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Visa expiry


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Once you are granted your visa you need to validate by making first entry to Australia before the stipulated date - usually 12 months from the earliest date of medicals or Police checks.


If you are granted the PR Partner visa it is valid for 5 years, after it expires you would need to apply for resident return visa to be able to re-enter Australia. There is usually criteria that needs to be met, as a partner of Australian citizen it should be easier to get RRV.

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i have a query, we have been granted VE 175 (independent skilled) in june 2012. we have made our initial entry within stipulated period. In this June we are going back to australia. Our visa due to expire in June 2016, my question is, if we couldn't complete 2 year residency period what would happen? (out of 5 years, 2 years should be spend in australia), i believe, there would be 2 monthns short to complete 2 years. kindly reply


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If you are still in Australia, then nothing happens. The 5 years applies to the travel rights on the PR visa. So 5 years after the visa is granted, the right to re-enter Australia after leaving will expire. If you are in Australia and don't leave, then that's not an issue. If you want to leave (e.g. overseas holiday) you need to apply for a Resident Return Visa. It's here that it will depend on your residency period, ties to Australia, etc. that will determine if you get a 1-year or 5-year RRV. If your travel is a simple overseas holiday, then a 1-year RRV is fine and you can perhaps get the 5-year RRV the next time (or you can apply for citizenship and be able to come and go with no issues at all).

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