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  1. Patphillips47

    Has anyone flew a pug to Aus?

    We did bring our Shar Pei another snub nose dog and he was and is fine He was only 3 years old though and could not transit in Dubai from end f May until i think August because of his bree
  2. Patphillips47

    Emigrating and leaving parents behind

    Well said Quoll the pain when leaving my Mam and Dad never ever went away and to this day even though my parents have passed away now I still live regrets and what if xxx
  3. Patphillips47

    Emigrating and leaving parents behind

    Lucy I was in this position years ago but luckily my parents never ever put the guilt trip on us My children were 14 and 15 I was an only child and my parents the only Grandparents my children had as my hubbys parents died quite young It was the hardest thing I have done in my life We used to go back regularly as my Dad had a stroke not long after we emigrated My Dad passed away in 1995 aged 87 after that it was an annual trip for us to see my Mam In 2001 we moved back to UK leaving my kids and grandkids ( Aussies ) in Oz I just could not handle the problems my Mam was having with her health etc God love her she survived until she was almost 100 - we then came back to Oz During our time from 2001 she finally told me how hard it had been for them -that they sat holding hands for days and crying feeling so lost without us She was not putting the guilt trip on me she just needed to talk about it You have some very hard decisions to make and I truly hope it all works out well for you xx
  4. Patphillips47


    John would you mind checking you messages as i sent one recently Having a problem contacting my new UK manager - I cant phone at the moment so need an email Its all explained in the message Cheers Pat
  5. Patphillips47

    From Quaratine Melbourne to Mount Barker 5251 Adelaide

    Our boy was fine by the way he is a Shar Pei had never been in kennels or a cage for that matter and they are notorious for stressing He didnt I did !
  6. Patphillips47

    From Quaratine Melbourne to Mount Barker 5251 Adelaide

    We used Jetpets to fly our boy to Adelaide went without a hitch -until her heard my voice when we picked him up from the aiport and howled the place down lol
  7. Patphillips47

    Keeping UK Bank account

    We still have a joint account thats been open a long time -our UK pensions go into that account and we transfer them whenever I also have a UK Mastercard no annual fees but handy in an emergency We also have an overdraft if needed and yes the bank has out Aussie address I would not dream of closing it down its a bonus to keep
  8. Patphillips47

    Claiming Centrelink Pension

    Think she is just looking at all eventualities really hopefully the house will sell quickly anyway and eliminate her concerns - I think we all know English house sales can be very slow ( I do lol )
  9. Patphillips47

    Claiming Centrelink Pension

    Thanks Marissa that's appreciated I know I had read it 'somewhere" but could not find it again lol I think shes just worried the house does not sell for ages and she might have to go sort something out ie rent it
  10. Patphillips47

    UK house rented while living in Oz

    What Centrelink benefit are you claiming have you looked on their website to see how much you are allowed to earn before you start loosing $ off the benefit ? My Grandaughter works seasonally and claim benefit during the times she is off work -then when she goes back to work its usually intermittent so she stays on benefit but informs them 2 weekly of what hours she has worked and how much she has earned Then Centrelink gives her a part payment until such time as she is working full time again What I am saying is you never know but what you are getting in rent for the UK house if you declare it you might still get part Centrelink
  11. Patphillips47

    Claiming Centrelink Pension

    Am asking for a friend who is planning to move back to Oz permanently -she is an Australian citizen and I think she would be eligible to claim a Centrelink pension I know she has to be in Oz to claim the pension but trying to establish once she claims is there a time limit before she can travel back overseas and is there a time limit on how long she can stay overseas ? She is a tad concerned that her house in the UK does not sell quickly and she might have to go to and fro in the interim I have tried to look on the Centrelink site but cant seem to find specifics ? Any help would be appreciated
  12. Patphillips47

    Taking my dog to Australia

    That's great news bet you shed tears I did We could see Ralphy in his crate being ferried into the pick up point The guy sang out I have got Ralphy ( pronounced it wrong lol ) I said its Rarfy and boy did that set him off barking hello
  13. Patphillips47

    Pet Quarantine

    I must admit when Ralphy our Pei came out of quarantine he had lost weight and his coat was daggy - I put it down to him maybe being stressed but having read your remarks I am thinking bad nutrition was the cause
  14. Patphillips47

    UK State Pension

    Hard call really but I know IF you go back to the UK and don't get a full Centrelink pension the UK will give you credits for work done in Oz but not sure if that was only up until 2001 when the reciprocal agreement ended We get full Centrelink pensions and part UK around 100 GBP a week as we emigrated in 1982 and we don't loose a lot from the Centrelink pension The criteria for keeping full Centrelink pensions in the UK is 35 years working life in Oz between the age of 16 and retirement