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Partner education, Experience Assesment !!!!!


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We are thinking to apply for skilled migration to Australia, Mu hubby is a Soft: Engr and have 5 yrs experience and all other requirements. besides- I am a Computer Science graduate but i don't have experience in Software engineering. I have 2yrs experience in SEO and 7 months Teaching experience. I am also having a 4 months Graphic Design certificate soon.


Now, May I show my Bachelor degree in Computer science education and Job experience assessment documents while submitting EOI??? :mad:


may be I will not get point but will that work to show my qualification. may i take IELTS test??? Or I have to show nothing!!


If I don't get my qualifications assesment how I can get higher study, or job after going to Australia (if everything goes well :rolleyes:)


plz suggest me the best option!!!

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