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Employment References for Skills Assessment

Guest sabink

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Can anybody offer any advice for this?


i.e. when they got them? the format? how they applied for old ones? what they did in the case where one was hard to get?


I am also currently contracting, and Hays can only provide details of my job title and periods worked = not any skills. Am I going to have to let my boss know that these are my plans and can I have a character reference?





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Hi ya when we were doing the references for my other half to get his trade recognised we came across loads of problems, he has been a self employed brickie for the past ten years, so as you can imagine he had done a lot. What we were told to do by our agent was to get as much information from third parties as poss and used Statements of Declaration for any areas which we were having problems with ie some contractors had gone bust, you need to complete and then sign infornt of a solicitor to say that you agree that it is a true statement. Good luck :D

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Guest kazzy01

Hi Sabink


I'm an accountant and have been contracting for the last two years. I found that previous employers where I had contracted were reluctant to give me a reference, however I found that if I contacted the agency who I temped through they were more than happy to help me.


I simply drafted them a letter emailed it to them and got them to print it on headed paper and send out to me.



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