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    Teaching qualifications

    I agree with Quoll, a part time one year top up would not be sufficient. You would need one year of full time study (or part-time spaced over two years which is equivalent to a year). Have you considered doing part time study over two years? Such as a masters or related area like special needs or early education? If your Bachelor of Education is accepted here (please research), then you really do not need to do a PGCE in the same area IF that is the case. I would recommend taking some proper advice from a professional agent.
  2. Sammy1

    Teaching qualifications

    Yes, a four year degree or three year degree and one year post grad is required by all states and territories (the same is demanded of Australian graduates). A teacher must be registered to teach, whether that is in public or private schools, and that registration cannot be obtained without the proper qualifications. On another note, the one year post-grad option of study is no longer available in Australia and has been replaced by the two year Master of Teaching, for those who have an initial degree in another area.
  3. Sammy1

    Starting school

    Each state/territory has a different starting age for school depending upon the month the child is born in. This also determines what year level they enter of course. You do not have to enrol them as soon as you get here, it's fine to take a little time first.
  4. Sammy1

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    Hopefully they should, let us know how you go. It can be a little frustrating here at times that's for sure.
  5. Sammy1

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    No, the TRBWA has nothing to do with the visa process. It just means that the TRB has accepted your qualifications to teach in WA. Normally people approach the process the other way around, secure a visa, then secure TRB status.
  6. Government agencies do talk to one another. I assume it is your husband who is applying for his partner visa?
  7. Another person posted earlier today with exactly the same issue (what a coincidence), and that person said their friend was living with their partner whilst claiming a single pension. Anybody who is claiming a single person benefit whilst partnered, has bigger problems as they cross-match data all the time. Why would you put your partner's address if you were living with your sister?
  8. Sammy1

    491..? Any regional universities?

    UWA has a regional campus in Albany (four hours from Perth). https://www.albany.uwa.edu.au/ All universities in Perth also offer a large number of their courses online, this is the norm in Australia due to the vast landscape.
  9. Sammy1

    Kindy for 189 visa holder?

    Kindys are attached to schools in WA. They are totally free and the student must turn four before June 30th in the year of entry (entry being in February). Your child is eligible on your visa. However, applications for kindy normally are taken at schools in August for the flowing February, so you may not get in anywhere. The only choice then is kindy attached to daycare or a private school, both of which are fee paying. Kindy is not compulsory, however, the following year of pre-primary is, hence every child gets a place in their catchment for pre-primary.
  10. Sammy1

    This is ridiculous

    Haha, yep a troll. Nice one.
  11. Sammy1

    This is ridiculous

    You've washed once in six weeks? Is this a real poster, or a troll? I am beginning to wonder by some of your other posts. In answer to your question, it sounds like it covers an establishment fee.
  12. Sammy1

    Question for experts

    This is a public forum. If you want an 'expert' pay for an agent.
  13. Sammy1

    School holidays in perth

    Term one in Perth is from the end of January,/beginning of February, it is also the start of the new school year. I have attached the 2020 school year dates for you. Also, schools have their development days at different points of the year. Sometimes at the beginning of term, sometimes in the middle, it depends on the decision taken by the school leadership team and school board.
  14. Sammy1

    AITSL requirements

    The Masters will not count as it is the actual supervised (practicum) teaching days that count . If your teaching practicums shows a range of early childhood ages being taught then it should be fine. However, I got the impression that yours only extended down to five years old and not below that age - that's the real potential issue. Please take professional advice before submitting, do not rely on posters here.
  15. Sammy1

    AITSL requirements

    Yes, quite a few years ago I needed a transcript but as one was not available my old uni provided a letter detailing the course, subjects studied and years attended. It was enough. However, you may face a potential issue if you are applying for early childhood based on a primary school qualification. They are quite specific with requirements here for early childhood visa purposes.
  16. Sammy1

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    All WA government schools require the Professional Standards to be addressed in the application (it's part of the criteria), if they are not, then they cannot be considered or shortlisted. I have attached the link for those that need help or do not understand. https://www.aitsl.edu.au/teach/standards
  17. Sammy1

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    Nearly all government schools in WA are now independent, this means they choose their own staff, unlike the old central office placing system. They all advertise on the WA jobs portal. You must make sure to address the AITSL standards. I have sat on selection panels and interviewed candidates, and without those necessary additions, your application cannot even be considered. Many schools also mention their business plan and key priorities which you would be very wise to address if you want your application to stand out. The days of going remote or rural to gain permanency and then transfer it to a city school are long gone. For relief work, the personal touch is always best. Drop into schools that you are interested in, meet admin (deputy or principal) hand over your resume. A lot of schools now use an online booking system/apps, so find out what app the school uses and try to get signed into that. Short term contracts often arise from relief work, so it is worth making the effort.
  18. Sammy1

    Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    Australian graduates also need four years of university education to gain teacher registration. You will need to do one more year of study. However, if you wish to qualify as a special ed teacher then you will need to make sure the course involves actual teaching (practicum days) in a school.
  19. Sammy1

    School years

    She won't be going back a year, this is a different country and each state or territory has different cut off dates for year levels. The schools will recommend (insist) that you follow the rules.
  20. It can't be changed as such, you need to get is assessed by the qualifications unit to determine if it is equivalent to the ones here.
  21. Consult one of the migration agents that post on this forum. If he arrives on a tourist visa and is married to you, immigration may well think that you are planning to apply for a visa onshore for him to stay. That's ignoring the fact that he already has a re-entry ban. Best advice is really to consult a professional to formulate a realistic plan.
  22. Great, but in that case why are they asking you to research sponsorship opportunities (as per your original post) if they are already old hands at doing it?
  23. Sammy1


    Unfortunately, dyslexia is still not adequately supported in a number of public schools (in my state at least). It's not what I am supposed to say, but it is the truth. Schools certainly have education assistants who have been funded to work with individual children, however, the truth is that they are used with a number of children in the class who do not receive funding - the parents of course do not know this. Classes are too big and teachers overstretched with a growing number of special needs students without support. The training of new teachers does not adequately address dyslexia. The result is that we have young grads with no idea or even support from their administrators. Teachers spend more and more time on paperwork and the collection of data, rather than being able to do their jobs and teach.
  24. Sammy1

    2018, is type of discrimination still allowed?

    Sounds like it is for a school as it refers to students. I would take it that it is a private/religious school? They can set their own rules it seems. A private school in my state recently sacked a teacher for being gay. I thought that kind of discrimination would not be allowed in 2018, however, it apparently it is because it is both a private and religious school.
  25. I answered your job query above in a previous comment. If you have thousands to pounds to spend, then yes you can study here as an international student to become a lawyer. We don't have the type of apprenticeship that you talk about, if we did they would only be open to citizens and permanent residents, not 18 year old girlfriends of Australian citizens. Looks like a WHV is the best option for you as you can stay here for two years. You will not be eligible for any type of student loan here until you become a citizen.