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Losing hope :(


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We started out migration process well over 2yrs ago. My oh is a general plumber with nearly 7yrs experience (self employed).

He has completed his Vetassess, he has done one ielts test but lost out of two 1/2 points so is resetting next week. He has to do the ielts to get our points up.

He did a GAP course with Downunder Tradies which gave him his Australian context training

for some reason our agent is abit unsure whether we'll be given the 10 points for oh qualifications/experience. But Vetassess have passed him?

ive kind of lost track on which visas to go for. We've sent emails to around 20 plumbing companies for any vacancies to complete his 12 month experience in Oz or advice but no replies as of yet (which is what I thought would happen)

i think the main fear now is when we apply for our visa , they won't give all the points and we lose all our money

I'm after any advise/reassurance


Also, I current work as cabin crew. If we get to Oz I have no idea what job I would do. We have two children who will be at school. Is it worth me training in the uk for anything?


thanks in advance

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If you have an agent then they really should be able to give you clear advice on whether you have enough points or not. If you are not getting good advice from your agent, change agents. They should be leading you on which visa to apply for! Are they MARA registered?


Does he need 12 months Oz experience for you to get the full points needed? If so, I really can't see this happening. It is hard enough for a new migrant to get a job, and I believe plumbing is one of the more difficult areas because of the licensing requirements.


Would you not continue as cabin crew in Australia? I guess re-training depends on which aspects of your current job you enjoy most/are good at. The kind of things that come to mind are Occupational Health and Safety or hospitality work and there is demand for both. OHS would be much better paid and there may be Australian relevant courses you could do on-line.

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Hello Francy.


Has your agent recommended a State sponsored Visa? I was just short of the points for what was at the time a 175 visa that had no restrictions on where you went in Oz.

I had to go for SS visa that granted another 10 points that made it enough, they then request you live and work in the state that sponsored you for a minimum of 2 years, then you are free to go any where in Oz. If you are lucky the state you wanted to go for might be sponsoring Plumbers and it might work out,

If not then try another state and who knows you may even like it there and if the state is sponsoring then that would mean better employment prospects.


I would be surprised if your agent has not covered this already. I had a lot of problems with an agent that took lots of cash from me and never done too much, finding the right agent is very important, We done it our selfs in the end but I do know of a good agent on here I have recommended before if the agent is the problem,,,thats if,,,they may not be.

If you would like me to tell you of an agent, the one I got stung by and the one I would recommend then feel free to Private message me for info.

That said I done all this a while back and not sure how much has changed, your agent might be on the ball and if so disregard all of the above ;)


As for emailing for job apps I don't think many people get too much joy out of that in our trade, even once we land I think we will have a hard time of it for a while.

I have told myself I may not Plumb for a few months till I have done the relevant bridging course and am trying to condition myself to that.

And the fact that I may have to do whatever job I can till I get up to speed.

End of the day Australia has no need to change to suit us, think we can expect a few more hoops to jump through. anything that comes to easy cant be worth it anyway!!!! or everyone would do it ;)


Good luck and all the best


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Thanks for advise.


our agent is registered and is very helpful I just think because it's taken so long and things keep on changing I've lost track on things.


we are going for the state sponsorship visa unless oh gets 8 in the ielts (fingers crossed) then Independant visa.


speaking to the agent tonight (as in NZ) so hopefully clear everything up then.


will keep informed

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Feeling a bit more with it after conversation with agent.


he is nervous about applying for visa because of the 10 points for qualifications & not got the 1 yr experience in Oz.


he is making contacts for us with recruitment agents & plumbing companies to see if oh could get a job offer if he went out on his own on a temporary visa first.


NZ was also mentioned as this was our second choice and it does seem a lot easier if we went there, so that's in our minds now aswell.

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Keeping plugging away at it. It can be a very long journey, but it will be worth it. We did a reccie trip around Easter of 2012, decided we would emigrate, and we're still just dealing with the skills assessment element (partly our fault). We'll get there though!

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