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  1. British passport by descent

    Its actually not that simple Snifter and I am not one for making work its just we have a complicated situation - as a family we have no contact with my daughter for very personal reasons I checked the application website for my grandaughter and it asked for my both my daughters passport details and her ex partners We dont have passport details for either My grandaughters Father is Australian but we have no contact and dont know if he ever had a passport My daughters passport along with her residents visa was lost years ago and never replaced I do however have my daughters birth certificate -she was born in 1965 Thats why i thought it might be easier via us -the grandparents as we have current UK passports and birth certs etc
  2. British passport by descent

    Our Australian born granddaughter wants to apply for her British passport Her mother our daughter is british born we have her birth certificate but not her UK passport which was lost years ago and never renewed Our daughter does not have Australian citizenship by the way she is a permanent resident though Bith Hubby and I still have British passports that are current plus our Aussie ones would it be easier for our granddaughter to apply by double descent her father was Australian and he and my daughter did not marry
  3. Dog to Australia

    Just an email to say he was ok and peeing on grass as he will not pee on concrete lol
  4. My 18yr old Son is moving back to Uk

    I think to get benefits if he intends or needs to claim any at first he might have to go through the residency tests -he has the right of abode if he is still a British Citizen and has his British passport The residency test could have changed over time so check the criteria -we had to go through it in 2001 to try to claim a rates rebate
  5. Dog to Australia

    We flew our Shar Pei from UK to Oz last year -he had never been in a crate , never been in kennels and never been away from us except with our neighbour I was paranoid to say the least He was fine though a bit daggy when he came out of quarantine as they feed kibble and he is raw fed but all in all he scrubbed up well We used Golden Arrow and they were marvellous especially at the last minute when our vet lost a crucial blood test they pulled out all stops and got him retested and results so he could fly on time He came the Dubai route too and could only fly in certain months because of his breed He settled though from day 1 lives on 20 acres and is very happy !
  6. Family Visits: Travel with a Companion

    Tamara I must say that we have found the stopover only being an hour or so is a pain -time to go to the loo and get from one side of the airport to another and thats it A buggy is a must We did the Newcastle Dubai Adelaide trip several times direct - stopovers the flight times out are in the middle of the night We have actually gone back to Ncl- Heathrow - Singapore -stop over then Adelaide as we find it suits us being seniors lol Must admit I think its great that they both have found someone to travel with hope they continue to enjoy the trips for years to come
  7. SA Electrical licence

    Sorry I know nothing about the electrical side of things but I do know of people who have had to go through courses to get certs in other trades
  8. Currency Transfers with Moneycorp

    All I did with my Lloyds account was to add my Moneycorp account as a payee/recipient I then just transfer whatever from Lloyds to Moneycorp - I would have thought Santander would be the same ?
  9. Best wishes to the Pom queen

    Oh dear hope PQ improves and returns she will be a big miss
  10. Salary negotiation Melbourne

    All employers are obliged to pay super for their employees I think the rate at the moment is 9.75% of the gross wage so if they have said they are doing that as an extra they are not ( unless its different on the visa your on )
  11. Why do UK supermarkets need uniformed security guard?

    In SA the greeters are not security guards -all security guards including coverts (plain clothed ) are licensed Store staff are not allowed to apprehend -apprehensions must be done by someone with a license CCTV is used but not on open display Australian stores do have a huge theft problem I worked for one retailer -wont name them - who in one year in one store alone had over 1 million in stock loss I think the normal man in the street just does not see or know of the problem An earlier poster said she saw a guy take an item off the rack and walk away - I have seen them take the whole bloody rack LOL
  12. Centrelink benefit when husband lost job

    No thats not right he might get something it works on a pro rata basis dependant on the spouses earning with a deduction from payments when earnings are over a certain amount -browse the Centrelink site its all on there
  13. Why do UK supermarkets need uniformed security guard?

    Staff are supposed to ask to inspect and not say check - check is an implication that something is in your bag Staff are not supposed to put their hands in your bag -if they want something moved so they can see into the bag they ask you to do it Most large retailers went to uniformed security a long time ago in an attempt to deter would be shop lifters CCTV is a minefield as there is a criteria for apprehension the same as coverts - I was a Store D (covert ) for years trust me its a tough job
  14. Why do UK supermarkets need uniformed security guard?

    Truth is its not getting really bad -its been ad for years
  15. SA Electrical licence

    Just make sure you bring every piece of paperwork and more that you have plus references etc the more the better as the licence applications can be complex Staff in the office are helpful though