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So I'm still a few months away from applying for my visa 300 subclass. Just surfing the internet board and googled the place you have medicals done for the visa and having only ever used NHS and MOD healthcare in my life was a bit shocked to see a medical was over £300. (I'm not complaining it is what it is, just a little taken back) I started to wonder exactly what is involved in it? I read something about X rays. Does everyone need X rays as a matter of course or is it just if you have had previous breaks? If its everyone what exactly are they x raying and what for?


Again just passing the time on google rather than any of this is an issue.

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I don't know about your particular subclass of visa so can't help you with what medicals you'd require as it varies depending on your profession, type of visa (permanent tend to require more in depth medicals than temporary) and what you declare on you application in terms of pre-existing conditions. The X-Ray is generally a chest X-Ray to check for any signs of TB. I had to have one for my student visa but not for my temporary work visa (457). For permanent visas they also often require an HIV test. They're basically looking for conditions that are a public health concern or are likely to cost the Australian health system a significant amount of money (I think, although I'm sure someone will be along to confirm, it's something like $35k in your first 5 years?) to treat.

My medical was only a basic one and cost me £90, but I'm going on a temp work visa, from a low risk country and into a job that doesn't require any additional tests (nurses, teachers and such require additional).


Hope that helps a bit, sure you'll get plenty of other info coming your way soon!

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Hi - I had the 309/100 medical late last year. The things that were covered are:


pee in a bottle for blood sugar test

my height measured

my weight measure

my eyes tested (reading the small letters)

my eyes, mouth and ears looked into

my BP taken

my blood taken

my chest and back listened to

reflexes tested

chest x-ray done (this is to check for TB I believe).

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Yes it's more or less the same as the visa I've applied for (but without the marriage part!). I got through mine fine - I don't have any medical issues but am not exactly a model of fitness either! If you look at other threads, there are lots of discussion about existing/on-going medical conditions but if you're healthy/no issues then it shouldn't be any problem for you.

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