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  1. Danny842003

    COVID-19 and postponement of Citizenship Tests and Ceremonies

    Was due to get my test early next week, it’s now been moved to august.
  2. Danny842003

    British visitors during corona virus

    I’m not disputing that at all. But if you’re testing more the numbers are more accurate. The original claim was that the numbers were around the same given the differences in population, that doesn’t appear to be the case. The more testing you do reduces the speed of infection that’s the entire point. Once someone is confirmed people around them are given notice locked down and the spread is slowed. That’s why Korea has a huge number of cases but very little deaths. Testing is as important as social distancing if not more so.
  3. Danny842003

    British visitors during corona virus

    Again it’s just a simple way of looking at it but ScoMo is claiming Australia is testing to a much higher number per capita than the uk and an insane number higher than the US and the stats seem to back it up, if you look at South Korea where they are known to test test test this is reflected also The first recorded case in Australia was on the 25th jan and the uk the 31st, both from abroad rather than domestically spread.
  4. Danny842003

    British visitors during corona virus

    You’re looking at the stats in a far too simple way. If you look at the death rate to confirmed cases the UK is at over 5% whilst Australia is at 0.3%. That suggests the UK is massively under testing and that Australia’s figures whilst probably not accurate are much more so than the UKs.
  5. Danny842003

    British visitors during corona virus

    I don’t think you understand how healthcare works. Drs take their oaths pretty seriously and even if ScoMo decided this would take place Drs would not enforce it.
  6. Danny842003

    British visitors during corona virus

    If they’re on a 12 month visa and they’ve only used 4 weeks I would be checking where they stand with the reciprocal medical agreement. If that is ongoing I don’t see any good reason why they need to wave. Yes the foreign office has said return but that’s a blanket statement and it’s not like we’re living in Sierra Leone with militias attacking hospitals. If my parents wanted to stay, the visa was good and they were covered medically there’s not a chance I would be making them go home, reading between the lines I think it’s going to get very nasty in the UK very soon.
  7. Danny842003

    COVID-19 and postponement of Citizenship Tests and Ceremonies

    Anyone seen any announcement on tests etc? I’m due to have mine in the next week, I’m not fussed if it’s postponed just looking for info either way.
  8. Danny842003

    Crazy foods in Australia

    Crazy foods? All my in-laws were eating Balut at Christmas, I didn’t try but that’s proper crazy.
  9. Danny842003


    I’ve got my interview and test at the end of next month after applying in June, what sort of wait should I be expecting to get a ceremony (i know nobody can give a form length) I live in Fairfield which is a council that must have one hell of a lot of people becoming citizens.
  10. Danny842003

    Applying for child’s british passport.

    Why? As far as I can tell they’re about £80 with postage. to answer my original post yes I as the parent applying verify the picture.
  11. Danny842003

    Applying for child’s british passport.

    I must have missed that. There didn’t seem to be a way to save the application and I had to cancel it when I realised I needed a marriage certificate for my parents, despite them being divorced for 30 years. I will have another look thanks.
  12. I’m about to apply for my sons British passport. He’s 5 months old and was born here to an Australian mother. He already has his Aussie passport. When you upload the digital photo it has to be verified, I have a mate who is on the list (merchant navy) but he’s never met my son and with him being 5 months old and not ever travelling neither has anyone else. What do the passport office actually expect in this situation?
  13. We’re about to have our first child anytime now. As none of my family live here and my grandparents aren’t getting any younger were looking at travelling back next June whilst my wife is still on maternity leave. What advice do people have for getting through these 24 hours of hell? My wife thinks a 9 month old is going to be too big to go in one of those cots they have on the plane bulkhead. Do we need to get a third seat or should we just bite the bullet and get a third seat for our sanity? I think on the way out we may have a 48 hour stopover but because of slack of time on the holiday we will probably do the return journey in one hit.
  14. So I’m about to have a child here in Sydney and I’m very keen to make sure they get a British passport ASAP I’m British lived there until I was 30 and the mother is an Aussie. has anyone done this recently? Is it an easy process?
  15. Danny842003

    Where to send paper citizenship application.

    Ignore this I’ve found it. Obviously it’s on the form....