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Found 91 results

  1. Hi, I applied for a skills assessment with ASC and had all of my experience marked as "Not Assessable Due to Insufficient Documentation". 10 years as a software developer and 4 years as an agile coach. I asked for feedback as I am not using an agent I did this myself (which I regret now) "An employer reference letter/third party statutory declaration (along with supporting documentation) which details your duties is mandatory for every employment episode for the skills assessment." In the UK employer references tend to be brief (salary, job title and duration) all of my previous employers said this is the only format they provide this information in. How do people get around this? Do I need to ask an ex colleague to write a Statutory Declaration in front of a Notary as it really seems like overkill. Thanks in advance, Alan
  2. Hi All I've been in Melbourne now for 4 months and have found the job market to be very different here. Overall, I'd say its tough to get that first role as an expat. Having said that, I've got an agency that have come back asking for references, and when these came back from the UK with just dates of employment and job title only, as is becoming standard practice, they've asked for personal references from people I worked with. I've had to call in favours for this yet I have no guarantee that I will be offered a job. Is this normal to ask for this degree of reference checking before you've even been offered a job over here?
  3. jay429

    WHV with Criminal Conviction

    Hi all sorry for my in-experience here, I am interested in visiting Australia towards the end of the year on WHV, however I have a criminal conviction that resulted in 21 months jail time.. i served 6, this was in 2007, the Crime was graffiti. I have some family in Aus, my sister is an Aus national and is happily married with 2 kids in Melbourne, and i would love to go visit them. I have spoken to a migration agent and i am planning on going with him , however i wanted to know about the reference's. The Migration agent advised me i would need around 10-12. What i wanted to know is do these reference's need to be certified ? and if so will that be hard, i was planning on asking a teacher from my Uni but it think it might be a problem if he/she needs to take half a day off to go somewhere to get the references certified ? I might find it hard to find that many reference's from people like teachers,policemen,doctors ( people with respect in the community ) that are willing to take a day of work to get my reference signed? Since my conviction i have done many things like completed my degree at uni, got a fantastic job as a graphic designer and have been in no trouble what so ever. Any advice would be fantastic Thanks!
  4. Tasha Johnston

    Looking help with ANMAC

    Hi , i am looking help with applying for my ANMAC assessment. I have only qualified as a nurse so i do not have experience to get 3 months references. I am registered with AHPRA though so i can apply for a modified assessment and it states you do not necessarily need 3 months experience to apply. I want to know if not having experience will mean i will not be successful. does anyone have any experience of applying newly qualified? Thanks!
  5. Hello all, I'm about to contact former employers in order to obtain reference letters according to the ACS format. The ACS does not ask for technologies used and projects worked on but I've gathered that a couple of people in forums say it helps to put those in as it would help the assessor assess your skills better. Is that right? Should I ask for this level of granularity in the references? Thanks, Kurt
  6. Hi All, We have an agent and he has given us an idea of the content required for the references but there are a few things I am trying to get my head around and would be grateful of any advice. There are 4 companies I need references off and I presume each reference must be completely unique? Does the assessing authority (in my case I think it will be vetassess) expect that all references are written completely by the employer or simply not care as long as they have the Information? The way I was thinking is that I write the references for each of them and send that to the ex employers to print on letter headed paper and sign. Did any of you provide a copy of the reference on cd so they dont have to re-type it and provide a self addressed envelope for them to send it back to you? I know employers have to provide references for new employment but do they have to for skills assessment? I know I am over thinking this but I cant help it. I would love to hear about your experiences and any problems you had and how you got round them. Thanks
  7. Hallfamily

    Skills Assessment query

    We need to get proof and some references from previous employers for the skills assessment, but the problem is the companies my OH worked for no longer exist, what other proof can he provide?
  8. nicolaj

    Rental References

    Hi, I am sure this question has been asked a million times before, so sorry to ask again :embarrassed: I am looking to prepare our reference pack so we can hit the ground running when it comes to rentals in Sydney. Here is a list of what I think might be useful, but further guidance on what works best would be really helpful! Letter of introduction to landlord, telling them what nice, professional, responsible people we are and how we will look after their lovely house. Letter from OH's line manager to say that he has a job (he is on a 457 visa) Copy of job offer which has salary details so they know we are going to be paid to cover the rent If we let our house in the UK a letter from the letting agent to say we have a nice well cared for property back in the UK which is being let out If we sell the house then a letter from our estate agent to say what a lovely well maintained property we have I read somewhere a suggestion to put a mortgage statement to show that you are financially responsible and pay your mortgage every month We have 3 cats so maybe make an offer of an extra $100 on the bond as a pet 'insurance cover' and offer to have any carpets professionally cleaned on moving out the house. Also put a little description of each cat in, that they don't destroy furniture and that we shall provide them with ample scratch posts. They are kept in at night, which I do anyway and one is a house cat, so wont be trouble to neighbours. Those are my initial thoughts, but I would be really grateful for any further advice or anything that you guys found to be of benefit. Thanks!:biggrin:
  9. ack

    References for Visa

    Hi guys. Hope ye can help. We are wondering is their a stipulation on the dates for our references for the visa application. Basically we just want to use the references that we got for VETASSESS? They are a few months old now and dont want to have to go back to all previous employers but will if we have to. Thanks
  10. Hi guys. We got our qualifications assessed by VETASSESS and we are now wondering can we use those references for the visa application?? Do the references for the visa application need to be within a certain time frame? ie no more than date of 6months old ?? I cant find this anywhere and dont wish to make the mistake of using them. Maybe I should just go and get all past employers to reissue with more recent dates and get the pease commissioner to resign them. Advice greatly appreciated!:biggrin:
  11. Did you get any references from anyone? :wideeyed: I have asked my landlord for a reference, but should there be anyone else I ask for one? :unsure:
  12. srg73

    Employment references.

    I am going to speak to my previous employer in order to get references as I worked for them for 14 years, only moving onwards for career purposes. What should I ask for as a reference, that I worked for the company between the dates of x-y, what my job involved and ability? I am wanting to use my previous employer for references as I have only been with my current employer for 15 months and I feel that seeking references from them will harm future oppertunities if they arise. I assume that this it is fine to do this? Thanks Simon
  13. mylowe

    work references

    Hi all Ive been asked to provide work reference for my 457visa app, The problem is i have only ever worked for one company who i no longer work for and he is refusing to give me the reference im so frustrated and dont no what will happen now. As this happened to anyone else and is there a way round it any idvise will great :cry:
  14. Hi folks! :biggrin: I am about to ask my current boss and some of my former partners to write some work references for me, to be used for skills assessment first but also to look for a job/sponsorship. They are all ok about it, and the know about my Australian dream. I have some questions on WHAT and HOW to write :chatterbox: Q1 Vetassess requires to include the salary earned in the work reference, but the organisation I am currently working for do not allow to include salary information in reference letters. Would that be a problem when applying for skills assessment and jobs? Q2 My former partners would not be very confortable with including salary information in reference letters. Again would it be a problem? Q3 My current supervisor is a contract (as I am) and will be moving on by the end of March. Since he will be travelling around a lot, I doubt he will not be available to confirm anything in the letter till the end of summer. Would this be a problem? If yes, any ideas how to get around this? Q4 My previous supervisor (another contractor) left the organisation nearly 2 years ago, would a reference letter signed by the former head of department (still in the organisation) be acceptable? Q5 Do you know where I can find a decent reference letter template? Cheers Simone
  15. nellandged

    References for renting

    Hi all, hoping for a bit of advice! We move over to Sydney in 4 weeks and have some holiday accommodation booked before hopefully renting something long term. Looking through the posts on here people seem to recommend having references ready for when go to viewings and was wondering who its best to have them from? Obviously if you'd rented before whoever you rented off woould be ideal, but we havent rented before, we've got a mortgage here and will be renting that out when we leave. So was thinking is it best to have general character references from an employer etc or try to get something more financial from bank or building society? Any help much appreciated! Nell
  16. australia94

    Arggggggh A little help needed

    Hoping that someone on here can hopefully give me some advise. So that I can stop banging my head against a brick wall. (firstly apologies for the essay) I am able to claim 60 points with no problems at all Age 32 - 30 points Degree - 15 points Work experience - 4 years as Primary School PE teacher - 5 points (assessed by AITSL) IELTS - 10 points - Just got my IELTS scores through and unfortunately I got a 7.5 on writing, reading 8 listening and speaking were 9. So now I can only claim the 10 points on offer rather than the 20 I was hoping to claim. No worries I thought, as we could claim the extra 5 points from my partners skills as an NVQ assessor / teacher in Childcare. But after looking closer it now appears that she is on Schedule 2 of the SOL. Which unless I'm wrong we can not claim points for as I am on Schedule 1 of the SOL. Its looking like I will have to try and sit the IELTS test again. However I am hoping that someone could advise me whether I can claim the 5 extra points for the 5 years previous work experience. On top of my 4 years as a PE teacher I worked as a learning mentor for 6 months in a secondary school in 2006 (I already have a work reference). When I graduated in 2005 I worked for a year as a teacher / teacher assistant in the morning and as a PE teacher in the afternoon at a primary school. Despite my role officially being a TA I worked as a teacher most of the time, planning, marking and teaching a lot of the lessons. The reason I left in the end was because they would not pay me a teacher wage for the job I was doing. I have spoken to the assistant head, who is willing to write a reference letter for me (the head is in the process of retiring and handing over to the deputy head). I have given her the information and details on the DIAC website about the format. She has asked what I would like to have written for the reference. She would happily write that I was a teacher rather than an teaching assistant and a PE Teacher if I asked her. Or could she use descriptions that were ambiguous so that it would cover both roles. I am unsure of how to approach this but after looking on the DIAC I have now seen that it states that :- For information on assessing authorities providing advice on your skilled employment and assessment of your educational qualifications for the purpose of awarding points by the department, see the department’s website http://www.immi.gov.au/asri/ I am just a little confused, does this mean I have to send off the references to have them assessed and verified by the AITSL. Or can I just add the reference to the Visa Application without it being assessed by the AITSL? How does the assessment body decide on the outcome? Do they contact the work reference nominee, who else do they contact? I do not want the assistant head getting into trouble. Finally would a learning mentor and Teacher / Teacher aid be classed as a closely related occupation to that of a teacher? I am just so frustrated now. I have been stomping around the house all day like a bear with a sore head. Looked at all possible ways and am now stuck. Hopefully someone has been able to understand my rage fueled plea and will be able to give me some advise. Sorry about the length of the post (blooming essay)
  17. Hi, I have had an email from our CO asking for employment references. I have contacted 2 companies to arrange this but there are a few companies that no longer trade....what do I do ????:unsure: Lynne x
  18. tatertots

    Work References

    Hi im just wondering if anyone knows whether DIAC contact our employers re work references. I got one from my supervisor but I cannot let my boss know that i am trying to move to OZ as they would be really annoyed and i could lose my job before i even get granted a visa!!! Im nervous as to how they will go about verifying references. Any ideas???:confused:
  19. Hi all, I currently work for a firm I've been at for 4 and half years which covers the recent (12 out of 24 months) and specific (3 out 4 years) work experience catagories within the points test. Both ask for work references (esp. the specific one), can I submit other evidence instead as I don't wish to approach my employers and risk losing my job. Or can I submit stat declarations as you can with TRA?
  20. Guest

    Job history concern!!!

    Hi all... Please can someone help me out???? I have been offered a job in WA,, as a welder/ boilermaker, company offering 457 etc etc....I have approximately 10 years relevant experience, however I had not been employed in this role for sometime...I am qualified and have 4 years full time experience from about ten years ago, but left the industry and worked else where in a different industry for 10 years...as there were either no suitable jobs or the only welding jobs were poorly paid. I am now working again as a welder and have been for about 5 months, I have kept my welding skills current, over the years by doing various jobs for people, in my own time...and have references for this. Where does this leave me, with regards the chance of actually getting approval?? I have been working in other roles that paid far more than any welding job had been, so made more sense to keep welding as a 'sideline'... I have not been able to find decent welding roles over the years and the job I am current doing is temporary, as most welding jobs are now...so if the DIAC say they want me to have 2/3 years full current employment I am stuffed, as there are no full time jobs around at present!!! The situation is driving me crazy...we are desperate to move to WA, but I fear that my lack of recent employment in my trade will go against me, I know that I have the skills and that I have the relevant experience through my 'sideline' work, plus being currently employed!! Apologies for the rambling, but I am desperate to get these fears answered!!! Thanks Steve..
  21. Roberts13

    ENS - Quick Question re references

    Hi For employer sponsored visa 856 is it necessary to provide a reference from the employer sponsoring you with your application? The employer has been the only one here in australia that hubby worked for. We have the contract to include with the application as it requests but wondered if the current employer who hubby has worked for since we arrived on a 457 2.5 years ago needs to supply a work reference for us to include with the evidence of qualifications and references? Thanks in advance
  22. Hi all I'm a little worried about getting employer references (statement of service) for my VET ASSESS skills assessment. I know that they would be glowing and show that I meet the demands of the skill being assessed, I'm just worried about the reaction from my employer - they'll see it as lack of loyalty & commitment to my role and therefore probably impact future payrises & bonus (Which will all come in useful over next few months!). Does anyone have experience of using a statutory declaration instead - does this prejudice your assessment with vetassess? Any thoughts would be really appreciated. If not I may have to tell a white lie and say the VISA will take a few years to complete so they have no immediate worry about me leaving (which may well be the case anyway given the upcoming changes in July)! Thanks Amy
  23. steen1976

    References for a 457 application?

    Hi there, Have done a search and found a few posts where some people have mentioned they have not supplied references for their 457 visa application (which was in process at the time of post) but not sure how this went and if they were later requested. Has anyone been granted a visa without these? Missus is a Pharmacist, has notification she meets registration requirements from AHPRA, have original degree cert to upload and a CV. Could this be enough? Getting the reference will be a real pain from her previous employer and could take ages. Appreciate any advice.
  24. Guest


    Hi all trying to get everything we need together in case our house sell anytime soon, and were wondering obout who to get references from. We have heard these are very important when getting rental.