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  1. nickachu

    A (kind of) Diary Thing!

    I shouldn't have looked at this. I miss Brissy now. If you're still there, I know you said you hate hostels, but I stayed in one called Aussie Way Backpackers, it was really nice, only 4 people in a room and lots of long termers there and only a 10min walk to the city centre. Nice to see you've made it up to Mt Coot tha!
  2. nickachu

    Phone contracts

    Vodafone are terrible out there. I met a guy who worked there and he even said don't use vodafone. I had optus and it was great, PAYG, but they aren't really PAYG as the money you top up only lasts a month, so it's basically a contract but without the fact you're stuck with it.
  3. nickachu

    Sydney or brisbane to start WHV

    Depends on what you want to do, I went to Brisbane in the hope of work in one field, ended up getting work in a different field and loved it there. There's not THAT much in the way of sights to see etc, but it's a great city. After spending 5 months there I've got a little bit of a longing to go back there!
  4. nickachu

    Do you have to have a return flight booked?

    I did not have one booked and it was no problem at all.
  5. nickachu

    First Trip to AUS on WHV !!

    You'll be fine on your own. I did it and made heaps of new friends that I've visited now I'm back in Europe. Where should you start... up to you. Depends what you want to do in Australia. If you're arriving in Melbourne, maybe stay there for a bit, see if you can get a job, or if you've got lots of money start travelling up the east coast. I stayed in Brisbane for 5 months, I loved it there, but met a lot of people there who hated it because they couldn't get a job. What kind of work are you gonna look for? Do you have any experience in anything? Or are you looking for farm work for the 2nd year visa?
  6. nickachu

    Trip reports of a guy on a WHV

    Have you not got your 88 days yet? Seems like you've been out in the fields forever now!
  7. nickachu

    Trip reports of a guy on a WHV

    That one in the centre of sydney is by the Museum right? By the big park thingy.
  8. nickachu

    Trip reports of a guy on a WHV

    This was from people that worked at car auctions. Those were the only ones on sale within my price range so I stayed away from them. Im sure some people will have had great times with them, but that's just what I was told.
  9. nickachu

    Trip reports of a guy on a WHV

    A falcon...... good luck with that. A falcon, excel and something else were cars that I was told to stay away from!
  10. $20 an hour is pretty standard for a kitchen job. Might get a bit less. But some places you can be getting $15 or so. So 20 is good! And working in a kitchen will save you money too, as you'll eat at work 5 days a week if you are full time.
  11. nickachu

    Anyone been and got their tax back?

    I got mine back, was about 2-3000 dollars. Just make sure you get a payment summary from your employer. As soon as you ask them for it they are entitled to give it to you within 2 weeks or something like that I think. Just go to the tax office if you are still in oz and they will explain everything you need to do if you ask nicely. Was a quick and painless process, no need to go to agencies.
  12. nickachu


    Safe flight! Enjoy it!
  13. nickachu

    applying for jobs

    Wait til you're there. I got no replies when I was applying beforehand, but as soon I was there I got call backs pretty rapidly. (Chef work)
  14. nickachu

    Brisbane - Where to stay

    Stay at Aussie Way Backpackers. Small hostel, nice pool, maybe not the cleanest, but it was perfectly fine, and I had a brilliant 3-4 months staying there. Only about a 10-15min walk to the city, and right by Roma St station where you'll get the train to from the airport. House shares, you're better off waiting til you have a job and you know where you're gonna wanna live. Also, I had waaay more fun in a hostel than I did in the house share. The people there weren't really the most sociable, and when you're at a hostel there's always something going on, which is a positive.... but can also be a negative, BUT at aussie way they had a curfue at about 1030, so you could always get a decent night sleep. And only 4 in a dorm, if you ended up staying a while there you end up with the same people in your room, so you can trust them etc....
  15. One of my friends worked for Queensland government on the WHV, he was in a call centre dealing with issues involving the flooding. So it can be done. Probably be really hard to get sponsorship on it though.