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A little Bit of Australian life.


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Hi All,


I am only 18 years of age but I have experienced a lot of Australia. First thing first I moved here when I was only 5 but will always consider to be English as I love being from England. I first moved to Brisbane Qld, when I was 5 and Brisbane is beautiful, Brisbane has everything you want and need. Loads of shops, sport in Qld is crazy, and the people are very friendly. I obtained Australian citizenship in 2005 which was a great ceremony. Well anyway I moved up to Darwin NT, in 2006 as my dad got a job. I was shocked at how different it was compared to Brisbane, It is a shithole in my opinion. Most expensive place in Australia, nothing to do at all, very dangerous when it comes to animals as crocs are everywhere up here. Well my family and I have decided enough is enough and we are moving back to Beautiful Brisbane in 2.5 months, So for you who are thinking of living in Darwin think again, Don't listen to people saying Darwin is up and coming, It is if anything 20 years behind the rest of the country, It is just a terrible place. I have been to Sydney which again is lovely but much like London.

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Theses a place to suit everyone.


might depend on job, or age, or living expense ?


I live in Perth ..that suits me at the stage I am in life, but having visited Brisbane, I agree it seems a great place for the younger generation.


ive been a teenager, a twenty, a thirty, a forty year old and depending on your circumstances, some places are better than others. It all depends what stage you are at in life.


i hope the move back to OLD goes well for you, but don't forget there is a whole world out there for you to discover

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