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Re: Jobs in Brisbane - Anything Wanted - Guidance & Info on Temp Labour Agencies Wanted


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Hi all,


As the title states, I'd really appreciate some tips or advice about work here in Brisbane. I'm a white collar working in the construction industry (Contracts Administrator/Quantity Surveyor) and have recently relocated from Perth to Brisbane (long story but I was sold a business opportunity that didn't appear - big mistake). Anyway as most will know, work here is very quiet and so I'm more than happy to look at freelance work doing anything at all.


It's been mentioned in previous posts that Brits don't often consider taking alternative work whilst waiting for their career position and so I'm happy to keep the wolves from the door by labouring (I'm 40yo), fruit picking, whatever. My question to you wonderful people is, to circumvent hours of searches and talking to useless companies, can anyone offer guidance as to good labour agencies, ones they've used in the past and also any ideas of jobs that may be easily obtainable to an eager Brit looking to earn a few dollars.


Thanks in advance to anyone responding.






PS - I may add that the wife and I love it here in Brisbane and are determined to make it work.

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