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  1. Taking my car home

    Parts were no problem with ours but insurance phew !
  2. Taking my car home

    We took our Captiva over end of 2013 cost around £1209 for modification etc it needs an IVA test - an Individual vehicle test We had a firm pick the car up from the docks modify it and get it on the road then brought up north to our home It will cost an arm and a leg to insure though as its an import and depends if you personally can get some no claims i think it was £1200 the first year I will look for shipping costs although we did a 40ft container with car and furniture I will look documents up i think i still have scans etc
  3. So how much do you think you spent shipping your dog over?

    The company i used make their own wooden crates which I was more than happy about My Shar Pei has quite long claws and i felt a wooden floor would be better for him - plus because he is a Brachylyptic breed they made the crate a bit bigger for him Some airlines will only fly Brachylyptic dogs in their winter months I never felt pressured at all about the crate as it came with the price quoted Plus i felt the company I used genuinely cared for the pets they transport
  4. So how much do you think you spent shipping your dog over?

    I agree Scottie I am no sloth when it comes to paperwork but the paperwork for Oz plus requirements are quite formidable I printed everything off for my vet and thought i had every aspect covered as they were a UK government vet as required Luckily I shipped with a pet shipper who took our boy to their kennels prior to him being flown out We left a few days before him as we needed to back in Oz on a certain date We were in Singapore when my vet rang me to say they had just realised they had not got the last lot of blood results back - i had taken him a few days before he went away and the results were supposed to be emailed to me and the company shipping him The company shipping him were brilliant -rang i think it is Weybridge -the lab that does the tests to be told his samples had not been sent there ! They rushed him to their vets couriered his bloods to the lab and got him out as scheduled =phew ! Had i been the one doing it i would not have known where to start with the emergency tests etc consequences could have been we would probably have had to cancel our flights and reschedule too as things went so pear shaped
  5. The cost of living

    If your retired prescriptions are free , a bus pass means free travel at certain times and to be honest we used the car far less in the UK as public transport was so easy Rates are much more expensive as is petrol but because we did not use the car as much we were not using as much Swings and roundabouts in lots of ways
  6. Signed up.

    That happened to my friends dog and she had to spend 4 more weeks in kennels in Oz not a happy customer at the time
  7. So how much do you think you spent shipping your dog over?

    We shipped our Shar Pei in 2016 It cost us £2105 GBP for his flight ,picking him up from up North and kennels for a few days £175 GBP for rabies blood test £163 GBP for blood tests ( that was the test the vets lost lol ) Around £400 GBP for vaccinations Rabies etc. worming and defleaing (not that he had any) Quarantine was $1461 AUD Import permit was $485 AUD flying him to Adelaide from quarantine $260 AUD All in all not a cheap exercise but !
  8. Devastated!!

    I am so pleased to hear that when next you speak to Chris tell him its Ralphy the Shar Pei I am taking about and we are forever gratfull
  9. Devastated!!

    Melanie Golden Arrow picked our boy up from home we lived in the North East ,Sunderland , cost extra but well worth it -he stayed with them for a week prior to shipping and I truly can not fault them we would have been in a right mess with the lost blood test but they took Ralphy to their vets and couriered the bloods to the place that tests them
  10. Devastated!!

    Oh thats so bad -our vet lost the last blood test before our boy was due to fly and told us when we were in Singapore en route ( we had left Ralphy with Golden Arrow who were shipping him ) Luckily Golden Arrow pulled out all stops to get tests done and through but the stress ruined our stay over in Singapore I was so careful too about step by step procedures with our vet it was devastating - have you spoken to the people who will ship your two maybe they can advise as well
  11. Totally bonkers but exporting my horses! How to move the kit?

    It was a very long time ago but my daughter in law could not bring her saddles so try to make as many enquries as possible I know quarantine can disinfect items so to speak but i also know they charge like a wounded bull -our car was $ 800 and they wanted $50 for a 6 inch santa clause because of his wand -poor Santa got left behind
  12. Positive stories of frenchbulldogs flying to Australia

    We flew our Shar Pei also a brachleptic breed and he was fine only thing is Emirates would only fly him on thier winter months as they say it's too hot on the ground in Dubai in thier summer months He has settled well and it's like he has always been here
  13. Have you shipped a pet to Australia from Europe?

    Yes we brought out Shar Pei out last year He had never been in a crate let alone a kennel but he really was fine it was me who suffered anxiety lol
  14. Feasibility of moving back to the UK after so long...

    We flew our Shar Pei to Oz had to go through quarantine ect and he was fine it was me that was frazzled ! With finnaces you would only get a Centrelink pension if you were resident in Oz but part of your time here in Oz does count towards a UK pension pre 2001 You can also pay uk contributions up to date it's quite costly but would give you full UK pension if you do retire in the UK
  15. Torn between staying or leaving

    We went back in 2001 to look after my Mum we had been here 20 years at the time Came back to Oz in 2006 but felt unsettled somehow so in 2013 we up an offed again thinking retirement and happy days We have great long term friends in the UK but no family to speak of We had though underestimated the pull of our kids and grandchildren in Oz and when out UK friends were doing things with their family's it was like a physical ache So in 2016 we upped and returned to Oz Finances can be a mine field as your not old enough to claim UK or Centrelink pensions ( think I have that right ) Good luck with what you choose to do by please do put lots and lots of thought into it