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  1. Sorry one more question - DO I HAVE TO STAY IN W.A with this visa as it is ENS 186 or does it cover all of Australia ? ie for work Again THANKS !! I take it you will go for Citizenship ?
  2. That's awesome ! congrats .... it must be sooo reassuring ! especially the way the economy is at the moment .... Thank you for the case example ... we lodged on the 19th Dec. soooo HOPEFULLY soon hahaha
  3. Hi Guys, Can you help me - I am currently waiting for my PR which was lodged in Dec.'13, my employer assisted my process and we are going for a 186 Visa. Can I work outside of WA ? ... am I required to stay in for work WA - does PR come in different forms ? I am aware that I have to have 2 yrs work with my Company BEFORE we lodge .. A lot of different views out there.. Any ideas - would appreciate any advice / experiences Cheers Shane
  4. Hi This a stab in the dark I met an Irish girl by the name of Edwina from Ireland before Christmas in Westfield Shopping Centre in Cannington - she is new mum just like me and we had a great chat .. we exchanged phone numbers to meet up again .. Edwina was going back to Ireland for Christmas and said she would text after her trip - I think we have gotten the mobile numbers wrong ... IF ANYONE KNOWS AND EDWINA FROM IRELAND I WOULD APPRECIATE IT ... Thanks Amanda
  5. shanef

    PR Granted Yesterday!!!

    Well done .. That was very fast ! what do you mean about ENS submitted and then the Visa submitted ? I am in Australia 2 yrs in Aug. and my employer is lodging my application for me - ho wlong do you think it will take to get the PR ? Thanks alot.
  6. shanef

    Nurse here as Defacto - path to PR.

    Hi guys I am on 457 visa , I am working with my sponsor for the past 1yr and 3 months , my girlfriend came out last month on the strength of my 457 on a Defacto Visa ( she is a nurse with all the requirements to work here ie. registration complete ) I want to get PR but my employer wants me to be with them for 2 yrs before they will agree to proceed my question is , would my partner be faster in getting PR than me.
  7. Hi Guys I have a question for ye and would appreciate advice My partner is here on a Defacto visa and she is a nurse with all the requirements to work (she's only here a month) I am here nearly a Year and a half now and REALLY want to get PR I have recently done the IELTs test as I need to get 60 points or wait till this time next yr for my employer to sponsor me. .. My question is , would my partner be faster in getting PR then me and does she need to be in a job first ? Any Advice would be appreciated. thanks a lot
  8. HEY GUYS :jiggy: I GOT GREAT NEWS LAST WEEK - MY PARTNER GOT THE DEFACTO VISA Thank you for all your advice ....
  9. Many thanks !!!! I cant get over how helpful peoplea re on this site ...
  10. Heyy THANK YOU SOOO MUCH ! I must say ye guys are great ! its great to have valuable responses May I be sooo bold as to ask for template copy of what you sent to the Immigration people ?? just to get an idea ? I would be very grateful - IF not I understand totally
  11. GeorgeD George - MANY THANKS for the welcome and the email !!!! Right now we have given everything (skype,emails,pics,plane tickets - hols etc.. to the Case officer as my agent has been utterly useless - so I am going alone (long story ) Anyway - the Case Officer contacted me yest. via phone - (they get an awful name !! but in my case they couldnt be more helpful ) So she accepts thats my PARTNER is a Defacto partner now I think - but she wants to know WHY she didn't come out with me last August when I came to Australia on my 457. I didnt want her to come over leaving a good job that she liked and what IF I didnt like it here !!! ( Please note on my 4357 application I never ticked the box Defacto I ticked it single !!!! I know I know ! but in Ireland if your not married your single - no defacto relationships - as far as I know anyway.... After speaking with the lady yest. she wants a statement as to why my partner now wants to come out to me and why - its all pressure now !! 27 days to go .... what can she do - she came out here for 5 wks in Dec. .. what does she say in the statement - what will sell it to the Case officer ? soo close I think !! We are both interested in starting a family as our age is now against us ... I inted getting engaged asap IF she gets here but EVERYTHING IS ON HOLD now - anymore help would be great - would alot of statements from other people help ? completely at odds as to what else to provide ... IF I submit something is that it ? or would they come back and say we need more ... What else will I send her ??? Cheers
  12. Hi All, I am working in WA for the last Year on a 457 visa.I would love to be able to get my girlfriend (of 5 yrs) out here now as a defacto partner.The problem is that the Immigration don't believe my girlfriend is genuine EVEN AFTER 5 yrs - asking why she didnt come out with me in the first place - genuien reason because SHE had a good job and wanted to see how I would get on ..Now the Immigration officer wants a statement from my partner / girlfriend toexplain WHY she wants to come out here now ...We have given photos etc... Has ANYONE been ina similar predicament ? WE HAVE 28 DAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!Any help/advice would be GREAT