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  1. HI. I was just wondering if anyone has got any recommendations for Conveyancers on the Southern Gold Coast at all? Thanks very much!
  2. seaangel

    High Schools - Southern Gold Coast

    Thanks, will do.
  3. Hi. We are moving at the end of the year to the southern part of the Gold Coast. The areas we are looking at are in the catchment areas of Elanora High School, Palm Beach Currumbin High School and Miami High School. I have heard things about all of these schools, with PBC seeming to be the best of the them. Does anyone have any personal experience of any these schools? I have been onto the schools' websites and have looked at their annual reports etc, but nothing beats hearing how things really are first hand. Any information or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. seaangel

    HELP!! Ex British army joining the Australian army

    Hi. We moved over with the lateral transfer system in 2007. From first applying to arriving in Australia it took us about 10 months. We did the same as you and put in an expression of interest. We then went for an interview in London, all the family went. On the day they give you a yes or a no and from then on, the process of applying for a visa was started. We did all this ourselves, including medicals, but we did get reimbursed by the ADF when we arrived. There seemed to be not too many laterals coming over in the past few year, but that seems to have changed. We are posted to Darwin at the moment and there seem to be quite a few coming over. As regards keeping your rank, most people have to drop a rank or two when they come over. My husband dropped from a WO2 to a SGT. Please bear in mind that this was 8 years ago and the process etc may have changed. You can always send me a message if you need to know anything else.
  5. seaangel

    Newspapers - Real Estate

    Thanks very much for that. :notworthy:
  6. seaangel

    Newspapers - Real Estate

    Hi there. Which newspaper is it that has the real estate in on the weekend? We visited recently and meant to bring one of them back with us! Thanks very much. :notworthy:
  7. Hi there. We transferred 3 years ago and so will try and answer some of your questions. 1. Minimum rank is Sergeant. 2. The ADF pays for your removals, flights etc. You will have to initially pay out for the visa and medical costs, and then the ADF reimburse you when you get over here. 3. Some deployments can be 8 months, although know a couple of people who have been deployed for only 4 months. All depends on what your husband will be doing over here. 4. We have been posted twice in Australia and have had nice accommodation both times. No complaints from me as far as that is concerned. 5. Some alternatives would be go to Puckapunyal as an Instructor or to 2 CAV in Darwin, or there may be some alternatives. There is a man from your husband's regiment currently at Puckapunyal. 6. Not sure about this as we didn't bring any debt with us. I know when we applied for a credit card over here, no mention was made of whether we had one in the UK. They did a thorough credit check when we applied. 7. Yes. A lot of conversion training etc. Also they do PT most days. Feel free to PM if you need to know anything else.
  8. seaangel

    Any one in Darwin?

    Before we arrived here (as laterals in Feb 07), we were told there were no available properties. When we got here, the DHA were great and we had the choice of around 4 properties to choose from. It still seems to be the same now. One family arrived a few weeks ago and were told the same thing, but once they got here they had the choice of quite a few. When we were Homefind about a month ago, there were a few 3 bedroomed houses in Durack in Palmerston and the rest seemed to be on the RAAF base. The ones in Durack looked nice but not sure about the ones on the RAAF base! We only got to look at the 3 bedroomed ones as this is all we are entitled to. Have you managed to speak to anyone at the DHA? Fingers crossed everything works out for you! :biggrin:
  9. seaangel

    Any one in Darwin?

    Hope you don't mind but checked out the website as we move to Darwin at the end of the year and OH is keen to try his hand at fishing! Looks great!
  10. seaangel

    Any one in Darwin?

    I agree. We visited Darwin last year to do a reccy and found we liked Palmerston. We have secured a house in Gunn in Palmerston and are happy with that. :biggrin:
  11. seaangel

    Any one in Darwin?

    Hi there. We arrive in Darwin at the end of the year as we are being posted from Victoria up to Darwin. We are laterals and arrived Feb 07. Most of the housing is in Palmerston, mostly in the suburbs of Gunn and Durack. Durack has its own primary school and for Gunn, the closest one I think is in Bakewell. There are also a few private schools in Palmerston and more in Darwin. Feel free to ask any questions or you can send me a PM if you like. :smile:
  12. seaangel

    Any one in Darwin?

    Hi there! Congrats again on getting through. Having been told that we were not posted this year, OH has been told by SCMA that there is a strong possibility we will be posted to Darwin at the end of the year. Will not be doing anything about it until the posting order comes through though! We visited last year and liked it. Have a few friends up there and the hardest problem for them was the build up and the rainy season. Having said that, they all seem happy to stay there. Our concern was schooling but when we visited, we took the opportunity to look round some schools in Palmerston and Darwin, both state and private. If we go, it will be Palmerston for us to live in as it's close to Robetson Barracks. The new wave pool that's just opened in Darwin looks fab! When we visited we also went to the Mindil Beach Markets, which are great. OH is looking forward to going as it means he will get a chance to do some "proper" fishing! PM if you want to know anything else. :v_SPIN:
  13. seaangel

    The Ashes - First Test, Cardiff

    Love it! Am not showing this to my OH in case it gives him ideas!! :wink:
  14. seaangel

    The Ashes - First Test, Cardiff

    Another one down! Bopara didn't really settle.