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Wages for casual work on WHV and tax status?


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Hi, can anyone tell me what they are/were paid hourly in casual work?

Some friends were getting $15/hr cash waitressing, the boyfriend's doing a 'proper' job so it's not really relevant and I never know if people are quoting before or after tax when they say what they're getting.


If you use the pay calculator, being non resident makes a huge difference and I don't know what I'd be classes as?


Would $20/hr cash be good for a temp contract in a kitchen? I just want to make as much as poss to travel onwards with so don't want to sell myself short? Thanks

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Have a look on the ATO website about tax residency status - if you are moving around the country and working casually then you aren't a resident for tax purposes, but if you live in the same place, involve yourself in the community then you can be classed as a resident. But best to read on there.




I don't think $20 p/h is a bad wage for a temp kitchen job.

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Thanks guys. Stokie, what does that equate to after tax for you?


If i work a 38hr week i will pickup $676 after tax but this is because I'm an australian resident for tax purposes and get taxed less than being classed as foreign resident. This is mainly because i have been in one place for more than 6 months.

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