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417 to 820 BVA continuing work past 6 months

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Hey there, hoping someone can offer some advice.

I'm currently on a 417 Working Holiday Visa which is expiring shortly, and my partner and I are about to submit our 820 application for a de facto visa.

I'm currently working through an agency, with my contract due to expire next week, shortly before the end of my visa. The issue now is that my employer really wants to keep me, and they're looking to hire me directly (no more agency) once I have my bridging visa for a 6 month contract. The issue is - as you can see, that this will be almost double the six month maximum that I'm allowed to work with any one employer.

I'm just hoping someone might have been in the same boat, and knows if the combo of my contract ending (and the break of several weeks between the end of that contract and the possible commencement of the future one), transitioning to a new visa and going from working through an agency to working directly for the company might mean it essentially 'resets' the 6 month limit?

Thanks in advance!


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Apologies for the double post, but I've just found this info https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/what-we-do/whm-program/specified-work-conditions/6-month-work-limitation


The 6 months starts from the day you start work. It includes full-time, part-time, casual, shift and voluntary work. It is based on the length of time that has passed since you started working, not how many hours or days you have worked.

The condition resets and the 6 months begins again if:

  • a second Working Holiday Maker visa is granted or
  • a bridging visa comes into effect

This means you can return to an employer that you worked for on your first visa. The six-month work limitation and the rules regarding permission to work longer than 6 months with one employer also apply to your second visa.

I think this means I'll be able to continue working, since it'll be on the bridging visa and the 6 months will have 'reset'?

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In your case (since you are applying for a partner visa), once you are on your bridging visa you will have unrestricted work rights so the 6-month limit will no longer apply to you.

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