my visa paperwork and I cannot start in the role until the changes are reflected. We will be using our work immigration lawyers to facilitate this change. Question: Does anyone know how onerous the process is and what the approximate timelines look like? Thank you!
  4. easterby91

    Possible to move from 457 to WHV?

    Thanks for the reply. Will my 457 remain unchanged for its duration since this is what I have since October 2017?
  5. easterby91

    Possible to move from 457 to WHV?

    Hello, I came to Australia sponsored by my employer on a 457. I’ve since discovered that I’m really not enjoying the job, however if I leave the role within 1 year then I’ve to pay back a prorated portion of the relocation package. I plan to see the job through to October when I wouldn’t owe anything. My question is - what are my options if I leave my employer? How long do I have to find new employment and transfer my sponsorship? Or is it possible to take out a WHV if I leave be job in October? Thank you