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Hi, we recently got our visas and are looking to activate them this summer for a three week holiday then come back sell up etc and move out hopefully in 2016.


We have teenage kids so need to travel in school summer holidays and i am looking for advice (if anyone has any) for the best way to do this as flights are extortionate!


I was thinking (naievely that summer / OZ winter trip might be cheaper) of stop over flight for a few days to break the journey, a week in Perth and a week in Cairns then fly back. So far i'm looking at £6k before hotels etc.


Can anyone suggest anything affordable. I'm even considering looking at back packers instead of hotels or do they have equivalents to Travelodges?


Are there any discount type of flight websites for long haul or cheaper routes etc? What have people found best?




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For you and kids a holiday home rental or apartment will probably be cheaper than 2 hotel rooms. Often they give discounts for longer stays too. They will provide you with more space, a washing machine and a proper kitchen. Can save a lot by not eating out every meal and hotel laundry bills. Also gives a better idea of what it might be like to live in an area.


flights are expensive no doubt double check Australian holidays and events to avoid hikes in prices. Midweek are often cheaper too.


open jaw can be more expensive than straight returns though especially for shorter holidays.

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We found the cheapest way to fly was with Sri Lankan airlines to KL and then with Air Asia from KL to Perth - you won't find this routing on any web searches, you need to book the two parts separately. Air Asia are a budget airline (think EasyJet) - Sri Lankan is full service and whilst not in the league of say Singapore Airlines we were perfectly happy.


KLM is also cheaper to Perth than the major airlines.


I personally wouldn't look at hostels - in Perth at least these seem to be real party houses but what about Airbnb? You can get whole houses/apartments or share if you really want to save money.

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