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Found 10 results

  1. RoisinDonnelly


    Hi, I will be sending my skills assessment tomorrow to AASW. Roughly what are the current waiting times for response? Many Thanks
  2. Hi, I have been looking for a migration agent (UK family of 4) and have had an unexpected flood of emails from various agents, all quoting very different costs! It's thrown me. I'm wondering if anyone can advise, did you use an agent? Can this be completed without using one? If you used one, what did they do for you? How much did you pay and were there any hidden costs? My husband and I are both social workers. Are there any specific agents for certain roles/job skills or does this not matter? Lastly, and apologies for a list of questions, but could you please recommend an agent you used? Positives/negatives?... I'd much prefer to go with word of mouth. Thanks so much.
  3. Hi, My name is Sarah and I am new to this forum and I am looking for some help/information regarding the 189 VISA. I would really appreciate it if anyone could answer any of the following questions I had. A little bit about myself...I am 37 years old living in Brighton, England and currently in the process of preparing an application for a 189 Skilled Independant VISA with my partner. I am a qualified Social Worker and believe we would have the required 65 points to gain entry. Many thanks in advance. - From the date of Visa being granted, how long do we have to arrive in Australia and activate visa? Does the visa last for a lifetime? And could this be done on a holiday without work initially, ie to activate the visa? We have read conflicting information regarding timeframes. - If my Visa was granted as a Social Worker, am I limited to JUST doing Social Work/Social Work in a certain role? Could I seek employment in other fields ie Family Support Worker, or even a complete career change? If anyone has experience of applying/gaining visa through Social Work I would really appreciate hearing about their experiences and any advice they could give. - Can my partner work in any job? (He does not have a skill on the Skilled Independent Visa list). - If we were successful in gaining Visa’s, but before we left England had started a family, how easy is it to add a child/children to visa? - Do you advise going through a Visa Specialist Company to gain a visa, and if so is there one you would recommend? Again thank you so much to you all for reading and any help you can give. Best wishes, Sarah.
  4. Hello, This is my first post on this forum and hoping to get some much needed advice. I'm getting lost in information through the internet and need to be pointed in the right direction so here goes.... I'm due to finish my degree this May and once registered I'll be a qualified social worker. I'm already aware that the AASW will not allow me to register and practice as a social worker in Oz as when I arrive this September (2014) I will not have gained enough post qualifying experience. So, I was hoping to try and gain work in a more supporting role , similar to what I do now in the UK,which is a support worker for adults with learning difficulties. I have plenty of experience in adult and children social care roles across residential settings or community work. I'm due to come over on the 12 month WHV and really need some advice on where to begin. If I am unable to secure paid work, can anyone point me in the direction of good voluntary agencies. I'm planning on heading to Sydney first then making my way to Melbourne. Any advice, links, agencies etc would be a massive massive help!!! Many thanks in advance!! Scarlett
  5. I ummed and Argh..ed about starting this thread and attaching this link, but some people have questioned why I 'bang on' about Child protection in Oz, and how I find it shocking. I found this an interesting read, matching up with my experience of social work here. I hope you get the link I'll try and attach!? http://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=3&ved=0CEgQFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.childhood.org.au%2Fassets%2Ffiles%2F976067aa-98e0-47fc-a608-cbc3d3c11f06.pdf&ei=drrrULCeAZCNmQXgqYDAAg&usg=AFQjCNEQvoNR3KT7-Qb5znCrhqz_pbC8sw
  6. Hi I am new to PomInOz and thought I would stop by and say hi and share my situation. I am living in Melbourne's outer east as an International Student studying for a Diploma in Community Services as a start to hopefully eventually qualifying as a social worker and somehow becoming a permanent resident. I know that becoming a social worker will involve further study but I'm hoping that I will be able to find an employer to sponsor me before then. I'm lucky enough to have family here who I live with and a few close friends but I often wonder what I'm doing and if I'm on the right path. I'm struggling to find part time work which I desperately need to start paying back my student debt. I'm 32 and worry that I will waste this time trying to achieve something that is never going to happen. On top of that I'd like to be thinking about meeting someone and getting my own place in the not too distant future. I guess I'm wondering if I should give it all up and go back home, get a job, start paying back what I owe and pretend that I never knew Australia even existed!! Anyone in a similar situation or got any words of wisdom for me?:confused:
  7. Hi I recently saw an advert for UK recruitment for social work in Western Australia. I'm coming to the end of completing a two years masters in Social Work and was thinking of applying. I'm aware I could have to pay $850 for a skills assessment with the Australian Association of Social Work which is a lot of money if it doesn't work out. I was wondering if anyone knows or is currently working in Australia or has done as a social worker and how they found the process and transition. Also I don't think I'll stay there and only go on a working holiday visa so wondering if its worth all the hassle? I would like to work within child welfare/protection when I go out there if not social work something related and at the moment its all a big uncertainty. If anyone has any comments I'd love to hear them Thanks!
  8. Bienkie

    Social Work Group

    Hi I thought it a good idea to form a Social Work group on the forum. Please see in the Group section and please post or share your experience/questions there. Just thought it would make it easier to find information rather than to have to search the whole forum for social work related topics! Thanks!
  9. Guest

    good jr college or university

    Im 21and will be moving to brisbane soon. Which part idk yet but im looking for a small inexpensive college to attend to study sociology and/or social work. I can go full time online or parttime i need a school that has those options. Any suggestions. All feedback is welcome. Im all ears well eyes.. Thanks
  10. Hi Folks I've been offered a Child Protection job with DHS in Melbourne and am due over in October of this year, I have a Bsc Hons in Social Work, 4 years unqualified experience and 2 years PQ in CP. I'm really looking forward to the whole experience and am keen to hear what other people's experiences have been. I'd like to get a balanced and realistic view so would appreciate hearing the positives and negatives. Thanks Drew