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Can you study while while on a work visa in Australia?


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Hello everyone,


I am planning to move to Australia. I am a software engineer by education from a very elite institute in India (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi) and have worked for both finance and software industry for three years in total. I want to do a part time culinary course from Australia and I can work along side (in either IT or finance). I am planning to get a part time job say maybe 4 days or something.


I wanted to know what kind of visa would suit for the part time work and would I be able to study while being on that visa? I like the option of the work visa and then study part time with it better than being on student visa and work part time (20 hrs per week).

I see that the software engineer profession is amongst one of the skillsets.


Thank you so very much,


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My profession or studies is one amongst the skill sets. I think I can get the skilled independent or state sponsored visas. I guess that is done by registering on the point based system test on the immigration website. But how it works further then? I will be employed by the government or I wil be working independently on a private basis. like self employed.. ?


Thanks for the help.

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