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Police checks

Guest Stev

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I have just joined this site. but have been reading topics for the last month and found it very helpful.


I have just recieved my police check back hope it is the right one, has two blue bands that says national identificatiion service, section 7 data protection act.


Can anyone please confirm this is the right form i have applied for.


With thanks

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Guest Gollywobbler

Hi all


Please see here:




Some of them make the form available on-line. Hampshire Constabulary (my mother's lot) do not for some reason. However, Mum was in Oz with my sister when it was time to organise the UK police check. I rang Hants Constab, explained that I didn't have a clue how to do it, explained that Mum was in Oz and requested advice. They put me through to an extremely helpful guy in the Data Protection Unit. He asked whether my sister in Oz has internet access. Yes, why? He said he would e-mail the form direct to her with a copy to me. I rang my sister. Both of us had the form within an hour.


The Hants Cops guy said the easiest way to deal with it was for Mum to send the form direct to them by airmail, and they then airmailed the Finished Article back to her. It took about 3 weeks in total including airmail postage both ways, so I was seriously impressed by how good PC Plod can be when he tries!!





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