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Anyone been and got their tax back?


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I'm currently in Oz and my visa's almost up so I'm wanting to get my tax back asap as planning to travel to New Zealand. Has anyone claimed their tax back before and if so can they rate their experience with the service they used? How much did it cost etc? Thanks!


why do you think you're entitled to tax back?

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I see my accountant every year at HR Block. Normally with in two weeks the funds are cleared in my bank account, last year 2013 my tax return owned me $7200, Not bad.


However have you lodged a tax return last financial year October was the cut off i think


You cant do anything until you get a end of year statement and you can then lodge it in June.

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I got mine back, was about 2-3000 dollars. Just make sure you get a payment summary from your employer. As soon as you ask them for it they are entitled to give it to you within 2 weeks or something like that I think. Just go to the tax office if you are still in oz and they will explain everything you need to do if you ask nicely.

Was a quick and painless process, no need to go to agencies.

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Costs depend on companies, be careful of companies that give you quotes like "from 99$". You usually end up paying a lot more, i know i was burned my first time round. You may be entitled to claim tax back, however you need to be careful, if you apply for tax back and you have not been in the country for 6 months, or have had even a short holiday to fiji for a week, meaning you have never done a 6 month block without leaving oz, you wont be entitled to tax back and can even be fined if you lodge with the ATO!

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