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Best rego to have when changing states?


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Cannot believe the stress that has desended following receipt of our visas on Friday, we were desperate to get it, surprised to get it so quickly and now in panic stations trying to organise everything for a 1st may departure.


We are ultimately headed for perth and the dogs will fly a few days after us I think to Melbourne, they are spoilt sausages dogs and I don't think are going to enjoy the experience so our thoughts have always been to collect them from Melbourne and drive to perth, we've driven it before so that doesn't bother us, we just want to save them the trauma of another flight and it will be a holiday for us.


We know that whatever vehicle we buy in Melbourne will need converting to a WA rego when we get there, we have converted QLD to SA and SA to WA but VIC to WA is a new scenario to us and from memory I recall people saying that VIC registered vehicles are the worst to own because the rego rules are stricter there or something.


we will happily fly to Sydney and buy a NSW registered vehicle instead if we will be better off that way somehow, please do share if you know of any pitfalls we need to be mindful of and if we will be better off buying one rego over another perhaps.


we know we will have to go over the Pitts in WA and that there will be a cost involved in that. We could hire a vehicle but that just feels like wasted money when we ultimately need wheels and it will likely become my hubby's work van.


thanks in advance for any advice.

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You should buy the car where you will be living.


You are not allowed to permanently have a car registered in a different state. When you move states you have a limited amount of time to get the car re-registered in the state where you permanently live.


So I don't see much point in buying a car in a different state to where you will live.

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