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PR sponsored by Employer after 2 yrs on 457 .... rights ? and entitlements can / cant do ...


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Hi Guys,


Can you help me - I am currently waiting for my PR which was lodged in Dec.'13, my employer assisted my process and we are going for a 186 Visa.

Can I work outside of WA ? ... am I required to stay in for work WA - does PR come in different forms ?

I am aware that I have to have 2 yrs work with my Company BEFORE we lodge ..


A lot of different views out there.. :)


Any ideas - would appreciate any advice / experiences





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Yes, I got mine in December.


How long was the process for you from applying to getting the visa granted ? also after the 2 yrs of staying with your employer can you then change employer?

we are just in the early stages of applying for a 186 through my husbands company...


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Nomination lodged Oct. 7th and Application lodged Oct. 8th. Medicals were front-loaded and all other documents included with application. I didn't use a migration agent, and although it then wasn't technically decision ready, I uploaded a cover letter advising that I had included all required information/documents in my application so hoped they would consider it decision ready.


Nomination was approved. Nov. 27th and application approved Dec. 2nd. So 8 weeks in total. I have a co-worker who lodged through an agent 2 weeks before me who is still waiting for his grant (nomination has been approved), and another co-worker who lodged application in early January and visa was granted 2 weeks later (nomination had been approved in December after lodgement in November). So it's hard to predict how long they will take to process.


After 2 years, you've definitely met any obligations of the visa so can work for any employer. But like I said above, I haven't heard of anyone losing their visa for leaving their employer before 2 years.

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