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  1. Rawlos

    Moving money

    Evening, moving to Australia next month. What’s the best option in transfer money to an Australian account from Uk account to get the best rate. thanks in advance
  2. Is it possible to enter Australia on a tourist visa while I wait my partner visa subclass 309. I have been with my Australian partner for 15yrs married 4yrs with 3 children who are now Australian citizens. Needing to move to australia in March to be with my husband dad who isn’t in the best of health. cheers for any advice on what we can do regarding the right visa.
  3. My wife is currently awaiting her partner visa subclass 309/100. We submitted this application in September an have had correspondence back asking for police check etc. we are wanting to move to australia at the end of March so our kids can start school in April. I’m Australian and my 3 kids are also Australian citizens. I would like to know the best visa to apply for which enables us to go to australia while our current visa is granted. I understand it’s bad practice to make plans before visas are granted but we also want to spend some time with my dad who hasn’t got the best health. Thank in advance for any advice.