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  1. francy

    PR to Citizenship

    Thanks, that what I think but wanted other opinions as been given different stories.
  2. francy

    PR to Citizenship

    Just after some clarification please. We came to oz in March 2015 on a temp skilled visa, became PR last July. When can we apply for Citizenship? Some things say after 4 years of PR but reading other information, reads after 1 year as PR (as March 2019 would be 4 years)? Thanks in advance
  3. francy

    Temp visa to PR visa

    Hi We received our PR visa this week and just wondered apart from Medicare what other information do we need to change and what other things do we need to do? especially things that we weren't entitled to as a temp visa holder. Thanks in advance
  4. francy

    Mortgages - Borrowing Power Calculator

    Hi we are on a 489 visa applying soon for a 887 residency visa. We have a deposit for a house or build. Can you recommend a broker at all for the Albury area, NSW? Thanks
  5. Hi We will be lodging for our residency visa (887) soon and our agent is saying we need to have medicals again. Does anyone know if this is definitely the case as had them done less than 3 years ago, in the UK. I know things change but wanted to know as its alot of $$$$ to pay out again. Also, don't suppose anyne knows roughly how long this application takes? Thanks in advance
  6. francy

    489 visa to residency

    Hi,We're on a 489 visa at the moment and will be applying for residency in April. Does anyone know roughly how long this process should take? Thanks in advance
  7. francy

    Residency question?

    We are on my husbands 489 visa which was issued October 2014, we arrived in oz March 2015. Come April he will of completed 12 months in his skilled job field. After 2 yrs we can apply for residency. Is it 2 yrs from the visa issue or entry into Oz? (think it would be from entry but want to make sure as can't see it anywhere on immi website) Thanks
  8. francy

    VISA condition question?

    IVe just been onto VEVO, it just states that as long as we don't live, work or study in the main cities like Sydney, Newcastle, Perth, Melbourne etc. we chose Albury so presuming we have to stick to that one area, just very limited to finding work. regards
  9. francy

    VISA condition question?

    Hi We are on a 489 Regional Sponsorship visa and chose Albury to live & work. My husband is the main visa holder. my question is, do I also have to work in Albury or can I cross border and work in Wodonga! Dont want to chance breaking any conditions of visa thanks
  10. Hi, myself and my husband are in Albury. For visa conditions we have to work & live in Albury area. myself - I was cabin crew for 14yrs in the uk so I'm adaptable to any job. High customer service experience, first aid, retail. Open to any options out there my husband is a general plumber (awaiting his provisional licence from nsw fair trading) over 7 yrs experience. For the visa conditions, he has to be full time, permanent and under supervision for 12mths even though he is fully qualified. He also has high experience with wet plastering, wall & floor tiling We have been in Oz now for 5 months and with our 2 kids are pretty much settled apart from our jobs, we are looking at the usual job sites everyday for vacancies. we are both currently in casual jobs. I've sent my husbands Cv off to all the local plumbing companies and new home builders. if anyone knows someone or has any advice, we'd really appreciate it. Thanks
  11. Hi, will take a look at those. we know he needs a licence but can only get a provisional for the 1st year. Trouble is who do we get it from?
  12. Please can anyone help. Done the usual google searches & sent emails but to no avail. as a new plumber here as a trade assistant do you have to be registered with someone to work? we've tried nsw fair trading but they don't have a clue thanks
  13. Hi, In nsw on husbands 489 visa. He's in full time work in his specified job and I'm working part time. I'm considering topping up my wage by doing one of these home business distributor for a health supplement, so I'll be self employed. is this allowed on the visa? I've emailed the immigration/visa department but just wondered if anyone else knows, also quicker response. thanks
  14. francy


    My husband is a plumber/plasterer & tiler. We've been in nsw for just over 3 months now. He's working on a local council building & talking to plasterers here they are nearly all dry wall. One guy said they wet mix in Sydney good luck with everything