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  1. Hi, I'm a QS/CA from the uk and have some decent commercial experience in Perth (and plenty from the UK). The wife and I have moved to Brisbane but job hunting has proved fruitless. Plan B is me heading to Sydney. I'm planning to drive there within a couple of weeks and stay somewhere cheap cheap while the mrs stays with friends (and our stuff) up in the Sunshine Coast until I'm sorted. A big move (again) and not one I'm keen on but it is what it is. Anyway, I was wondering if any of you good people know of any good recruiters over there? There seems to be a HUGE amount of sh!thouse recruiters around the place (plenty of Brits there too) and as we both know how this works, finding a top recruiter rather than an agency monkey can help so much more. Anyway, any advice and contacts would be welcome. Any advice on companies to apply to directly too once I'm there would also be welcome. Interstate applications are not successful and so I plan to get down there and want a strategy to be most effective as soon as I land. Thanks Steve PS - I've just completed a Level III Warehousing cert and next week a forklift licence as I am prepared to get quals in anything and take on blue collar work whilst waiting for the appropriate white collar position.
  2. Thanks for your reply Keith, I'll send the CV through. The website states no relevant vacancies at present but I can register interest and so will do this. Thanks again Steve
  3. Hi all, As the title states, I'd really appreciate some tips or advice about work here in Brisbane. I'm a white collar working in the construction industry (Contracts Administrator/Quantity Surveyor) and have recently relocated from Perth to Brisbane (long story but I was sold a business opportunity that didn't appear - big mistake). Anyway as most will know, work here is very quiet and so I'm more than happy to look at freelance work doing anything at all. It's been mentioned in previous posts that Brits don't often consider taking alternative work whilst waiting for their career position and so I'm happy to keep the wolves from the door by labouring (I'm 40yo), fruit picking, whatever. My question to you wonderful people is, to circumvent hours of searches and talking to useless companies, can anyone offer guidance as to good labour agencies, ones they've used in the past and also any ideas of jobs that may be easily obtainable to an eager Brit looking to earn a few dollars. Thanks in advance to anyone responding. Cheers Steve PS - I may add that the wife and I love it here in Brisbane and are determined to make it work.
  4. Hi, I'm in a similar position to Fryertuck (and I know Mr Fryer well). He's gone back but my wife and I agree about Sydney. However do you need to be there to get a job or is it still possible to talk to people from where we are (Brisbane) with a view to moving there? Cheers Steve
  5. Lynchoid

    The UK Pound V Australian Dollar

    Hi John, A quick question about the Mexcian pesos!! We have an existing Moneycorp account, having opened it a few weeks ago and are on our way to Oz. So far we have transferred £10K through you guys to an NAB account, we currently have another 10K sitting in your account awaiting a more favourable Aus $ position before buying that currency. So far I am very happy with Moneycorp's services and in setting up the accounts, speaking to staff, etc. We left the UK last month and are having an extended stay in Mexico (with the father-in-law) and have decided to stay another month. I contacted my Moneycorp contact and asked if it was possible to buy some Mx pesos and whether you are able to accept my wife's Mexican joint bank account (joint with her father, it is a Santander account). My contact told me you can't do this for such a small amount (£500 odd). This is a particular problem as my wife is looking to set up an import business in Oz for Mexican jewellery/artefacts/etc and so would be travelling to Mexico often to buy a large amount of items, and being able to transfer Aus $ to pesos would be ideal in the future. Is it your position that we are unable to use Moneycorp for this sort of dealing and if not, has anyone any other companies that we can use? Thanks Steve UPDATE: MONEYCORP sorted this out for me and everything has been completed. I highly recommend Moneycorp who have been nothing short of excellent in all my dealings with them.
  6. Lynchoid

    Have we done enough? Proving employment!!

    Guys, Thanks for the replies above, they really put me at ease. And within few days, we've been given our visa. Great news and we are so relieved. I'll update my profile soon and start contributing some feedback as we did it without the need of an agent and it all happened quite quickly. However we learned many lessons along the way. Thanks again. Lynchoid.
  7. Hi all, We are feeling the pressure big time whilst waiting for the final decision from our CO. We lodged in July and got invited for a 189 at the start of Aug. CO in Sep and Meds beginning of Oct. Finally sent all that was required 10 days ago (and meds were 12 days ago too and should have been with the CO by end of last week). As I am relying on 8 years’ experience (2004-2012), I have been asked to prove this time by providing P60 and a payslip for each year. The trouble is, I only had this information going back 4 years after throwing a huge amount of stuff out a couple of years back while moving house. Worse still is one company I worked for over 4 years went into administration (2005-2009) and so I cannot contact them for a lot of missing info. So, I’ve tried to do as much as I can to satisfy the CO’s request and so have sent/downloaded the following: P60’s for last 4 years (2008-present) and a couple of pay-slips for each of these years. A letter from HMRC stating companies worked for and tax paid for previous 8 years. Letter from company worked 8 years ago stating salary/tax (2004-2005). Intermittent bank statements showing salary being paid in for the company that went out of business and those since (2006-present). References from Directors/Owners recording that I worked for each company (2004-2012). All of these correlate and corroborate one another. But is it enough???? As we wait, we start to wonder if there is good news or bad news right around the corner. So I would kindly like to ask the PIO forumites the following: Is it enough? Is there anything else I can do to help the situation? Will the CO rule against me if she isn’t convinced or give me the opportunity to find more information? Should I just try to relax? I see someone on here wrote recently that the whole experience is not for the faint-hearted and I can agree fully. The closer you get, the most the tension ratchets up to the point that you cannot think about anything else and need to occupy yourself before you explode. Anyway, part of this process is by sending this email out and hoping for some positive vibes!!!! Thanks and I’ll be in touch to provide as much feedback/advice once we have news. Lynchoid
  8. Lynchoid

    Swapping 189 to 190? Also, 189 AND 457 together?

    Hi, Thanks for the advice, we'll get the PCC and health checks started now then and get this thing moving. I agree that even with a 189, the company (huge Australian construction company) may well offer to help with the relocation. Once question however is whether we can do this and keep the 189 going at the same time as the company is trying to get the 457 for us? Can we have these visa applications running together? Cheers Lynchoid
  9. Hi, What a week! We were invited to apply for a 189 visa in July and on Tuesday we formally lodged our application!!! Happy days. However, one day after we lodged and paid for the 189, Western Australia contacted us to enquire about our 190 visa application and told us they had problems accessing our EOI. I gather that's because the EOI is now suspended. We would have preferred to have gone down the SS route as it would have moved more quickly and it seems we now that we can't. Does anyone know if visas can be swapped (from 189 to 190) or is it too late as we have applied now? Very frustrating! And then to top it all off, I was contacted by a company yesterday about positions in Oz and they may be interested in sorting out a 457 visa for us. They are aware of the 189 progressing but would possibly like to bring us out sooner. This is appealing to us, especially as we will have a job sorted for us in Oz and also a lot of moving expenses helped with. However, we wouldn't like to lose the permanent visa opportunity. Can we continue processing our 189 if we accept and are taken out to Oz with a 457? All a little bit confusing and any advice would be welcome. Lynchoid
  10. Lynchoid

    What to do with money?

    Hi, I wil be coming over with a few quid we have been saving for the last few years. My wife and I are looking to get onto the property ladder as soon as possible once we have landed and although we anticipated a delay in this happening, I hadn't considered any problems in taking money over to Oz. Can anyone suggest any options we have with how to get it all over to Oz with us? Thanks Steve
  11. Lynchoid

    New - English QS and US wife start their journey

    Thanks Lebourvellec, I'll look on Skillselect now and get up to speed. I must admit I'm qute confident that things will work out for us but it's just a case of knowing where to look for all of the information and learning as much as possible to give ourselves the best chance. For example, I'm not sure about exactly how state sponsorship works. I know it gives me extra points, it is a lot quicker to process, and probably represents the best chance we have of getting out to Oz, but how it works is still a mystery. I'll get there though and thanks again. Steve
  12. Hi everyone, My first post, after a few weeks of browsing the site, I thought it worth announcing our presence and saying hello. Hopefully, over the next year, we can converse with a lot of you, make some good contacts and also possibly contribute to the forum and share our upcoming experiences and then finally help others in the same boat as ourselves. I'm a late 30's Brit, with 8 years + experience as a Quantity Surveyor, hoping to get over to Oz within the next year, through either skilled migration or sponsorship. My wife, early 30's US citizen (both currently living in London) is coming with me so that we can begin a new chapter in our lives and start a family down under. We're about to send off (before July) my skills assessment to my governing body and I'll also be completing the IELTS soon and that, we believe, will kick off our application and get the ball rolling. The question of state sponsorship, where to go and how to do it, are all the questions we'll be on here to learn from others that have experience of and we'll be happy to share our experiences of how this all develops too. I hope to meet other like us and anyone in fact (as we have no idea where we will end up) and so best wishes to you all, hi everyone, and let the fun begin. Best Steve + Amanda