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"Emigrating to Australia is like.................?!?!


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My friend Tom, himself a 457 migrant, gave me a book for Xmas 2012 called '642 Things To Write About', i.e. 642 'prompts'. I try to open it at least two or three times a month, usually in a cafe, and write about one of the topics. On 30 Jan, 2014, I selected 'What Did You Dream About Last Night?' 22 Jan, 2014 was 'Describe one of your bad habits and why you secretly get joy out of it?'


So, on 6 February 2014, I opened Tom's book and saw 'Emigrating to Australia is like.......?'


Digging up a tree or a plant and re-planting it in another garden? I don't know! Will it 'take?' Will it grow? Or will it suffer from homesickness and beg you to take it/him/her home?

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So what did you write then?



I'll have to look in my book again and try to find those two entries, but for the main topic, I like the idea of transplanting a plant to another garden, and seeing if it flourishes. Maybe not so good, come to think of it, because transplanted Pommie plants and wildlife have often flourished but become weeds and pests! But not 'us' though!

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Falling in love - it is a huge high at first and you think life will be perfect with your new 'partner' - for some the love endures beyond the honeymoon and their life is enriched for ever. For others the love withers and dies and if they don't or can't leave it is replaced with loathing.


During the 'in love' stage the 'partner' is viewed through rose-tinted glasses and can do no wrong but when the relationship goes wrong hell hath no fury like a women (or man!) scorned and nothing good can be acknowledged.

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