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  1. GiveAGirlShoes

    AHPRA Registration for 190

    And it's early, apologies. I've just read what you said again I think you were implying that my registration won't be checked [emoji16]
  2. GiveAGirlShoes

    AHPRA Registration for 190

    Thanks, but I do for the 190 nomination as far as I can see. Registration in principle is fine, but it's a complex system with lots of moving parts and only a 90 day window [emoji19] For the actual visa though, yes, I don't think the government care, but I'm not well versed on whether my eligibility for the state nomination can lapse during the visa process (by no longer having registration), or whether the state just passes it on and waits for me to land [emoji23] I can direct these questions to my agent, but we're at the start of such a long process with so much uncertainty that now isn't the time... I'm just being impatient and trying to get a feel for the things to come
  3. GiveAGirlShoes

    Work experience for 190 visa

    Do you have enough points to withdraw and submit a new EOI with just the 5 points for experience?? Probably better safe than sorry!
  4. GiveAGirlShoes

    AHPRA Registration for 190

    So it says 10 days online, and advice thus far is stay until its final, which makes sense. So.... I have a 2 week trip to plan, unless I wing it and just get the state nomination through while I have provisional registration. I wonder if it needs to stay valid throughout the visa application too (as most other things do)? Think that's an agent question, and I probably already know the answer tbh
  5. GiveAGirlShoes

    AHPRA Registration for 190

    Thanks guys. Maybe I should check with AHPRA to see average time until registration is complete? I was hoping to only have to stay a couple of days if possible. I'm sure I'd find something to do though lol
  6. GiveAGirlShoes

    AHPRA Registration for 190

    Please bear with me, I just typed all this out and it disappeared [emoji33] I've searched through the forums, already found loads of info, but could still use some help in some specific areas. Background - I'm hoping to apply for state sponsorship with VIC as a Podiatrist next year (Nurses please read on, as there are more of you than Pods, and AHPRA is the same for both us with respect to my questions). I plan to gain registration in principle before flying to Australia for a ridiculously short visit where I will present to AHPRA to gain full registration. Here goes.... 1. How long do I need to stay in the country? - I will be in a hotel or other temp accommodation which I will have to use as my address. If registration is sent by post after presenting at their home office, will I need to stay until this has been completed? Could make planning the return flight tricky [emoji848] 2. Is changing my address to a UK address straightforward? - Don't really want any additional official correspondence going to a hotel [emoji849] 3. What happens between full registration and landing in Australia permanently? - Even if we get a fast visa grant, I highly doubt we will be moving within my first registration period due to "life". I'm wondering about whether to come home and change my registration to non practicing (which I believe is suitable for those practicing abroad under HCPC/ANMAC etc). Does this sound right, I've not read about anyone doing this, but also understand that many people fly over just for registration, but still have the visa and migration process to deal with, so what do those people do with their registration?? Thanks to anyone who has made it to the bottom!! And if anyone can help, I hope it will help others too [emoji6] Shelley
  7. GiveAGirlShoes

    8 months until I become 33 years old

    I'm no expert, but as this hasn't been addressed I'll give you my thoughts. If you turn 33 whilst waiting for an invitation I think your points will be reduced. I was looking at this recently and (to paraphrase) if an applicant submits an EOI aged 45, they will not be invited to apply for a visa after they turn 46, as they will no longer meet the visa requirements. So in turn if you have 30 points for age on your EOI, this might not stand if you are invited after your 33rd birthday. I don't know if you would have to submit a new EOI in this instance, but I'm sure someone else will be along to help soon.
  8. GiveAGirlShoes

    Self employed proof of experience

    Thanks, I probably will be, even if it's just to help with this and health issues, I just like to know things (everything, now) [emoji23]
  9. GiveAGirlShoes

    Self employed proof of experience

    Hi all! Not applying yet, but I'm at the point of organising everything. I'm wondering how I will be asked to evidence my experience when applying for a 190 visa. My skills assessment doesn't touch experience, so this won't help. My background is that I am a self employed Podiatrist. I take mostly cash for mobile work, I'm paid a percentage of money taken as an associate at one practice, and I get paid a fixed weekly contract rate at another. Both practices pay me by bank transfer. As far as I understand I need to evidence a minimum of 20 hours per week for 52 weeks (not necessarily consecutive) to evidence each year. I will have 2 or 3 self assessment tax returns; the further back they go the less money I earned. I will have no problem getting the practice owners to sign off my (very irregular) hours since starting. Hopefully these will help, as could bank statements? After this, my mobile work is ad hoc, but some weeks has topped my hours up to 20 or above, but again, evidence???? Has anyone been through this that might have some advice? Thanks very much
  10. GiveAGirlShoes

    New rules for partner points

    Knowing my luck (chasing and narrowly missing visa requirements on and off for a good while now) the 5 points will be for competent English AND being under 45 (which we will miss by just short of 2 months) [emoji23] If not I'll be in touch soon Westly!
  11. GiveAGirlShoes

    Where To Begin

    Or they might just move the goalposts when you are finally ready, after a degree, a child and 18 months experience (not previously needed), meaning you have up to wait between 2 and 6 years just to scrape the required points... If your skill stays on the list [emoji849] Thank god I love my new job (started retraining 6 years ago)
  12. GiveAGirlShoes

    OET or PET exam for superior English???

    I can't compare the 2, but I did PTE and got 90 across the board with a week or so of preparation. Whichever test you feel will give you the best chance of getting your visa/registration is the best. Immi don't have a preference, and we're lucky these days it's not just IELTS they allow. Hope that makes sense and good luck xx
  13. GiveAGirlShoes

    superannuation in private practice

    If we get on, UK filming starts mid Jan, and they fly families out mid march to mid June, so fingers crossed xx The thing that limits me for work is experience, but that will come in time, and it's not something I can speed up [emoji23] xx Where are you looking?
  14. GiveAGirlShoes

    superannuation in private practice

    Waiting for a call back (before Christmas) to see if wanted down under will take us for a reccie [emoji23][emoji85][emoji848] Going to get my skills assessment done after Christmas, then depending on whether we get on the show or not, we need to arrange a reccie and make a decision whether we're staying or going (I'm hoping for the latter) I'm working full time in private practice right now, split between 2 to 3 clinics. It's hard work, long hours and I don't know whether I'm coming or going in all the different locations, but it's all good experience [emoji16]
  15. GiveAGirlShoes

    superannuation in private practice

    Hi aurora, are you asking this question because you are considering an associate type position, where in the UK you would be self employed and responsible for your own National Insurance contributions? Just wondering as this may apply to me in the future [emoji6] Best of luck, sorry I couldn't help xx