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  1. easterby91

    Medical condition and visa application

    I feel like we would only be able to speculate here and not offer you anything reassuring or concrete. Best to declare in the application and hope for the best. As Very Stormy said, a letter from the consultant explaining the "low touch" management of your sons condition would be helpful. I had my PR application approved not too long ago while I was currently suffering from an illness that had not yet resolved and is likely to be something that I need to manage going forwards. During my medical exam the doc took note of it but the application was approved in the end. So, in short, many medical conditions make it through.
  2. easterby91

    Moving to australia before visa is granted

    What age is she? Can she travel inwards on a Working Holiday Visa? I believe you can apply for this up to 35 years of age.
  3. easterby91

    ? Criminal record

    A caution is not a criminal record and does not need to be declared. It's exactly what it sounds like, a "Caution".. Don't do it again or you're getting the book thrown at you. Source: I have a caution from many years ago, didn't show up on police checks and did not need to declare it.
  4. Pregnant wife & many medical bills. My employer provided inpatriate health insurance plan which is extremely generous and covers 100% of most outpatient medical costs. Since our PR was approved we have applied for Medicare, which will mean a change of health insurance plan to one for PR and Citizens, which is far far less generous. It will have us on the hook to pay $7,500 Obstetrician fees!! Kind lady in the health insurance company said "use the old inpatriate plan as you would have until you receive your Medicare number" - so we have just gone ahead and paid the $7,500 up front and early and lodged our claim on the old plan to get 100% back When Medicare comes through and I supply the forms to the health insurance, will my Medicare coverage period be backdated to the date which our PR was granted (about a month ago)? Meaning we may have to repay the $7,500?
  5. easterby91

    190 EOI Processing times?

    Whether you are onshore or offshore has an impact I imagine. We submitted our EOI and it expired after 2 years without being picked up. We applied again, and were invited to apply within a few months. However this was all around the time the pandemic was raging so pretty sure it was an anomaly. Anyway, from application to PR being approved it was Jan 2022 - August 2022. There is a lot of media around commitments to more PR, priority for offshore applicants, so I wouldn't think anyone's past experience in different circumstances would have any bearing on current or future EOI's / Applications to be honest. Good luck!
  6. easterby91

    Medical tomorrow and Covid Myocarditis

    By way of an update, our 190 Visa in NSW was granted today after lodging the application in Jan 2022! Delighted.. 5 years in the making on the 482!
  7. easterby91

    Medical tomorrow and Covid Myocarditis

    By way of an update, I declared the Myocarditis and that I am in recovery and honestly answered all doctors questions. All other health checks were passed and the Department has accepted the health exams, provided the clearance with no further action required.
  8. I have my medical for permanent residency tomorrow (I am onshore in Australia) and I have also just been discharged from a week in hospital! After a week it was confirmed that I am recovering from a bout of Myocarditis brought on by recent Covid. During the tests I underwent I had a loop recorder implanted under my skin to record my heart rate. Given the cardiologist is content this will clear up like a flu, and will not continue to be a chronic condition, will this have any bearing on how my medical will go? Otherwise I am fit and healthy. I don’t want them to get weirded out thinking I have a heart condition!
  9. easterby91


    Any updates here? My partner is a social worker, lodged EOI over 2 years ago with no invite to apply. When it expired she lodged it again and was invited to apply within a month. Only happened last week.
  10. Read the findings here which were tabled in Parliament on Monday: https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Joint/Migration/SkilledMigrationProgram/Report_2 Includes a pathway to PR for 482 visa holders on the short term list. (I fall into this group... excited if they push these changes through!) News report here summarising key points: https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/politics/push-to-give-skilled-migrants-and-foreign-students-a-clearer-pathway-to-australian-permanent-residency/news-story/1dc6196d4d0034348082ac989d9a4fd7 Any experts here know the timeframe or the likelihood of any of these changes being pushed through?
  11. I went through this recently with my partner who's mother passed away from an illness rather quickly requiring an urgent trip. We made the tough decision for me to remain as my skills are not on the priority skills list (PMSOL). She's an essential worker and we supplied a strongly worded letter from her employer as part of the exemption request stating this. She got the exemption approved and travelled, and I remained. It was only approved on the basis that she was an essential worker. Collect as much documentation as you can. I reached out to my local MP stating our situation and kindly wrote a letter supporting the exemption being granted.
  12. easterby91

    Temp visa holders, sick parent at home

    By way of an update, our worst fears came true and my partner had to travel urgently home before we could get the travel exemption approved. However we got the exemption approved (thank god, a small win that will give some comfort after this awful period for her family). Built the case around her critical skills with a strongly worded letter of support from her employer saying she was essential. Wrote to local MP who kindly provided a letter of support to include. Included a detailed and well written cover letter too (you are limited to only 200 words in your justification). If there are any Irish people here too, the Irish Support Agency in Sydney also offered some invaluable advice.
  13. easterby91

    Temp visa holders, sick parent at home

    Thank you all for the input so far. It sounds like it could be a roll of the dice if our worst case scenario comes to be. We will easily oblige with any quarantine requirements at our own cost. Perhaps naively, we are operating in the belief that I (as the main visa holder currently with him as my defacto) will remain in Australia as the “anchor” to hold our life down. Also, not sure if it has any bearing but my partner while he has a visa also qualifies as being one of the priority skills as a social worker.
  14. Fiancé’s father is very sick at home, expecting an update soon and bracing for the worst. Together 9 years and my partner is defacto on my visa. If he gets “the call” to return home - what are the options? Would strongly prefer we both travel but I’m prepared to stay put if it might help him get back into the country. We don’t want to leave Australia, we love our lives here and plan to apply for PR in the next few months when my employer invites me to. This situation is causing us great anxiety
  15. Update: still waiting. All paperwork lodged and market testing occurred.