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Dry hair - what do you use?

captain maracas

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I have very long, thick hair which is prone to dryness. I use Moroccan oil shampoo & conditioner - not cheap but last ages and doesn't leave deposits on your hair like some of the cheaper brands. Other than that I use organic argan oil in the lengths and ends once a week. I apply it to my hair, then sleep with my hair tied up and. On an old pillow slip, and wash it out in the morning.

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My hair had dried out so much since arriving in Oz, I morrocanoil treatment oil and it works wonders. I just apply it to my damp hair before blow drying and my hair's improved massively. It's not cheap but the last bottle I bought lasted 3 years because you need to use so little.


I tried the Moroccan oil treatment oil and found that it built up in my hair. On checking the ingredients it is only about 5% argan oil, the rest is silicone oils, which can build up, I find particularly if I am using a cool shower to wash my hair - doesn't seem hot enough to wash it out. I bought a bottle of organic Argan oil, which I use for my hair. I also use it in an oil-based facial cleanser, and I also use it in a night oil which I make for my skin with rosehip oil and evening primrose oil.

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I'm with Diane on the hair moisturiser! 5 months after I came here I had to have 4 inches cut off my lovely long hair because it had dried out so badly it was dead! Now I put hair moisturiser on my hair before I go in the pool and out in the sun, it has worked wonders. I use Oasis as it has solar protection too. You can get it from most salons. Also on hot days I protect it with a hat and even when I'm playing tennis.



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