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Ielts - english test - whats involved?


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There are 4 distinctive tests in IELTS examination, that will help the examinators to determine your ability to understand and to cope with real-life ability to communicate in English (at least they claim to, in my personal opinion it is too standardized and too within the box, if you know what I mean). These tests are: Listening (you will listen to an audio recording, and fill up a form with 40 questions related to the recording), Reading (you will have to read some text pieces, and answer again to a 40 questions questionnaire), Writing (which consists in 2 parts, one would be to write a letter of a minimum of 150 words, and the second part would be to write an essay of 250 words minimum, both on the subjects given at the time), and the final one is Speaking (where you will be interviewed and recorded by an examinator, question-answer mode for most of the time, and you will have to talk for at least 1-2 minutes without interrruption, or until the examinator will interrupt you, on a subject given)


I hope I was clear and detailed enough, my experience with IELTS test was a little bit overwhelming, due to the fact that I hadn't an exam for a long time (maybe more than 15 years before...) :)


Cheers and best of luck!

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Here's a link with free practice tests (these are the ones we practised on for the Academic test, but General tests are here too)


If you just want to claim points, then the General test will be ok for you to do for emigration purposes unless you're undergoing a skills assessment with a specific professional body, in many cases they require you to have reached a certain level in the Academic test in order to assess you. The two are very different, Academic is harder than General.



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